Let's Get Ready To Rummmmmble!

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Let's Get Ready To Rummmmmble!

Postby Cdr Dwayne Johnson » Wed Mar 08, 2006 8:16 pm

Let's Get Ready To Ruuummmble!

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Commander Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne hopped off the Nighthawk, a purpose filled pace down the ramp with Shawn and Chester by his side. Two and half rather intimidating Phoenix Intelligence agents. The Starfleet research and development officials were expecting the three and therefore in place were several rather large heavily armed Marines to make sure things wouldn't get out of hand as it had at Intelligence HQ. No doubt a heads up from jarhead detail to jarhead detail or maybe it was a warning from Admiral Ramsey or his partner in Intelligence administration ... Admiral Alexander.

The pissed off Executive officer looked to Shawn and motioned with a hand motion for him to keep eyes on the Marines and to hold position at the door. Why? Simply because he thought that things might get out of hand if he didn't get what he wanted and Dwayne knew that he'd need a clear access point. Shawn could provide that. Some thought that Chester had no purpose on the ship, but he stayed close to Dwayne and seemingly growled or barked in soft mutturance whenever someone was near and out of Dwayne's peripheral vision. The dog had slowly with a bit of training and habit became Dwayne's eyes in the back of his head. Something in the future that would possibly keep him alive if it hadn't already.

Dwayne walked up to the doors of restricted and delayed equipment and was stopped short by Marine that stepped in front of the doors and cocked rifle in warning. Dwayne narrowed his eyes and started to slowly tense, but calmed himself and swallowed the primal urge to rip, tear and usher forth chaos. "Admiral Alexander cleared me to get what I needed from research and development. He said I would be allowed to take everything and anything I deemed necessary to complete the mission successfully. Call him ... I'll wait." Dwayne played a bluff with only the cards he had. Cards that would be revealed as soon as the call was made and the Admiral backed him or not. He watched as the Marine walked over to the console and tapped it several times. No doubt the guard was checking for clearance names and levels guaranteed. Dwayne's name wasn't there so the call was made and Dwayne waited to see if Admiral Alexander was going to back him or make this extremely difficult ... not to mention messy.

The Marine closed the comm and walked back to Dwayne. "It seems that your story is legit Commander. I'm sorry for the delay, but you do of course understand regulations during times like these." He, the Marine, turned toward the wall console nearby and ran fingers over the pad quickly in the most efficient of practiced motions ... doors slid open to reveal large lab that could easily have also been called armory.

"Shawn ... we're green. I'm in special operations laboratory 2-A. Meet me here and bring transport enhancement beacons. We're doing a bit'O shopping." Dwayne pulled the small chips from his pants pocket and bounced them within his palm as if shaking dice as he walked around to view the merchandise. The first thing he saw was an antidetection suit, but passed it by because he thought it too bulky for maneuvers of this nature. However the anti-sensor belts were something he felt the team could use. He tagged 5 of them and then moved on to the next bit of new Federation tech.

Dwayne glanced to Shawn as he walked into the R&D armory then pointed toward the next things that had caught his eye. A bio-pattern disk and computer jammer. These things would come in handy, because he noticed in the last mission things of this nature were done the hard way. Hardwired and rigged on the run. Why do that when you don't have to? Shawn tagged the equipment and continued to move with Dwayne until they both stopped and looked to the newest in weapons research. Type-VI phaser rifles. Dwayne liked how they look, but what was new about them.  "Shawn ... tag the rifles and sidearms along with sniper attachments. I want these. 10 of them. I want a full set." He said this as feet carried him toward the nearest console where a demonstration display was set up. Dwayne perked the Federation brow as he was impressed. The phaser worked much like the defiant class phaser array and was capable of short singular explosive rounds of phased energy to a limited degree. "Grenade launch capable ... Impressive."

Once everything from R&D was tagged he left Shawn in the laboratory to confirm transport to Nighthawk. Dwayne was sure that Shawn had some sort of remote activation for his beloved Nighthawk. While Shawn did that Dwayne walked toward the exit of the building and felt his arm grabbed from behind and someone say something. "Rock?" He looked to the hand and then narrowed eyes ... opposite fist balling and clenched tight as he prepared to get the hand off of him with extreme prejudice. He had clearance and now someone was just trying to push a button.

Dwayne yanked the arm from the person's grip and used that grip on the person's wrist to yank officer head over heels and place foot under chin while holding the arm in debate ... to break it or not. Somewhere in the midst of that move he recognized the squealing individual who screamed like a woman from Halloween II Holo-film. "Jeremy?"

Jeremy's eyes were wide and his free hand was slapping at Rock's calf for him to stop applying pressure. "Rock ... Rock... Rock ... can't ... breathe ... losing ... conscious ... ness .... help?"

"Oh God I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Cuz!" Dwayne released Jeremy and knelt next to him on the floor. A hand extended to cradle Jeremy's head and lift him up a bit to near seated position there in the R&D doorway. Doors opened and closed partially, before they'd chime warning and reopen over and over like shopping mall entrance. "You okay?"

Jeremy opened his sparkling blue eyes and fixed on Dwayne's apologetic features. "Dad's dead!" The much smaller Jeremy said to Dwayne. Both of them with eyes filled with sudden unshed tears. The two of them almost letting the floodgates open then and there, but not quite. "What happened?" He said as he was helped from the ground and to his feet.

Dwayne looked down and away from Jeremy as he still blamed himself for all of it. "Come with me aboard that ship there ..." He said with thumbed motion toward the Nighthawk. " .... and I'll tell you everything. It's the only secure place around here."

After maybe 30 minutes ...

Jeremy stared at Dwayne in disbelief as he spoke. "This is what you do? I bet they were all proud of you. My dad ... you know ... he always wanted me to be like you. Now I see why." He said as he stood from the copilots chair and walked just a few steps from Dwayne who was seated in the pilots chair.

Dwayne stayed seated and inhaled deeply, before a sigh slowly escaped. " Jeremy ...!" He stuttered as he was unsure of what to say for the moment. Finally something came to him and he looked over shoulder to see Jeremy in the corner of his eyes. "He was proud of you. He said so." Was that a lie or was it truth? Only Dwayne knew. "I know he didn't like some of the choices you made in your life, but in the end ... he was proud you had the guts to follow your own drummer and make it work."

Jeremy leaned to the side against wall of shuttle with his back toward Dwayne. The sound of a whimper then sniffle. Tears fell from Jeremy's eyes again. It almost felt for the two of them that tears never stopped. The urge to weep was always there just under the anger and fury. "Rock. You're going after them aren't you? I don't want you to go."

There were landing and departing shuttles outside. The sound of them dulled within the Nighthawk. The sky turning into a comfortable blanket of night air. "Jeremy ... I have to. It's what I do." He walked over and touched Jeremy's shoulder.

"NO! You don't have to! I know you ... you just want revenge ... you want to hurt them, because they hurt you. You think that if you kill them all of this will be fixed. Well,... " Jeremy swung around to stand toe to toe with Dwayne. His index would poke the larger Starfleet officer in the chest over and over. " ... it wont fix shit Rock. Sure ... you'll go out there. You'll kill probably every last one of the bad guys. I know you. You'll do it or die trying and you know what ... that's the part I can't take. What if you die Rock? This guy knows all about you ... all about us... Uncle and Auntie ... my Mom... What if you die Rock? I don't want to lose you too. You, RoxXxy and Mom are all I got and even her ... she doesn't ... she can't ... Oh this sucks ... this really sucks. I just want to crawl in a hole and hide. I can't handle this."

Dwayne's large hands grabbed Jeremy's head and held his eyes on his. "Look cuz! I'm not going to die and I promised you when we were kids ... I'm going to always be there for you. When you fell out of that tree when we were 7 ... Who dragged you back to the transporter beacon for 3 hours? When you forgot your lines over and over in Wizard of Oz ... who played a damned tree to feed you lines from the forest background? When you told your dad you were gay ... who stood by your side and who eventually got you your first date with the cute Betazoid? Hmmm?" He smiled until Jeremy started to smile just a bit in return. " He knows too much and as long as he's alive none of us are safe. I'm not just doing this for me Cuz ... I'm doing this for all of us. I love all of you. You understand? We're family and someone is threatening that."

Jeremy hugged Dwayne tight. His cheek pressed against Dwayne's barrel chest. Dwayne laughed a bit, for the first time in days, and wrapped his arms around his cousin that was more like a little brother. "I'm scared."

Dwayne replied quietly for Jeremy's ears alone. "Me too."
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