Executive Officer Decisions - Commander Dwayne Johnson

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Executive Officer Decisions - Commander Dwayne Johnson

Postby Cdr Dwayne Johnson » Tue Aug 15, 2006 9:11 pm

Executive Officer Decisions
By. Commander Dwayne Johnson

The time for shift change came and went thus leaving Dwayne up to his own devices. What would he do? How could he burn all this aggression off? Where could he find his release? Charlotte had finally gotten under his skin, but not with her words or actions. It was basically her personality, her approach to duty and personal interaction. It was the fact that he had never came in contact with someone like her and it fascinated him to the point of volcanic overload, but in the same breath finally he decided to pull a Pierre. (White flag).

Dwayne moved through the corridors of the U.S.S. Phoenix and nodded to one or the other as he passed random officers who recognized him not as the man, but the rank. That usually would bother him, but for this day ... it was preferred. He was headed to his quarters, but after having passed a particular door he slowed to a stop and backtracked in reverse then turned to face the dual doors within accompanied arch. The holodeck.

Fingertip tapped at chin and lower lip after arms crossed as Dwayne attempted to decide which program would best suit his needs. Jenna Jameson program ... never before and not there yet. LA police ... not in the mood to be a victim. Late 2006 airline travel ... not in the mood for missed flights and long waits in line. Unconsciously he started to pace back and forth before the doors as he thought the choices over. The pacing stopped as an idea blossomed within his mind. "Got it!"

He tapped at the small LCARS next to the doors and pulled up the program he wanted with one small alteration, before he spoke to ships computer. "Initiate with new parameters." It only took a few seconds, before the program was defined, altered and initiated. Doors slid open and it revealed training program.

Computer spoke to Dwayne as he entered the holodeck room and doors closed behind him. Training program based on early twenty-first century multimedia as commanded. Dwayne looked around the early morning, 2AM, forest for the small weapons package and after a brief visual scan found what he searched for. He dropped to a knee next to duffel bag and started to load the projectile weapons one by one. Sawed off shotgun strapped to his back, silenced handgun on his hip and P90 dangled from the harness now in place. The kevlar laced vest was removed and slid on to finally be zipped up. Lastly grenades along with various other random explosives were attached to the vest as he stood fully to look down over self and admire the transformation from Federation officer to twenty-first century walking arsenal. "Computer Klingon dagger ... Intelligence parameters and weight." He looked to his side as the shimmer of replicated tool tickled itself into existence.

Infiltration program: Practice makes perfect!

Dwayne bent down as he jogged through the forest with eyes narrowed and fixed on the elaborate building that could easily be somewhere Shi'Ar Joe could own or lounge within. A decadent hide-out constructed to entice the mortal senses and offer up prospects of sin, drugs and controlled mayhem. The only sound around him was the faint rustle of leaves underfoot and broken twig here or there. Sounds that would attract the attention of guard that patrolled the parameter who turned and looked toward the shadow that was Intelligence Operative. The guard saw the intruder too late and was rewarded with small silenced bullet hole dead center of forehead.   Dwayne walked calmly over to the cars and started to attach the explosives one by one to each of the 8 vehicles in the lot.

The doors to the building were unlocked and Dwayne walked calmly in without the aid of tricorder or other advanced detection devices. He relied on gut extinct and human senses God given. He listened intently to his surroundings, before he heard the soft cushion of footfalls to the left. Silenced sidearm was lifted and fired three times accompanied by muted sign of hit ... hit ... hit to the center of man's chest.  He walked over to the groaning guard and fired off a singular shot to the temple of man as of that moment confirmed silent and non-risk to mission.

Dwayne jogged silently from the slain offender toward the steps and upward skipping a step here or there in the progression. He stopped as he heard the door open and laughter of errand boy sent to fetch more Champagne. The man hopped down the steps playfully in a near skip, before he crumpled to the floor with silent knife under chin into plush softness of his center throat. Dwayne moved quickly to him and covered his mouth with a gloved hand to silence the grunts and death rattle. Once that was done he moved to the partially closed door of upstairs office ... the primary target area.

Flash grenade was gripped from the upper vest pocket, usually assigned to radio, and tossed it within the room. Unseen panic followed as someone random yelled "Grenade". Dwayne grunted, as if inwardly giving self the go sign, then removed the sawed off from his back with a yank. Now within the grip of both hands and balanced against hip he fired off one shot then another lifting random goons from the floor and sending them over furniture behind the victims.

Dwayne turned toward the target and hesitated just a moment before he fired. That was just enough time for him to get hit dead center chest with small arms fire once then again. Enough damage to force him over the table behind him and to the glass covered floor due to property damage that took place up to now. The shotgun escaped his grip in the fall and slid to the other side of the room. Dwayne gripped his chest and grunted a few times, before breathing in and out deeply to force the pain aside and mission back to forefront of mind.

Both pistols were yanked from the holster and Dwayne mentally counted to three, before he stood and fired at one of the guards. A hit and the guard he aimed at slumped over the desk. The other guard hit Dwayne in the shoulder where vest didn't cover. The blow and accompanied pain spun him around as if to fall, but after a planted foot he raised his uninjured arm and fired two shots ... one hit the threat at groin level ... the other shot hit the threat near the scalp line.

Dwayne was left alone with the primary target. Throughout the holodeck mission Dwayne had one goal and this was it. Elimination of target. He limped toward the man and raised his sidearm to aim at Malcolm Alexander in Armani suit ... white silk shirt and cigar hanging from corner of mouth. Dwayne narrowed his eyes and used thumb to pull back the hammer of 9 mm handgun. He inhaled deeply and muttered lowly through clenched teeth. "Enough ... I'm done."  Dwayne just stared to the eyes of computer generated Admiral and lowered his gun to rest against the side of his thigh. The exhale was slowly released finally in the words. "What the hell have I been doing? Stupid Rock! Damned stupid!  Computer End program and tally operational performance score. Erase primary target avatar and replace with default avatar. Alert medical that I'm enroute for after holodeck mission physical and repair."
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