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"From Morning to Afternoon" - After a rough investigation, Gibbs and Ducky take some downtime. (Gibbs/Ducky)

"When A Girl Buys Dinner" - Ziva wins over Abby to get some evidence processed. (Ziva/Abby)

"Lessons Learned from American Television" - Abby dusts a submarine for fingerprints. (Ziva/Abby)

"Five People Gibbs Saw in Mexico" - Episode tag for "Hiatus, Part 2 (3.24)" (Gibbs/Jenny)

"Death is that State" - Ziva's backstory. (Ziva/Ari, Ziva/Jenny)

"Now a Director" - PWP episode tag for "Once a Hero (4.8)" (Ziva/Jenny)

"Lambda Weekend" - Jenny and Ziva go undercover at a lesbian resort (Ziva/Jenny)

"Idle Hands" - PWP episode tag for "Internal Affairs (5.14)" (Ziva/Ducky/Tim)

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