Rysler's Wicked Fan Fiction

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"Moonlight" - Married but alone, Glinda looks out her window.

"The Terrace at Night" - "I always thought I was greener than that. Is that how people really see me? Sparkly? Is sparkly, then, evil?"

"Arbiter" - A short conversation beteen Galinda and Elphaba at Shiz.

"The Other Castle" - Glinda took a last look out the open window. The sky seemed perfectly normal. Nothing was different. Nothing was out of place. She began to wonder if Elphaba had ever existed at all.

"Figuring Things Out" - Elphaba never should have left.

"She's Just Not That Into You" - Glinda seduces Fiyero to learn how to seduce Elphaba. Hijinks ensue.

"Isolated Incident" - A brief conversation between Glinda and Elphaba at Shiz.

"Second Night in the Emerald City" - An interlude before they meet the Wizard.

"The Birds That Wanton in the Air" - Elphaba falls out of the sky.