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Mission Complete

Postby Cibernite » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:00 pm

Intel Log. Stardate 06042.0 Ltcmdr Shawn Andrews reporting.
After Cmdr. Johnson and the Captain finally resolved thier diffrences, We proceeded to the Planet where members of Joe's organization set up a factory to produce Tetricel White. The drug used heavily by the Gem Hadar. Transporting to the surface, We were able to move into position without dectection. Pierre and I were on the hill overlooking the factory.
I manned the Photn Launcher while the Doc aquired two targets.
One was the reactor and the other, a shuttle used by Joe's goons. Waiting for the signal was exhausting. Night time approached and Johnson and Red made their way into their positions. After they moved in and achieved thier objective. Which was to kidnap a person who knew where Joe was hiding, I was given the signal to fire. I fired at both targets. But all hell broke lose when the alarms sounded. johnson and Red were coming under fire I tried to hold the attackers as long as I could. Pierre and I were finally transported to the shipBut Dwanye and Red were still on the surface.

To make thing worse, we had a welcoming committee of our own to fend off. Shuttles came streaking towrds the Phoenix, Weapons Locked.
I raced to the Bridge and took Tactical. "Hostiles are closing !" I screamed one time. Finally after getting to a clear spot, Johnson, Red and thier Prisoner were transported to the ship. A few shots from the Phaser Banks were enough to scare off the persuers . We then set course for the nearest Starbase for mission debriefing and to deliver our semiprecious cargo.
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