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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Postby Cdr Dwayne Johnson » Fri May 12, 2006 4:19 pm

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Commander Dwayne Johnson

The Captain gave standing orders and within those orders Dwayne found a bit of time to deal with his personal demons. The Phoenix found itself docked at Earth and for Dwayne that meant home again for the first time since the Shi'Ar Joe terrorist attack. It was the first time he's had to face what happened and bathe in the moment from a new perspective.

The night was still for the most part in his old neighborhood. There was the sound of bark or two in the distance and of course there was a flitter or transport that passed then blanketed his seated form with headlight. The interruption of passing vehicle didn't bother Dwayne as he sat under the tree that seemed to bring him comfort and provide a perfect view of where his home once stood. For the moment he didn't seem to hold the persona of a Starfleet officer, because beside him sat nearly 5 bottles of chilled Feringinar bottled brew. More commonly known as ... beer. He was dressed in tan slacks and white shirt unbuttoned to reveal bare chest and the scars of battles fought. Of course he could've had Pierre remove those near faded scars, but he wanted them to remain like notches in a belt. Memories and reminders.

The bottle of beer in his fisted grip was upturned and contents were swallowed gulp after gulp until nothing remained. When the bottle was lowered he exhaled and lifted the PADD to hand that leaned against the remainder of Feringinar brew. On the PADD he saw the positions of officers that had left the Phoenix for Earth. Yes, with the current situation he felt well within his rights to keep tabs. Afterall, This was Starfleet Intelligence not the happy go lucky typical Federation vessels like Enterprise or Excalibur.

All of the Phoenix officers were dots on the topograph ... each marked with name, rank and time of departure. Dwayne was in baby-sitting mode. The mole could be anywhere. The mole could be any of them and just as he was about to lock in on the prime suspect Nyles. A blip on the map disappeared as if signal was being jammed. Who ... Wha ...? Charlotte? What the Frack? He thought.

He sent a text message via the PADD data-link to Phoenix for a reconfirmation of targets, then confirmation of topograph and it's working order on PADD display. When there was no change and her last known location confirmed he began to slowly get a sinking feeling deep in his gut. That's impossible. Oswald did say an Admiral and Alexander did have all the access needed to make this happen. Alexander does have the tools at his disposal ... Dremel. No ... can't be ... that's too easy. Dwayne closed his eyes for a moment and then when they opened he flung the PADD to the street directly in front of him. The Federation tech shattered into a dozen or so pieces. The clatter echoed amidst the near empty surroundings. "Son ... of ... a ... bitch ... I frakkin KNEW it!"

Dwayne was unsure of what to do next or how to handle what he felt at that moment, but what he did know for sure was that he wanted answers. The bottles clinked and clattered as he stood upright from his seated position which knocked several unopened chilled brews aside. Almost in the singular motion of rise and step he touched just behind his ear. "One to transport to Phoenix. Code Alpha 2A."

Within moments Dwayne shimmered from Earth and was back onboard his only remaining home, the Phoenix I. A hand raised immediately with palm toward the transporter Chief as he wanted to make it known he didn't have time for chit chat or the usual pleasantries. "I'll be back to depart in 15 minutes. Destination United Kingdom. Have Operations notify you when a lock has been reestablished with Matsumura. Track said lock at that time. We have a date." The transporter Chief smirked and slowly shook his head right to left. It was common knowledge the Rocks reputation ... truly unfounded as it was.

Perhaps he should've notified the Captain, but what if he was wrong. Perhaps he should've at least told Pierre what was going on. He trusted the Doctor. They had become almost like brothers it seemed, but this time ... no. He was going to do this alone. Bear all of it on his shoulders singularly like he was apt to do so often. Dwayne dressed in his uniform with black collar and integrated tech, then grabbed the phaser pistol from wall compartment and holstered it at his side. He prayed that he wouldn't need the weapon. There must be a logical explanation. She was his teammate. She was Wifey, but if she's the mole ... She's dead.
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