You don’t know Jacques!

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You don’t know Jacques!

Postby Dr. Trabeaux » Thu May 25, 2006 7:49 pm

You don’t know Jacques!

Pierre could have smacked himself … Dremel… LeMerd… He should have seen it sooner.

Admiral Jacques LeMerd was one of his fathers near and dear friends. They played poker every Thursday night for years. It finally makes some sense…. Pierre’s family wasn’t missed on accident, they were missed on purpose. Anyone willing to go through all they went through to hurt the crew’s family wouldn’t have just trashed the house, they would have waited, and trashed the owners.

It hit Pierre like a bad brie. It was all his fault, Dwayne’s family, Lottie’s mom, it was all HIS fault. If LeMerd had seen any holos of the Nix crew in pirate dress he would have been able to pick Pierre out. He also would have been in a position to get all the personal data on the rest of the crew. Pierre had led Joe right to the Nix, how could they ever forgive him? How could he ever forgive himself?

The floodgate of questions finally burst and rushed in to Pierre’s mind. Was his dad involved? Was the trashed house a cover? Was the divorce a distraction to get people to over look him due to his distress? Pierre and his father never got a long, but was that reason enough to want to hurt the crew’s family?

Pierre had to sit down. He looked up and Admiral Alexander, “That’s how Joe did it… it was LeMerd, he recognized me.”

“Hold on a second.” said Alexander “We don’t know Jac-“

“-That’s right sir…. You don’t know Jack. But I do! He did this, and I don’t think he was alone.” There he said it; he all but accused his father right there. “Clancy was obviously working for LeMerd, sir.” Pierre shook his head “and if he knows you have Clancy, he’s gone”
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