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Postby Henry Nyles » Fri Mar 10, 2006 3:37 am

Nyles excuses himself from the science lab after aiding Lieutenant Ang with a possible chemical blocker for the Elasian tears. Before exiting, he accesses a console and locates CMO Trabeaux. The computer shows, onscreen, that the Chief is on the main bridge. As an after thought, he queries the Xo's location. Noting them to be together,he squints at the screen, then erases his query. Quickly he reroutes the query access location of the console, several times over. He exits the lab and makes his way back to his quarters. Once there he enters,secures the door, then taps a pressure point on his left wrist, containing a micro-surveillance activation unit. An indigo grid of lights criss cross the room as it is being scanned for spy devices. The surveillance device computer, separate and cloaked from the ships systems, responds that the room is clear. Moving to a hidden panel, he opens it and gets his disguise kit. Opening it, Nyles utilizes the pseudo-living plasta-flesh to create a disguise of his CMO. While the plasta-flesh is setting, he dons the uniform taken from Trabeaux's dirty laundry. He makes haste , knowing that time is not on his side! The process taking only twenty minutes, is now complete. The transformed officer attaches a biopattern disk to his finger, containing a sample of the CMO's dna, to his finger, just in case.

Stealthily exiting his quarters, he makes his way to the sickbay. Entering, he takes on the persona of the Chief as the shift on duty eyes him. "What the frak y'all lookin' at, back to work!" The crewmen hastily depart for other parts of sickbay. The agent heads back to where he and the Chief were interacting earlier. As he suspected, the hypo that the boss offered him was still on the table where he "hid" it. He scoops it up and hastily departs sickbay. After many misdirections around the ship, he finally ditches the disguise and puts on his hidden uniform, then makes his way back to his quarters.

Henry enters his living space, and again initiates security procedures. He totally desintegrates the disguise, uniform and all, making it untraceable. A brief examination of the hypo confirms what he suspects. "Trabeaux was trying to dope me?! Now he's with the XO?! I knew that they weren't fond of me but...?!" Trusting no one now, he stands and takes a vial of delactovine, one of the strongest stimulants in Starfleet medicine, and injects himself. The shot will last for at least a week. "At least now, they won't be able to get me while I'm sleeping! I bet the Chief thinks I have some contact with his mole...yeah, I bet."
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