Favoritism and Frogs

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Favoritism and Frogs

Postby Henry Nyles » Fri May 26, 2006 2:13 am

Henry gathered his equipment as they were dismissed from the briefing. The CMO gives him a dirty look as they catch each others gaze. The look on Nyles' face shows exactly what his thoughts are...

"Are you frakkin' serious?! You were the one who led Joe to the families of your fellow crewmen, and your own family got spared! You had the gall to want to beat me to death, when you were the frakkin' reason that all those innocent people died?! Well frak' you, Commander's pet!!"

The words don't make it out of his mouth, but his eyes say all that he isn't allowed to. Nyles gathers his gear and heads to the Admiral's office to gather intel, but not before flashing Dwayne a dirty look for showing favoritism to his friend Pierre. Especially after threatening, and nearly killing him, for believing he was responsible for the deaths of many of the crew member's families and loved ones. Dwayne handles the look in his own inimitable style, he winks at the Ensign mockingly. Henry rolls his eyes and heads off to gather the bio clues and finger prints.

As he's walking alone he mutters to himself, making sure he's alone. "They better stop underestimating me, or someone, not me, is gonna get hurt...BAD! Especially with this favoritism Sh**!! I will not be anyone on this ship's punching bag, ever again!!"

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