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Postby Henry Nyles » Mon Mar 06, 2006 4:56 am

[iAfter successfully creating several highly potent chemical agents for interrogation with the CMO, Nyles heads back to his quarters. He enters and automatically music begins playing, Beethoven Symphony number 9. "Computer...stop music." Henry sits heavily on his couch, the gravity of the situation finally overcoming him. Having not slept since the event, fatigue overcomes him. His eyes flutter and cross, his neck jerks, then he is insensate.

The faces...they all blame, seek ...something! They keep grabbing at him,dragging him down. Their cold lifeless eyes, damning him! Men, women , children, they all keep mouthing words that he cannot quite hear. He feels them tearing at him, pleading, demanding. He tears himself away, screaming soundlessly! His instincts tell him to run, so he does, until he trips and falls to the floor. Frantically, he scrambles and drags himself to rest against the wall. Eyes wide in horror, breath in short pants, he looks up to see what he fell over. The small clouded over eyes plead to him, as the boy from the morgue reaches for him...mouthing something. "Avenge us!"

Nyles, jumps straight up from the couch as he awakens shouting in horror! His eyes darting around, trying to get a fix on where he really is. Walking quickly to the sink, he splashes his face with cold water. The medical officer takes several calming breathes, then grabs his med kit and takes another stimulant. Checking his chronometer, he notes that his "dream" took about 3 minutes. He clicks on his console and begins updating the patient charts for Dr Trabeaux. Henry looks over to the replicator."Computer, Raktajino...extra strong!"

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