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Planning - Tolerre

Postby CaptQT » Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:38 pm

Terrie sat and watched as her XO left the conference room. She stared at the door for a moment after it closed behind him, thinking over the conversation. It took a moment for Terrie to pull herself back to her next task. The conference room felt large in its emptiness, but rather than trekking back to her ready room for the task left to her, she had decided to stay put. There were fewer disturbances if she couldn't be found easily. With that thought, she turned her attention to the datapads in front of her.

Her first task was team divisions and assignments.

Team A:
Johnson *

Team B:
Trabeaux *


Having sorted out the teams, the Captain paused and looked over the assignments, contemplating their implications. She still had a weird vibe about Johnson and Matsumura together, but she also knew they were a lethal pairing. Perhaps in more ways than one. Nyles discomfort with causing death would hopefully balance the pair out and give them creative use of non-lethal measures on this mission. This team would be going after Joe's people on this station with a secondary mission of crippling Joe's assets on the station.

Team B was a bit different. She was putting a less senior officer in charge of that team and there was the potential for repercussions. Her gut, however, told her no one was better at following Dwayne's lead than Frenchie. With Luce, they could hack into systems and get past most of the security measures, and Shawn would definitely keep trouble off their tail. This team would be assigned to disable the three cargo vessels getting ready to depart with loads of Joe's cargo.

As for the support team, a new recruit was expected to check in soon. Tolerre had notification that he had boarded the Nix before their departure from Earth, but she still needed to bring him up to speed. And she was not putting the newbie into action before a few trial runs in the holodeck with the team first. The last newbie had taught her that much.

Tolerre shook her head and brought up a message to requisitions. Each team member would need one of the small breathing devices Dwayne had so thoughtfully lifted from HQ's R&D lab. They looked a bit odd and whistled a bit, but they were more discrete and lightweight than the standard gas masks.

The next message went to Nyles and Trabeaux. They were going to need some incapacitating but non-lethal weapons. These were the guys to do that. Gas bombs full of the sort of thing Nyles kept stashed in stray chairs were in order. They had only a short time to get them assembled and into their gear.

With all of the urgent tasks identified and completed, Terrie sat back in her chair and did something she rarely did. She closed her eyes and prayed. This mission had to succeed. She just couldn't stomach Plan B right now.
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