Hunting Season

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Hunting Season

Postby Cdr Dwayne Johnson » Wed Jun 28, 2006 1:22 pm

Hunting Season

Time: 0200
Location: Alpha Quadrant; Science U.S.S. Triton

The Phoenix Intelligence Unit were all on assignment handling their individual parts of the ongoing Shi'Ar Joe mission. Commander Dwayne Johnson was assigned witness retrieval and it was a task he accepted full on. There was a bit of the unknown in his current duty assignment. He would have to think fast at times. There was excitement. Possible gunplay and cool Intelligence toys implemented when needed to conceal Starfleet Intelligence operations in any given area. Things never slowed down. His mind was always occupied and that left him little time to fully wallow in the grief that still tugged at his soul and fueled the anger deep within that had been boiling there since the lost of his wife, Dany Johnson.

Dwayne stood in the decompression area of an elongated matte black Starfleet runabout. He was dressed in form fitting environmental suit that expanded or constricted as needed. The new Starfleet enviro - Mach III was cutting edge and for the moment designated for Intelligence usage. He slid the helmet on and clicked it in place. The display framing his actual visual area and female voice softly chiming out things such as distance, speed, environmental status, suit functionality. Once all was confirmed as operating one hundred percent. "All right Jonesy ... lock us down and decompress."

The shuttle pilot with one singular button press decompressed the area of runabout Dwayne knelt within at the ready. The suit voice issued changes and random warnings to his ears. When suit flashed his display green he opened the shuttle door, the remainder of air hissed outward to nothingness. He stared at the Federation Science vessel that seemed only a step away. It was odd how the vastness of space skewed perception for most, but not for an Intelligence officer. Hours upon hours in simulator were about to pay off. He was fully trained and it was time to display that.

The scramblers on the shuttle worked. The scramblers on the suit worked. False signals were sent to the science vessel, Triton VII as Dwayne descended toward the ships hull, but why this method of insertion. The shuttle could not dock, because the mark might be warned and flee, hide or worst case scenario suicide. Transport in would be detected by the science vessel and agent would be immediately detained.

Many things ran through the mind of Dwayne as thrusters propelled him forward and made minor course corrections. Charlotte and the Admiral, Jeremy in the middle east on Earth, Pierre and his family troubles. Those close to him seemed to all be in the midst of some sort of life changing situation. He knew he was no exception, but there were times when Dwayne was selfless. Not many would ever get close enough to know this. To many people he was arrogant, self-absorbed and too cocky for his own good. He had belt a reputation on such and was comfortable therein.

He neared the hull a bit faster than he may have wanted, but a last minute grab on the access port indention kept him from drifting past and possibly finding himself caught within nacelle bubble. Instant death would've been inevitable. "Ungaaah!" He grunted as the muscles in arm were strained to newly found limits. "Mag loc ... lock!" The suit reacted instantly to verbal command and feet were linked to hull of ship so that he could hack the entry port. Scanners in helmet indicated that there were no lifeforms in area and the ships internal/external sensors were adjusted so he could proceed with the entry.

Panel hissed open once hacked. Air escaped and he slid within the ship. The port access panel closed behind him and the momentary vacuum was halted. He looked around and listened, but heard no alarms ... no rushing Security officers to tackle and take him into momentary custody. They were fooled, but he was far out of the woods for the moment and he felt strangely alone. It was odd for him not to be flanked by Shawn, Pierre or Charlotte. There was none there to watch his back so if things went wrong, there was no doubt he'd end up dead or captured.

Nyles had provided the names and despite personal feelings for the man Dwayne had to give the boxer stain credit. Every name offered up information and brought them closer to the inner workings of Joe's criminal ring.

"Position and schematic." He said to activate the display that showed positions of guards, mark and possible secure areas for concealment. The phaser was removed from his hip and confirmed set at status stun. This wasn't an enemy ship he was infiltrating ... this was a Starfleet vessel.

Dwayne moved down the corridor quickly in a crouched position. Phaser pistol aimed to point directly ahead of him in case the sensors missed something and there were times they did. Some officers put to much faith in technology, but not him. A patrol officer walked toward Dwayne and he turned and jogged back to within shadows. A grit of teeth as he saw nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, but that didn't mean he was out of options. "Active camouflage." His suit shifted and computer within covered him in representation of the wall behind him. He didn't move, didn't breath as he watched the officer walk past. He waited there until he was sure the coast was clear and immediately double timed his jog toward the mark.

Once at the door of target he pulled filament from his wrist tricorder and linked it with the doors locking mechanism. One word muttered ... "Disable." The door slid open and the quarters filled with darkness and basic night lighting. Dwayne fanned the gun to the right and muttered silently within thoughts ... clear ... then to the left and again silent thought ... clear. It was habit of working with his team.

He moved through the quarters slowly as display shifted to nightvision. A nice green hue covered everything as he moved forward and toward where schematics indicated target. There it was ... the target ... Captain Marla Williams. Dwayne moved around the bed slowly and just like a husband arriving home later than he should. He climbed onto the bed until he straddled her blanketed form therefore pinning her to the bed.

The Captain was a beautiful older woman, but that didn't make Dwayne hesitate one bit in his task or duty. His gloved hand wrapped around her throat and further pinned her to the bed. In his other hand was the phaser pointed at her forehead. "Scream and die." He said in voice foreign to his ears and to the Captain that laid there in nightgown with a wide eyed stare toward the invader. This villain was on her ship and in her quarters. Panic was written on her face. How did he get on my ship? How did he get this far? were her thoughts. "Sleep ... type I" Dwayne said to helmet LCARS and then afterwards spoke to the Captain in a masked voice that sounded almost alien. "You're going to go to sleep now. This is all a dream" Gas drifted from his wrist to fill her nostrils then lungs. She was out. Helmet display confirmed her identity and there was only one thing left and mission complete. " Ghost 1 to Ghost 2. Target confirmed ... Two ... out ... now."

Dwayne shimmered from the Triton with Captain in tow and arrived back on the Intelligence runabout. Alarms sounded on the Triton, but it was too late.

Of course they saw the transport signature, but the transport destination seemed in a hundred different spots around the Triton. Also, Of course they saw the warp trail, but those warp trails went off in ten directions. The runabout didn't just sit there while Dwayne was on mission. It did it's part. Teamwork.
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