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More Questions Than Answers - Matsumura

Postby Red » Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:55 am

Charlotte sat at Malcolm’s desk, the flat surface covered in stacks of PADDs, each with slight variants on the same information. She sat, pursing her lips as she stared at the blinking cursor on the LCARS terminal screen. Sighing, she finally started tapping in her response to the commander’s request for information.


Name: Jacques Le Merd
Born: January 13, 2305
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Parents: Porthos and Annette Le Merd

The only child born to Porthos and Annette Le Merd, Jacques Le Merd spent his early years constantly underfoot of his father, a Starfleet design engineer. He showed some promise as he entered Starfleet Academy at the age of seventeen. Four years later, he graduated at the head of his class.

On the fast track to captain, he earned his first command of a cruiser as a commander at age 25; his first command and promotion as captain at age 30. Le Merd was, by all reports, a decent captain but sometimes lacking in people skills. His crews were never completely unhappy; they did, however, have some reservations when approaching him in a one-on-one situation.

This lack of people skills is reflected in a string of fitreps, each annotated with psychological flags. “He has openly admitted that he often feels too smart to be ‘restricted to Starfleet,’ and that he should ‘explore other opportunities,’” wrote one therapist. He regards himself as unappreciated for all the years of service he has offered to the Fleet.

As a result of the concerns voiced by Fleet psychiatrists, he was pulled from direct line postings prior to the Dominion War. When it became abundantly clear that shipping and logistics were becoming an issue, it was to Le Merd that Fleet Material Command turned. He designed and oversaw the construction of a new class of transport ship that balanced spatial needs with the defensive needs of a war.

Le Merd is known by many “movers and shakers” within the Federation, but is not well-liked; there is little evidence to suggest he has many true friends at all. On his first tour, LTGEN Jacques Trabeaux (“Alain”) saved his life. At present, Trabeaux’s standing beyond Le Merd’s appreciation is unknown. It is possible that this is the reason the Trabeaux family was spared in the most recent attacks against the
Phoenix team. If this is the case, and Le Merd does hold the elder Trabeaux in some regard, it may be something that may be used against him at a later date.

Admiral Le Merd currently has no family surviving. He never had any siblings, and his parents were killed when a Dominion ship raided a passenger liner, believing it to be shipping weapons material behind the lines.

Following his success with the Dominion shipping design, Le Merd was detailed to Intelligence Logistics Support five years ago. It is possible that he was working with Tal Shiar even before this time, as well as keeping contacts within Ferengi circles. Information suggests tips the admiral provided led to the interception and raiding of Federation shipments, as well as the diversion of ship designs to the Romulans.

It was not until the past three months that SFI began to lose deep cover operatives in quantity, and recent events suggest that Le Merd may be responsible for the information leaks that led to their deaths -- and the deaths of civilians related to the
Phoenix operations team.

There are currently no further leads as to his whereabouts, and there is an all-points alert out for his capture.


Uploading the file to Johnson, Tolerre, and Malcolm, Charlotte sat back and sighed, rubbing her face wearily. She would sleep well tonight. And maybe, if she was lucky, the nightmares would be kept at bay by the sheer exhaustion.
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