The Parents

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The Parents

Postby CaptQT » Thu Mar 16, 2006 9:00 pm

Terrie leaned back in her chair and looked around the ready room. The Comm light on her desk flashed, urging her to pull up the call. She closed her eyes and pressed the button...She opened her eyes as her parents appeared on her screen. "Mama, Papa. Bonjour."

"Quiterie, How are you, dear?" Her father spoke loud and clear through the comm with no trace of an accent.

"I'm good Papa, and you?" Terrie smiled a little. Somehow her father was always a little easier to talk to than her mother.

"We're fine. A little confused at what's going on around here, but fine. You care to explain why we've suddenly been invited to live on station here and why we've both got people following us around? We came off this last job and were practically swarmed by Federation Security guards before we even disembarked. I was afraid something had happened to you, girl."

Terrie shook her head at her father, glancing at her mother's none-too-happy face. "Everything is alright. There's just been some trouble with the family members of my crew. I'd like you to stay on station until all this settles down and we know you'll be safe." Terrie looked at her parents, seeing the words cross their faces as the prepared to object. "I know, I know, you hate being tied down. It's just for a little while. We should have this sorted out soon."

Colette was the first to reply. "Girl, just because they made you a Captain of some starship doesn't mean you get to order us around anymore. We're Contractors. And we have a job lined up that leaves tomorrow. We can't not go, we already told them we would be on board first thing in the morning!"

Terrie steeled herself. "Mama, I know, and I'm not ordering you around as a Starfleet Captain. I'm asking you." Terrie paused and met her mother's gaze. "As your daughter. I know we don't have a great relationship and we rarely communicate, but you may still be targeted and I will feel better going into this mission knowing that you are safe."

"Terrie, you're not the sentimental sort. This is what we do. We can't just stop doing it because someone's pissed at you."

Terrie decided to change her tactic. "Fine, don't do it for me. But how do you think your employer will feel knowing he's taking on two walking targets for his trip. Do you want to get that ship blown up because you didn't listen to me and stay put where no one could reach you? This danger isn't just to you. It's to those around you too."

Jean narrowed his eyes. "You always did know how to make sense. Damn it." Her father gazed at her a minute. "I'll tell John we won't be with him. Jaques will be happy to take the job from us anyways. Bastard." Colette turned to her husband, but he interrupted her. "Col, honey, it will be good to take a little time off. Who needs to be thumping engines all the time anyways. We'll enjoy a little time off. And you, young lady..." Jean narrowed his eyes at his daughter again...who couldn't help but twitch a smile at being called young. "You get this taken care of in a hurry. I hear the Nelassia is coming through next week and is looking for a crew. She pays good and I want to be free to join her."

"Yes Papa. We'll get it taken care of. You two just sit tight and try to enjoy your free time."

The Captain signed off from her family and breathed again. It wasn't so bad. She didn't tell them about the house in Lisieux...but that wouldn't worry them anyways.
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