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Postby Dr. Trabeaux » Wed May 17, 2006 11:19 pm

Trabeaux sat at terminal in SB, most of the crew was topside.

Pierre had no reason to go down the Nix was his home. If he wondered away from his home he might have deal with his family, and he would do anything to escape that. His parents were in the middle of a messy divorce. When all the families back on Earth were hit, the only thing that saved his parents was the fact they were both out with someone else. Both were having and affair and both were most likely were saved because of it. Irony of ironies.

Trabeaux had been researching the other lead they had from the prisoner… Dremel. Pierre assumed it was another lead since there was no Admiral Dremel so that ment he had two pieces of info. So he was researching that topic specifically … so far all he had was info on a small handheld rotary tool that was popular in the end of the 20th century.

Pierre got up from the terminal he had been there for hours, all night actually. He walked across SB wiping his eyes, he was wearing cargo shorts and a T-shirt Dwayne got him that said “I got shot” on the front “trusting the frogs” on the back. Trabeaux walked toward the bathroom, he was on duty in two hours and he looked like hell warmed over, he felt the part as well. He had been told the Admiral Alexander was holding a briefing this morning but wasn’t sure if he was going to be required to go. While shaving his mind was still working… “Dremel… Dremel… who the hell is Dremel? What the hell is a Dremel? And what does it have to do with Joe?"...
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