Shadows and Ghost

Duty and Personal Logs from the Phoenix Crew.

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Shadows and Ghost

Postby Cdr Dwayne Johnson » Wed Jul 26, 2006 8:14 pm

Shadows and Ghost
By. Commander Dwayne Johnson

Early morning before the mission start. Two A.M. and everyone on the Phoenix were most likely asleep or at least they should've been. Dwayne knew his team well and was aware that most of them were just as restless as he. They all were hungry for Shi'Ar Joe's head, but why. Was it duty, guilt or some sort of violent streak that ran through them like the animals they were so closely related to. Dwayne gave all of this thought as he sat there on the foot of his bed and cleaned the connectors and chamber of his Marine issued phaser pistol.

Images haunted the Phoenix's Executive Officer. Images of Dany's smile and the tears that flowed when she thought he wasn't looking. Images of his family standing together at his graduation from the Academy. All shocked as the next he actually made it through. Images of Jeremy laughing hysterically over really anything that came his way even mildly humorous. There were many ghost in the house of Dwayne Johnson. Ghost that made the man wear the armor of inconsideration, insult and wit to keep those that he would love to bring in close kept at a distance.

Everyone Dwayne allowed within his heart, within his realm of emotional connection were always hurt in the end ... or worse. He had become the perfect Intelligence Operative. Cold and narrow sighted within a mission. Even those he called friend were kept at arms reach.

Dwayne held his team close within vest ... he was one within the Phoenix covert team, but there were times he felt he worked better alone. Not because he didn't feel them capable, but because of fear. Leave no man behind held more meaning for Dwayne than others. When would that be tested? Would this be the mission? Would the next? When would Dwayne face his only fear?

"Now arriving in target sector." The computer alerted.

Dwayne stood from his seated position on the foot of his bed that hadn't been slept in, slid the pistol into holster against his thigh and zipped up the tech vest. He walked toward the exit of his quarters and only stopped to touch the wedding picture on nightstand midway in his progression. Not a word said ... only emotion as he disappeared from the quarters and made his way to the nearest turbolift.

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