It was Home once

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It was Home once

Postby CaptQT » Sat Mar 04, 2006 8:48 pm

Terrie steeled herself, walking towards the Primary Investigator. She flashed her ID. "So what happened?"

The PI looked over the ID, then looked up into Terrie's face. "Well, Captain, you have one nasty connard (bastard) messing around with you. The detonation occurred in the kitchen. So far, it looks like the gas was allowed to run from the stove to fill the room. We have not found the source of the flame, but we have definitely found the fuel."

As the PI spoke, the two walked toward the remains of the house. Tolerre could not take her eyes off the caved in roof and smoldering walls. "Luckily, it rained all night last night and stopped this morning. The connard left footprints when he ran from the house. It looks like he stood here..." The PI paused and gestured to the ground, now just meters away from the house. "He stood here and probably threw something through the window. We were lucky that the fire department came from the other direction and did not trample over the prints."

Tolerre pulled her eyes from the house and knelt down to study a couple of footprints. "You have imprints of these for me to take with me?"

The PI nodded. "Oui. And records of interviews with the firemen and the neighbors. We do not like arsonists in this area. It's bad press. Especially when the house is owned only by a local vineyard worker and his pregnant wife." Noticing Tolerre's alarmed look, he continued. "The man had already left for work. He says his wife is off visiting her mother in town."

Terrie gave a sigh of relief. "A sheer stroke of luck on their part. From what we've seen so far, this connard and whoever is working with him doesn't give a damn who he hurts." Terrie looked back to the house, a deep heaviness in her heart. "This is very bad news." She spoke quietly, more to herself than to the PI standing next to her, straining to hear her. "Very, very bad news."

Terrie turned to the PI, taking the datapadd he offered her. "Thank you, monsieur. I appreciate your help. You will let us know if you find anything more?" At the nod from the PI, Terrie continued. "Bien. If we need further assistance, I will be in touch. And...Monsieur, the family that lives here...I would like to help them. Anonymously. This cannot be an easy house to replace on a vineyard worker's wages."

The PI studied the Captain. "Oui, I will get the details of the account to you. But--"

Terrie cut him off. "I'm just going to look around a little before I go. Thank you, Monsieur." And with that, she headed towards the ruins of the house, not wanting to explain the guilt she felt. This family had almost lost their lives simply because they lived in a home that was once a place she called home. But how did that slimy, slithering piece of $#!% know this would hurt her. Terrie knelt down, running her hand over the blades of grass and seeing past them into the dirt where another shoe impression showed. Her anger fueled her brain, kicking into gear as she sorted through the clues as she saw them. Her gut told her this was Shi'ar Joe's doing, whether he was here himself or not. But the leak that had given him information hadn't been the average leak. It had been one with more personal details than the average person had. Knowledge of an officer's childhood home was probably not unusual. Knowledge of an officer's attachment to such a place was.
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