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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit / Gilmore Girls Crossover Stories

"Always Tomorrow" - "So, how was your day, daughter dearest?" "My mom told me her mom wanted her to become a lesbian."

"When the Truth is Found to be Lies" - She'd tell Lorelai the truth, because she couldn't make love to someone and lie, but if when she told, they'd move her anyway, and it wouldn't matter.

"Behind the Drawn Shade" - "I admit, I didn't notice the first time we made love. Or the tenth
time my mouth caressed your shoulder and you jerked away. Or the time you filled out that bank application and wrote a birthday that doesn't match your driver's license."

"Queen of Sheba" - They were making foam dinosaurs on a Saturday night, because they were both getting older, and because there was nothing to do in Stars Hollow but make foam dinosaurs or go bowling.

"No Frontiers" - Lorelai sees Alex for the first time.

"Fairy Tale of New York" - Lorelai looked again. "Glasses. Manicure. Suit. Maybe she's a lawyer. Aren't the Harrids getting a divorce? Maybe..." She turned and grabbed Gary's arms. "She's from the IRS!"

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