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A Time and Place for Everything - Matsumura

Postby Red » Thu May 25, 2006 10:23 pm

A Time and Place for Everything
LCDR Charlotte Matsumura

The kiai hurt, burning her throat even as it ripped across her vocal chords. Her hands, curled into fists and beating ruthlessly into the bag, had stopped hurting long ago; the tops of her feet were angry and red from the vicious kicks she had lashed out with. Truth be told, both were probably numb, but she didn’t care. It had to come out somehow. It all had to come out somehow. And it was better done here, in the dojo, than beating any fellow team members to a bloody pulp.

Johnson. That sorry, arrogant bastard. He was pushing her buttons – she knew it, he knew it, and there was no letting up. She could feel the pressure building, and there was quickly coming a time when she would no longer be able to rein in the temper she felt flaring just beneath that damned calm exterior she fought so hard to display. He bandied the words “trust” and “loyalty” about as though he understood what they meant. The fact that he used them so freely among his teammates, however, showed that, even if he knew what buttons to push, he didn’t know how much those words meant to her.

Charlotte was new to this “team” aspect of intelligence work. Since her graduation from the Academy, she had worked as a solo operative, in and out of some of the darkest places the Federation and Fleet alike could find. She had spent years building up self-reliance and control; she had a job to do, and it was hers alone to complete. Her allegiances then had been forged to Intelligence, to the Fleet, and to the Federation first. Nothing had changed that. Perhaps it should have, but it hadn’t.

But Dwayne Johnson didn’t get that -- didn’t get that trust and loyalty weren’t things she gave easily. He didn’t get that she was still learning to rely on others, still learning she could trust others to do their jobs. Then again, between her own injured shoulder, the more recent Nyles issues, as well as the team’s interrogation techniques, they had given her little cause to do so.

And gaijin’s continual insistence that I can’t do my job certainly doesn’t help matters, she thought bitterly.

Stepping back, she whirled, ripping into the bag with a round kick, followed by a lunge punch and a reverse punch. Her throat was sore from the kiai once again, but she still allowed it to echo across the dojo.

Her issues with Mal certainly weren’t helping the whole “teamwork” concept. Because her allegiances and loyalties were still tangled with Intel as a whole -- and with Mal in his role as a friend – she knew she could trust him; there may be some “dirty admirals” within Intel, but she knew for a fact that Malcolm Alexander was not one of them. Not that Johnson believed that. Not that Johnson would believe anyone who was in a position of authority…

And then there was whatever this…thing… with Mal was. Racking her brain, she tried desperately to figure out when things changed, when he suddenly became more than just a friend. She’d had a crush on him as a teen but that, at the time, had been fairly superficial: He was a cute guy with an accent. She couldn’t have even begun to identify with him on any level – other than, perhaps, her British heritage. But her time in service made her grow up. She now understood the nightmares, the debriefs, and the other dark things that went along with the intel way of life. Those were things that Mal knew, understood; they were equals now, even if not in rank, and perhaps that was what had changed everything.

Now, however, was not the time for everything to change. Not when she had the XO grousing at her about “family” and “trust” and “teamwork” … and definitely not when Joe was still on the loose. There was a time and place for everything. Both would present themselves soon enough.


Charlotte landed a solid side kick, a spinning back kick, followed by a backfisted punch and a reverse.

She just hoped Johnson learned sooner, rather than later, that sometimes enough is enough.
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