Joint log "The Sickos in Sick bay"

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Joint log "The Sickos in Sick bay"

Postby Dr. Trabeaux » Sat Mar 04, 2006 10:27 pm

Nyles barely hears the Chief talking to him as they walk back to sickbay. His mind has already begun to calculate the proper mixtures of the potentially deadly chemicals. They enter the medical facility and Trabeaux motions towards his office. Henry walks in then waits for the CMO to sit, before he takes the seat in front of his desk. He watches as Trabeaux taps in his private code and gets the information from Viento.

"Ok after reviewing the list Veinto sent me, we have mostly humans…. a Klingon, two Vulcans, a Trill, a Betazoid, and then these two things I have never heard of." He looks to Nyles, noting him to be distracted. "So, what are your thoughts?"

"Well sir, I have successfully extracted information from all of those species. They will tell us whatever we need to know."

"Ya think so…?"

"Oh, I'm absolutely certain of it!"


"My record for chemical manipulation to lower the wills of humanoid species is 100%. I've never failed to break a subject!"


"You heard me right sir, I'm very adept at what I do. My record is flawless, because I was taught by the best. These vials that you had stashed will be perfect to make up some really potent mixtures."

"Well, let’s get to work on it."

The ensign nods in agreement and they both make their way to the lab, to begin concocting the batches.

5 hours later………….

"Ok the simulations points out that at these doses the humans will die quickly and the klingons will basically be tipsy and I am not sure even the computer knows what it will do to these other races." Trabeaux looks at Nyles. "We may just have to find out the hard way."

Nyles glances at the simulations.

"I'm making several adjustments to keep the humans alive, but in the most discomfort as possible.


"Also, I have reworked the Klingon dosages. I am adding Dylamadon in small increments until the right effect is achieved, he'll be more than tipsy when we get done with him. Oh, and I have some effective formulas for the rest."

He passes his padd to Trabeaux so that he can examine the calculations.

"While we are at this, we should be working on something for Joe. Something that will …What do you think about increasing his sensation to touch, pain, heat, and electrical? Give him something to keep him from passing out, and increase the amount of damage his body can take before it fails. That way we can…push his buttons, and not worry about him wimpin' out on us."

A grin erupts on Nyles's face as he finishes his sentence.

"That's precisely why I wanted the Felicium, for its narcotic effect. When we carefully mix it with the Felodesine, it will make him want to tear his own skin off...with his bare hands! And the Formazine will keep him conscious through the entire session."

"I like the way you think. Just so you know when we find this guy and you get through with him, Dwyane will most likely just kill him. I understand from you file that you received more than just reprimand, when you did not …. Eliminate a target. I am not sayin I agree or whatever, but I can respect a dissenting opinion. I am telling you so that you will know that you do not want to be around when this is all done. You obviously now what your doing and if you are willing to interrogate prisoners that’s worse then killing them in my book so you don’t lose any points with me. Dwayne may not see it that way, but don’t worry I’ll keep him off you."

Nyles glances at him with an odd look on his face, after the comment about Dwayne, then he continues working.

6 hours after that ………..

"Ok, we have been at this 11 hours straight and we don’t have a working product yet. This is worse than trying to get a prescription drug past the FCC in the 21st century." He slams his hand on the table. "Is it always this slow?!"

Henry looks up from the glass tubes and vials full of chemicals. "Patience sir, these calculations have got to be exact. I'm not trying to kill them, just make them wish they were dead...and not fulfill their wish! I am very close to a viable solution, I believe that the next batches are going to be right on the mark."

"I think I might prefer just cutting them up a bit. Sorry, I know you don't work that way, but I gotta tell ya... a few ops back, as soon as we started cutting the guys fingers off he spilled his guts PDQ."

"How...quaint sir." Nyles shakes his head to clear it, then gives himself a stimulant to stay sharp as he gets back to the project.

"I Kinda expected to hear from Dwayne by now, I hope he didn’t fly off the handle at anyone important, but if I know D, he prolly did. You really will get to like the XO once you get to know him." Yawns. "What are you using for stims?"

"I'm taking Masiform D, it's pretty strong, so be careful." He offers his senior officer the hypo.

"Let me see that, I am really crashing here." Takes hypo "I am sure I will regret this when I have to double up on seditative later, but for now we have work to do." Injects himself with the hypo.
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