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Kate Kane (Batwoman)/Renee Montoya (Question)

Imagine Us
Years ago, Kate and Renee went on their first date.

Courtesy of the Gotham City Fire Department
Kate and Renee have an encounter at a policeman's ball.

Dating a street cop when you're a spoiled college student is harder than it looks.

A Day of Easy Wind
Batwoman and The Question team up for a mission.

Renee's got to bring Two Face in, but he has a few things to say first.

by Geonn
Masks and Superheroes at Rest

by Megcca86
We Are Hard on Each Other

by Kathryne
Praise for the City and Days Like These

Birds of Prey

Dinah Lance (Black Canary)/Lady Shiva

When Birds Fly a Mile High
On a flight from Hong Kong to Gotham City, Dinah and Shiva find a way to seal their truce.

A Canary in Coal Country
Someone's killing off the sensei's students. Black Canary is next on the list, and only Lady Shiva can protect her.

Little Bird in the Desert Kingdom - Dinah goes to the nation of Tizan to protect its king. Shiva goes to kill him.

The Wolf One Year Ago
Black Canary and Cassandra Cain go on a quest to save Lady Shiva.

After Black Canary's motorcycle is stolen in Washington State, Lady Shiva becomes an unlikely caretaker.

Dinah Lance (Black Canary)/Barbara Gordon (Oracle)

Grip of the City
The chaos of Identity Crisis affects the Birds.

Lay Over Nova Scotia
Dinah's got a few questions about Barbara's history with Power Girl.

Uninvited in Gotham
Dinah angsts.

A conversation between Oracle and Batwoman of absolutely no significance.

by the Jack
Reflects the Darker Passion

Barbara Gordon (Oracle)/Helena Kyle (Huntress)

With a Loose Grip - Barbara interrupts Helena at church to send her on a mission.

Steel Bird
Barbara likes being whipped. Who knew?

Light - A lazy afternoon becomes a threesome.(Barbara/Helena/Zinda)

Helena Kyle and the Policeman's Ball
Jim Gordon knows with which Wayne his little girl is smitten.

Old Money
Barbara copes with Huntress becoming the Birds lead agent.

by Kathryne
Gotham Outcasts

Silver Age

Golden Day, Silver Night
Helena Wayne and Dinah Drake Lance fight crime in pre-crisis Earth 2.

DCU Cartoons

The Question and the Blue Beetle have a conversation about robots, conpsiracies, and love. (Question/Huntress, Blue Beetle/Booster Gold)

Double Folly
The gang goes on another double date. (Black Canary/Green Arrow, Huntress/Question)

Balance - Hawk and Dove have a conversation in the locker room. (Hawk/Dove)

The Beast Blows - Boys will be boys. (Cyborg/Beast Boy)

by Voleuse
I Wouldn't Ask (Huntress/Black Canary)

Other Archives

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Merfilly has been writing Barbara & Dinah drabbles for fanfic100. She has also created a Dinah/Slade universe and writes Dinah/Batman and smutty Justice League adventures.

Ralst indexes Birds of Prey comics stories within her TV-verse archive. Trancer and Deb archive here. (Yay!)

Batfic - Active community for any fiction relating to the Batverse. Tends to have slash for Tim, Dick, Bruce, Jason, and Teen Titans, with occasional forays into Birds of Prey and Catwoman.

DC Fiction Index - A project to track all DC-related fan fiction on LiveJournal. Over 2,500 entries, and at the moment, insanely up-to-date. I recommend going here for teh_no's Birds of Prey stories, since they're kind of scattered about.

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