Author: Lolly (formally Lauren)
Fandom: Law and Order: Trial By Jury and borred a character from CBS
Pairing: Kelly/(its a surprise) and a hint at Tracey/Kelly
Rating: PG-13 or R depending...
Summary: Discovery leads to possibility

Special thanks to Danie for editing :)

I flash my badge as I enter the offices, the night guard not unsurprised to see me in at this hour. I love the office at night; so much more work can be done without the never-ending line of rookies wanting to try the big boy jobs that Kelly and I deal with everyday. Not to mention it’s easier to work without the looming presence of Arthur, the biggest of the big boys. While I respect and am perhaps even charmed him at times, I don’t like having someone breathing down my neck all the time.

A smile graces my lips at the thought of my partner, Kelly Gaffney, a startling mix of naivety, intelligence and beauty. She will make a fantastic Executive ADA when she is ready. But until then, I think, she’s the only one that I don’t mind having breathing down my neck.

While I would like to say my interest in Kelly was strictly that of a working relationship, I have no doubt she has no idea of my romantic interests. Yet she captivates all the aspects of a woman that I find myself drawn to: the frisky younger woman. And so, the attraction remains just that.

Upon a light probing of Kelly’s own interests she revealed a series relationships only having been with men who treat her bad, and currently while having the odd casual dalliance, she is not interested in a relationship at the moment anyway. I assume that with her strict Irish Catholic upbringing and high profile family the thought of being attracted to another woman never crossed her mind. It, of course, is all for the best, I muse, as we make a great team and anything that distracting could only be detrimental to that.

As I step into the elevator I wonder how her dinner with the cute Philly detective is going. I was grateful for their offer to join them, but it was obviously they wanted to catch up, so I opted out, citing work as a reason. That was two hours ago, I had passed the time since then in a coffee shop engrossed in a book.

The elevator dings, and I step out, rummaging through my briefcase for the key to my office. I look up and notice that the light is on. I approach cautiously; knowing that security in the DA’s offices isn’t as tight as it should be -- a fact proved by the recent attack on Casey Novak. I slow my steps so they do not make a sound as I near the office and breathe a sigh of relief when I note the flicker of blonde hair leaning over a desk leafing through the paperwork in the drawers. I am about to enter when I see another blonde walk into view and wrap her arms around Kelly’s waist, hugging her from behind and resting her head on her shoulder. My first instinct is to walk away, get some coffee so as not to interrupt what seems to be an intimate moment, but another part of me is intrigued and decides to remain in the dark passage outside the door.

"Are you almost ready?" The blonde detective asks, her lips lightly tracing over Kelly’s neck.

"Yeah, I just need a few more papers, then we can go home and…" She trails off, obviously distracted by the detective’s hands roaming devilishly close to her breasts. My own breathing quickens a pace.

"Maybe we don’t need to go home… last time I checked there was no one in the building…"

At that, Kelly spun around, perching herself on the edge of the desk. She caught the blonde’s face in her hands and kissed her intensely, but fleetingly. "As much as I would like to take you right here on my boss’s desk Detective Rush, this is Kibre’s time of choice to work in the office, it would be much too risky."

"Ahh, yes, Kibre… your spunky boss whom you always seem to be talking about…" Lilly Rush replied, grinning and raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing to be jealous about my dear… gorgeous, sexy and passionate, maybe… straight and a work colleague also – thus rendering the former a moot point." Kelly says, and I cannot help but smirk at her assessment of me and our relationship. Lilly, meanwhile, had moved on, kissing Kelly’s neck again, causing her eyes to flicker shut.

"And I’m not a work colleague?" She retorted, sliding her hand over Kelly’s skirt clad thigh.

"Not when you are pretending to be looking for a lead in New York just when you’re really just looking for a booty call." Kelly replied teasingly, visibly shivering as Lilly’s hand moved slowly under her skirt. Kelly lifted up her watch to check the time. "Okay… maybe we don’t have to leave, but at least shut the door."

Upon hearing that, I crouch down to avoid being seen and the door slams shut and the blinds are turned down. I am unable to move; my body pulsing with not only arousal but also a newfound hope its fulfilment. Finally I stand, and as softly as I entered, I head back towards the elevator. I hear a muffled "Oh God!" just before the doors close, and the returns to my face. Even if my recently acquired knowledge never gets put into use, my body thrums at the thought of the possibilities.


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