Battle of the Bridge

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Battle of the Bridge

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Battle Of The Bridge
By. Captain Tolerre and Commander Johnson

Commander Dwayne Johnson arrived at the bridge and stepped off. A slight glance toward Shawn to check for his status. Shawn looked calm so he didn't think he was headed for the brig yet. Dwayne then looked toward the Command Chair and saw no Captain seated. This inspired a clenched jaw as he headed for the ready room.

Dwayne stopped at the door then rang the chime and immediately walked in. "Why in the hell are we departing our position. I had 20 minutes and all you told me was to let him live. Well, he's alive. What part of this am I reading wrong ... Captain? According to my watch I still have 5 minutes."

Captain Quiterie Tolerre looked up toward Dwayne and almost groaned under her breath at his hurried entrance. "You misheard me, Commander. I said you weren't going to kill him and then I ordered you to the bridge to review the report you were going to brief the team on in ..." She glanced to her chronometer. "... 4 minutes." Chester sneezed again as he hid under the Captain's seat. The dog could sense the tension and wanted nothing more than to stay out of the middle of aforementioned tension.

Shawn Andrews, the Phoenix Security Chief, spoke calmly toward Pierre Trabeaux, the Phoenix Chief Medical officer, in warning. "She said only Dwanye." Captain Tolerre just glared toward her ready room entrance upon hearing the tone of Shawn's voice just outside within the bridge area. A touch of her index finger to desk console and doors immediately closed in front of Pierre. Still seated the Captain looked back to Dwayne immediately and waited for his tirade to continue.

"I'm here! 20 paces from the observation room. Now! Why are we at warp? Answer that?" Dwayne said with narrowed eyes and fist balanced against the edge of desk. He leaned toward the Captain until he was nearly eye to eye with her and added the bit of formality that was up to now missing from his words. "Captain!"

"You disobeyed orders. You're a corruptive influence to other officers. You are going over the deep end Commander Johnson and I will not allow that sort of BULLSHIT in the field when ANY member of this crew's life could be in the balance, including your own thickheaded skull." The Captain said in loud response which inspired Chester to further distance himself from the situation by crawling under the desk. "I misjudged your readiness and willingness to go after this guy. And I deeply regret it. I thought you would work it out by the time you got here, but you have obviously only managed to make things worse for yourself. So, at this speed, you have 12 hours to figure out how you're going to explain your resignation from the Fleet to Alexander and how to pay him back the 3 Million bars of Latinum you owe him." She said then hurled the datapad at him. The Captain immediately stood and faced Dwayne to possibly level the playing field of disagreement.

Dwayne nodded to himself and finally stood upright to match her rise from the chair. "So ... you're going to let me speak freely or are you going to sit there behind the Captain's desk and hide behind rank ... again. Hmmm? Sir!"

Captain Tolerre focused Dwayne a derisive look. "When have you ever paid attention to rank?"

Dwayne's eyes locked on hers the entire time he waited for a reply. When he did get a reply there was a slight smirk to his face. "For the moment. Now! Anyway, Do I speak freely or do I click my damned heels say Aye Aye Sir and walk out of her like the good puppy you seem to want me to be. Maybe I should rephrase this ... make it more Tolerre friendly. " He snapped to attention, eyes directly ahead. "Permission to speak freely SAH!?"

Captain Tolerre narrowed eyes and almost hissed out the words in audible growl. "Speak away, Commander."

Dwayne smirked and relaxed to an at ease stance. His feet parted and hands folded behind his back. "I followed your orders. Your orders were to not kill Nyles. He's alive. Your orders were to report to the bridge. Here I am and on time. I am not a corruptive influence to this crew. I am the glue that holds this crew together. If you haven't noticed, it takes more than push ups and running in place to keep this special crew in line. You beat them down. I pull them up. It's a method that works and a method that has saved your four pip wearing ass more than once. The problem here isn't that I am not following orders. The problem is ... You can't understand how I feel. You didn't lose any family. You were never close to your family. You don't have any family. You don't know what I'm going through. You can't know what I'm going through. I want this mission more than I've wanted anything in my life and if you take it from me... You and Starfleet both can respectfully kiss my Intel ass.... SIR"

Captain Tolerre listened to his monologue with her eyes still narrowed. "Commander, I can't trust you not to play right into Joe's hands right now. He has intel on our team. We don't know for certain who the mole is. If it *is* that fool down in the brig then Joe knows we're here already and has something down there waiting for us. I cannot risk you running into whatever trap he may have laid in the hopes that you will get us where we need to be through sheer bullheaded will. Brute force does NOT solve everything. And as for who lost whom or what family members, guess what. This crew IS my family. When this crew suffers pain, I do too. I may not know exactly what you're going through. I lost my biological family a long time ago. But we've all suffered loss, directly or not. Believe me I want to get this bastard just as badly. But at the same time, I can't risk more loss." Once she had said what she felt needed to be said she just stared at him and waited. A hard stare.

"I frackin' rattled a possible moles chain. I put the fear of Phoenix in his ass. I have him thinking that he may not get out of this alive. I have Nyles desperate. If he's not the mole, he still has earned an ass whupping and you know it. If he's not the mole ... or is the mole ... he'll talk now ... that's for damned sure." Dwayne started to pace before the desk like a caged animal. His eyes on the Captain the entire time as if he was ready to devour her where she stood. "I am not playing into Joe's hands. I am doing what needs to be done. You just can't get the Federation standard out of your sense of action. Your misplaced sense of fair play and delicateness. Sometimes brute force is perfect for a job. A little punk like Nyles ... brute force is exactly what he needs." Dwayne stopped stalking back and forth to stare toward Captain Tolerre, then leaned toward and against the desk again. "And we're your family ... and you don't trust me ... you don't trust us? Do you think I'm going to just go home and let this go? No! You take this from me and I'm going to still do it! With or without the frellin' Federation backing me and you know what else Captain? When I do it ... I'm taking whoever else on this crew that doesn't agree with you and your sense of trust. So now ... you have a choice ... Sir! Either trust the family that has never let you down ... or lose it. Make sure Charlotte is the first one you tell your decision ... after she breaks me and Nyles apart piece by piece ... she's going to have the same mindframe I have on this mission. She's not going to let it go. Lock me up and when I get out ... Shi'Ar Joe is still mine. I'm ready! And the only thing that's keeping this from a green light is you. Sir!"

Captain Tolerre stared at him with cold glare for a moment then shook her head. "It wouldn't be my crew you were taking anyway. You think I'd have a career after this? And hell no, I don't trust you. Not when you're like this. And sure as hell not when you're grabbing at every lever and button you can find to get yourself where you want to be. Somewhere where you can kick some ass. This job is not all about testosterone and getting the job done no matter who the hell gets in the way. And if you've got a tactic and you want to work someone up on this ship, you clear it through me. All anyone around here sees is you doing your best Loose Cannon impression. It's not very trust inspiring for anyone. But it gets you where you want to be, I guess. And your little groupie out there is just loving his chance to join in." She said the last with a wave toward the door where she last saw Trabeaux, then dropped back into her chair. Her eyes on Dwayne.

"You haven't heard my damned plan. You haven't been briefed on this mission I set up. You don't even know how we're going to get Joe. We haven't even taken our first step and yet you feel you have enough to judge me or my readiness for this mission. I push a paper pushing Admiral around. So what! It's probably the most action he's had in years. I slam an Ensign against the wall! A frackin' possible mole against the wall and talk tough to him? All part of my plan and he deserved it!" Dwayne stood there and watched Captain Tolerre for reaction. His voice quieting a bit. "This entire thing isn't about this ship ... this crew ... Intel or Shi'Ar Joe. This whole thing is all about ...

She broke in before he could continue. "You!"

"Not just me. Me and you. Dwayne and Terrie. Captain and XO. You don't trust me. All this time and you don't know me well enough to know that I'd never risk the life of anyone on this ship for my own gain. Now that ... that hurts like a bitch."

"If I felt you were being yourself, I might trust you. But--what the hell Dwayne? You rob a fracking research center? I don't care if you feel the Admiral did get a thrill out of being manhandled, that is NOT acceptable. And the hard-on you have for Nyles is just disturbing! Step back and look at yourself. I can't tell there's a plan involved! All I can tell is that you've lost your fracking mind and Alexander sent me a fracking BILL for all the fracking goodies you fracking borrowed from the fracking lab!

Dwayne rolled his eyes. "Frack Alexander. He can kiss my ass and I'd happily pull the brig time when I see him and tell him exactly how I feel." A deep sigh interrupting. "I'll pay the rental fee and return his toys after this mission is over. I'll pay it out of my pocket if need be. It's just a perfect example how even now ... the politicians don't want the men in the field to have what they need to get the job done safely and quickly." Dwayne finally plopped into his chair that faced the desk. His tone quieted from the growl that was there previous. "Captain? When have you ever known me to be the model Starfleet Officer? You knew that when you accepted me as your XO. You knew what you were getting into. Why would that be any different now? ESPECIALLY now! It's what I know and what I know keeps me and this crew alive on missions ... including you."

Captain Tolerre offered a half grin at the model Starfleet Officer. "I know." She said with a sigh. Her head fell back to rest against her chair. "And when have you ever known me to pull the stick out of my ass long enough to understand you?" She lifted her head and smirked as she continued to speak. "There is an upside to this whole ordeal. If there is a mole leaking our one knows we're still coming."

"So what do we do now? I've made my threats. I've bristled and barked and roared. I've said my ultimatums and tried my reasoning. You're the Captain. As always, the ball is in your court. Back me. Trust me. I'd back you ... to the death." He said with a raise of the Federation brow: "And if you turn around you could say that was your plan. What went on in here ... stays in here ... where I'm concerned."

She felt comforted that he at least sounded rational for the moment. This prompted her to touch the raise just under ear and comm the bridge. "Andrews, all stop, reverse course and engage Warp 6. Put us in Silent Running mode. No Comms in or out." The Captain looked to her chronometer. "Looks like we have a mission brief to get to, Commander. We should be back in position by the time we finish."

Dwayne clenched his jaws tight and breathed out a sigh of relief afterward to relax. "Thank you ... Terrie, but tell me something? This was all part of some plan wasn't it. You saw an opportunity and set this up didn't you?"

The smile on the Captain's face held a mystery of sorts. " Of course. Besides, I seriously doubt you or Charlotte would let me live long enough to get us back to Earth. There's a hint of Klingon or Romulan or something in both of you. It's scary sometimes." She said while she stood fully upright, then walked over toward the door to her ready room.

"Dammit." He slid tongue into cheek, then raised his eyes and stood at attention. "Permission to be dismissed Sir."

She stifled a slight laugh, then turned a serious expression to Dwayne. "Dismissed. And don't let it happen again, Commander."

Dwayne walked toward the door and stopped as the doors opened to the bridge. "Excellent plan Sir!" A nod toward the Captain while eyes were fixed on hers. His voice carried across the bridge purposefully. "If they knew we were coming they wont now. Shawn ..." He stepped onto the bridge. "Make sure all mission operatives attend mission briefing! Including yourself. Maintain Course per Captain's orders. All quiet. The prisoner in the brig. Strip search him, then transport him from brig cell one to brig cell three. While in transport remove any foreign objects not medically cleared by Starfleet from his person. Let's make sure this super-chemist keeps his nose clean."

The Captain breathed out an unseen sigh of relief then followed Dwayne out. Chester following them all as they headed for the briefing.

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could it be longer?
and the uh
And your little groupie out there is just loving his chance to join in." She said the last with a wave toward the door where she last saw Trabeaux,

ouch that hurts
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