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Tao - Alexander

Postby Red » Wed May 17, 2006 9:12 pm

ADM Malcolm ALexander (NPC)

Staring out across the bay, Malcolm Alexander clasped his hands behind his back and exhaled a long breath. In retrospect, kissing Charlotte had probably been the wrong move to make. Alone, awash in a sea of peers, and grieving for the injuries her mother sustained, she was nothing, if not vulnerable -- and he felt like a heel for taking advantage of that.

Not that it had been planned far from it, really. He had never, ever planned to tell her much less show her how he felt. How he’d come to feel. By all accounts, it should have been a fatherly love that he felt for his best friends daughter. He was, after all, the same age as Ronin, had been around as she’d grown up. But something had changed in the seven years shed worked as an operative: She had come into her own. Gone was the awkwardness of her Academy years, and even of her first years with Intel. She had developed her own personality outside of her mother and father; she had developed an operations repertoire, surpassing even Ronin’s, one that spoke of strong devotion to her job, the people around her. And being an operative meant being on her own; she had grown self-confident and self-reliant in her years undercover.

How many times had he stopped by one of her debriefs, watching through the one-way screen? Listened to her tell, in bloody detail, how she had executed her mission orders, sometimes with a little necessary improvisation? In how many mission reports had he read between the lines, understanding the seriousness with which she took a life to complete her tasks? She was neither haunted, nor was she flippant; she had found the balance -- the tao -- a hard tightrope to walk in their line of work.

He couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when he realized what he felt -- though he suspected the scene at the hospital had certainly solidified it. She was willing to call him on his mistakes, to stand toe-to-toe to him, and question his judgment…and she had been right to. At that moment, he realized he could no longer look on her as simply a protegee or simply the daughter of his best friend.

And never – not in a million years – had he ever expected her to return any of those feelings. If her reaction was any indication, however, she did.

…but those were thoughts for another time. For now, she was on her way here, with the rest of her team, to do their jobs. Once the score was settled, however, he was certain he and Charlotte had much to talk about.
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