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Chatlog 9/21/06

Postby CaptQT » Thu Sep 21, 2006 9:05 pm

CptQTolerre: BEGIN SIM!
CptQTolerre: (not sure)
Blackcentaur78: So, cmdr, are you going to answer me or not?
Blackcentaur78: and stop stalling
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Levels eyes on the Counselor:: Nyles is a oversanitized uptight barely competent boozhee dick! Next question! C'mon Superman ... you can do better than this! I ain't stalling ... it's called dramatic pause.
Blackcentaur78: Tell me what happened between the two of you.
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Fights the urge to burst out laughing, but his last comment did finally crack the stone
CdrDwayneJohnson: features and offer up the brightest most innocent boylike smiled.::: I beat his ass and he
CdrDwayneJohnson: knocked me out with gas ... sabatoged the ship .. then after sabatoging the ship wondered why
CdrDwayneJohnson: I suspected... no.... we... suspected him as a traitor working with our current mission core...
CdrDwayneJohnson: Shi'Ar Joe.
CdrDwayneJohnson: (smile)
Dr Trabeaux: that's accurate enough, why did you "beat his ass"?
Cibernite has entered the room.
Cibernite: Hello
CptQTolerre: Ens. Frenken> ::enters Engineering and heads to the lab installed for some of the more experimental mechanics work Phoenix is making use of::
CptQTolerre: (Hey Scott, jump on it ;-) )
CptQTolerre: (mark...what just dinged?)
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::The smile fading just a bit. Dimples still fairly apparent even when tongue slid over
CdrDwayneJohnson: and tip pressed against inner cheek making slight bulge. It almost appeared as if
CdrDwayneJohnson: Dwayne was enjoying himself or in the least amused.:::: The Federation definition is
CdrDwayneJohnson: apprehension of agressive hostile possibly dangerous suspect.
Dr Trabeaux: ((NOTHING))
CptQTolerre: (Uh huh. Well, if you don't come get that nothing soon, it's likely to burn)
Dr Trabeaux: and your definition
CdrDwayneJohnson: I beat his ass.
Blackcentaur78: why did you "beat his ass"?
Cibernite: :::::Looks :::: probalbly because he wanted to.
Dr Trabeaux: ((sees a very cicular conversation evloving))
CptQTolerre: (They're in SB ;-) )
ChesterSkipperke has entered the room.
Cibernite: ( Oh Edit that last comment)
Cibernite: ( Where am I ?)
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Burst out laughing and shrugged toward Pierre as if to say... why you asking... you was
CdrDwayneJohnson: there. Shifted eyes over toward the Counselor.:::: He was resisting and I had to bring him down
CdrDwayneJohnson: ... no phaser I had to take him down by other means and Counselor..... I know you might not
CdrDwayneJohnson: understand this .... the field is a bit different from behind that desk. But .... it happens. Every
CdrDwayneJohnson: now and then you have to crack heads to get the job done. It comes with the territory.
Dr Trabeaux: ((bridge covering for D))
CptQTolerre: (On the bridge....I think)
CdrDwayneJohnson: (yeah)
Dr Trabeaux: did u later feel guilty you beat him when he was proved innocent
Dr Trabeaux: ?
Cibernite: ::::: On the Bridge sittng in the Chair:::: Helm status please.
Blackcentaur78: I need to understand what happened between you two. I need you to make me understand it. As I see it right now, you are unstable and too often you jump in with violence when none is nescesarry
CptQTolerre: Ens Frenken> ::pulls a cylindrical device out of the testing unit and examines it::
CptQTolerre: (::coughs, chokes on smell of burnt nothing::-)
Dr Trabeaux: ((shutit))
Cibernite: ( Helm) Coarse bearing 315 mark 218
Cibernite: ( That's Course)
CptQTolerre: Frenken> ::looks over the test results, nods approvingly:: Great, let's see this thing in action then...
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks over toward Pierre::: He was proved innocent? When? Ain't nothing been proved yet
CdrDwayneJohnson: until this is over. :::He turned chin and eyes toward the Counselor and the smile was still on his
CdrDwayneJohnson: face. He inhaled and then made the motorboat sound with his lips as if he felt this was all
CdrDwayneJohnson: beating a dead horse.:::: You think I'm too agressive Counselor? You think I act when I should
CdrDwayneJohnson: hesitate? You think I leap when I should tiptoe? That's what you're saying? Hmm?
Cibernite: :::::Nods :::: Tactical weapons status!
CptQTolerre: Frenken> ::presses a small switch on the side of the cylinder, watches the end of the cylinder...and waits...and frowns::
Dr Trabeaux: the Captain let him out didn't she? is that not enough for you?
CptQTolerre: TacOfficerJen> Weapons are at standby per orbit standards.
Blackcentaur78 has left the room.
CptQTolerre: Frenken> ::is rewarded for his wait by a shower of sparks and a large puff of smoke:: Eee! ::chunks cylinder across the room::
Cibernite: ::::::: Smiles :::: Thanks keep sencors on long and short range, scan for any anominous ships that may enter the system.
CptQTolerre: Jen> Aye sir. ::frowns::
Blackcentaur78 has entered the room.
Blackcentaur78: No, I think you jump in with both fists instead of thinking things through.
CptQTolerre: Jen> Smoke alarms are going off in the Engineering Research Lab... ::punches a button::
Blackcentaur78: despite what you may think, I know my way around a mission or two and I have learned that more often than not, more can be accomplished with diplomacy than violence.
Blackcentaur78: Violence only begets more violence and RARELY solves anything.
LCDR Lorraine has entered the room.
LCDR Lorraine has left the room.
LCDRMatsumura has entered the room.
CptQTolerre: (::waves to Lottie:: )
Cibernite: ::::: Punches a button:::: + Eng+ Andrews to engineering What the heck is going on down there?
LCDRMatsumura: (( ::waves:: Hey, folks. Sorry. Was asleep. ))
CptQTolerre: Ens Frenken> ::throws a fire suppressant on the cylinder, stamps on it a few times for good measure::
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks over toward Pierre::: She may have released him from the brig, but that in no way
CdrDwayneJohnson: denotes innocence. If anything ... mercy.Don't sit there and act like you think he's completely
CdrDwayneJohnson: clean Frenchie... if he's not working with Shi'Ar Joe ... he's still guilty of breaking at least 10
CdrDwayneJohnson: Federation protocols by using the LCARS to set up his booby traps....
CdrDwayneJohnson: and he's a junkie. You and I both know it. That's right I said it. :::Rolls eyes back
CdrDwayneJohnson: toward the Counselor and settles the browns there::::What the frack do you know
CdrDwayneJohnson: about anything? You're still a wet behind the ears green mind screwer? You ain't got
CdrDwayneJohnson: the experience to read me man ... all you got is that piece of paper on the wall. So why
CdrDwayneJohnson: don't you cut the bullshit and just take me off duty.. slap me on the wrist or do what
CdrDwayneJohnson: you are itching to do.
Blackcentaur78: I don't want to remove you from duty....
Blackcentaur78: I know you are a good officer
Blackcentaur78: I just fear you are unstable and I want to get at the reason of why
CptQTolerre: Frenken> ::pokes his head out of the lab, a puff of smoke coming out behind him, looks around, breathes a sigh of relief that Viento didn't catch him smoking up Engineering:: +Bridge+ Um, nothing sir. Just a malfunctioning
CptQTolerre: piece of equipment. Sorry!
Blackcentaur78: ::stands up with fists cleanched on the desk::
Dr Trabeaux: ((a little burnt NOTHING))
LCDRMatsumura: (( A little carbon never hurt anything... ;-) )
CdrDwayneJohnson: Well ... what do you want? Hmm? You want to help me? Make me ... :::Flashes his eyes toward
CdrDwayneJohnson: the counselor:::... calmer..... more of the model Federation officer ... more stable and easier to
CdrDwayneJohnson: control or command? :::Smirks as he watches the Counselor raise::: Uh.. oh.. he's standing...
CdrDwayneJohnson: now I'm in for it. Intimidated I be... maybe even a little scurred.
Blackcentaur78: ::Glaring down at the cdr::
Cibernite: ::::: Shakes head ::::+ Eng+ Try not to burn the ship up next time please.
Dr Trabeaux: ::just watches totally at a loss::
Cibernite: Andrews out.
CptQTolerre: +Andrews+ Yes Sir.
CptQTolerre: Frenken>::coughs, turns and fans arms at the room::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Okay... I can play the game. :::Sits up from his slouched position. Places palms on his
CdrDwayneJohnson: knees in a near submissive manner. Flutters his lashes as he blinks and looked up
CdrDwayneJohnson: toward the Counselor with a slight innocent appeasing smile::: How can I help you
CdrDwayneJohnson: help me Counselor? ::::Bats lashes almost Puss N Boots style.::::
Blackcentaur78: I will have you know that I have put in more hours not just behind a desk, but also on missions.
Blackcentaur78: I have worked hard to get to this position and I will not have you belittle me or my hard work.
LCDRMatsumura: ::finishes the last of her wine, glancing over the dessert menu::
Cibernite: :::: Continues to moniter the bridge:::
Blackcentaur78: You might want to learn how to do something more than just "bashing heads together"
LCDRMatsumura: Mal> ::furrowing his brow, reading the menu:: This all sounds terribly good.
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::Smiles sweetly::: Oh ... I believe you have Counselor. I can see it in the way you
CdrDwayneJohnson: stand there before me. It's in your aura... the experience. I apologize. ::::Grins and bats
CdrDwayneJohnson: lashes::: I'm sorry. Forgive me? You're right Counselor... I need to be something other
CdrDwayneJohnson: than simple minded caveman. Can you help me Counselor?
CptQTolerre: @::looks at the menu as well:: Yes, yes it does.
LCDRMatsumura: @ Ronin> ::gives a snort, nodding, but doesn't say anything...instead, just looks at the menu::
Blackcentaur78: No, but you can help yourself.
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::puts aside the menu:: I'm all about the white and dark chocolate swirl.
Dr Trabeaux: or not, but I think you aughta give hte good doctor a honest chance... I think it would be good for ya
CptQTolerre: @Sounds reasonable to me.
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::shakes her head:: Another three hours in the gym. ::switches her wineglass for a waterglass::
ChesterSkipperke: ::sniffing around and finally picked up Dads scent and follows it with nose to the floor::
Cibernite: :::::Looks at tactical::::: Anything on Sensors yet?
CptQTolerre: @::chuckles::
CdrDwayneJohnson: How? Please tell me. I am ready to fully cooperate with anything and everything you suggest?
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Brows tilt upward as if begging for understanding. Lips almost pouting:::: You're right Pierre
CdrDwayneJohnson: old friend... I am now ready to give him a chance and get on that road to perfect mental health.
CdrDwayneJohnson: What was I thinking?
CptQTolerre: Jen> Just standard Earth traffic sir...
Dr Trabeaux: u r full of shit....
Dr Trabeaux: thats what u were thinking
CptQTolerre: Jen> ::tightens down scans::
ChesterSkipperke: :: follows dads scent to the medical area::
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks toward Pierre and gasp... touches chest with fingertips and eyes start to water:::: Counselor... the doctor here isn't being very supportive.
ChesterSkipperke: ::sratches on the closed door:: Berk berk berk berk berk berk berk]
Cibernite: Thanks Looks like another quiet night up here in orit. :::::: Sighs:::::
LCDRMatsumura: @ Mal> Please. ::rolling his eyes:: You eat's going out of style.
LCDRMatsumura: @ Ronin> ::chuckles:: He's right, Amaterasu. ::mischievous twinkle in his eyes::
Dr Trabeaux: oh shut it D! he isn't falling for your craop and neither am i....
ChesterSkipperke: ::stops and listens head turning to the side::
ChesterSkipperke: BERK BERK BERK BERK BERK BERK ::scratches some more::
Blackcentaur78: ::realizes that the hostility he is fealing towards the cdr is getting him nowhere. Closes his eyes and releases a long slow breath and relaxes then sits down
CptQTolerre: Jen> ::smiles::
Blackcentaur78: ::leans back in his chair and props his feat up on the desk::
LCDRMatsumura: @ You don't see me trying to stomach the galley food. I have to make up for it when I come home.
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::wry grin::
CptQTolerre: @::chuckles:: This is as good a place as any.
ChesterSkipperke: ::stops and listens for footsteps;:
Dr Trabeaux: Listen I know you have gone through some crap lately ... I know lottie rejected u and thats got ua ll bent outta shape.... and I know she's hooking up with the admiral has you more bent outta shape.... I think if you get this crap
Dr Trabeaux: off your chest you will feel better and prolly get the job done that we all desprately need you to do
ChesterSkipperke: berk berk berk berk berk berk ::;scratches some more::
Blackcentaur78: thank you Dr.
ChesterSkipperke: ::diggin at the bottomof the door trying to get in to dwayne::
Blackcentaur78: Dr, would go see about that dog?
Dr Trabeaux: I am being stright with you man.... I think u need this ... it's your choice but u know how i feel aboutit
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Face stiffens a bit. Tongue in cheek as he stared toward Pierre... narrowed eyes as
CdrDwayneJohnson: he went there ... we're supposed to be boys... that's between us look. :::: Rejected me
CdrDwayneJohnson: ... I never really went after Charlotte. If I did she'd be right here in my lap. Phhhbt ...
CdrDwayneJohnson: She's confused ... she don't know what she want. :::Points toward the Counselor:::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Now that's someone you need to see Counselor... she has serious daddy issues!
Cibernite: :::: Continues to moniter the systems and starts to hum a Klingon song I was taught back when I first got the Night Hawk
CptQTolerre: @::takes up a poker as dessert comes:: Mmm, real strawberries.
ChesterSkipperke: ::stops again llistening at the door for approaching fot stes::
Blackcentaur78: Cdr, I will level with you. I am not going to beat around the bush here. I really think you have some deep seated issues that need working through.
CptQTolerre: Nurse Telan> ::steps up to the door to open it for Chester::
Blackcentaur78: however, I don't think removing you from duty will do anyone anygood.
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::snatches a plain strawberry off the plate:: Oh. I haven't had those in...ages.
Blackcentaur78: I would like to spend some time with you and help you work through them.
ChesterSkipperke: ::runs into the councilors office and right to Dad jumping in his lap::
LCDRMatsumura: @ The replicators on the Phoenix are good, but they don't always get the texture right.
CptQTolerre: @::spears the strawberry and dips it::
ChesterSkipperke: ::licks Dwaynes face and wif\ggling his little stump o a tail:::
LCDRMatsumura: @ Mal> So what, you're our resident food critic now? And what do you think of our emergency rations?
Blackcentaur78 has left the room.
ChesterSkipperke: mmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm :ears layed back against his head happy to see dad::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Ya need to get her in here next. She's around I'm sure ... probably picking him up some
CdrDwayneJohnson: Depends from the ship PX. :::Looks toward the door::: That's my son... he wants in! :::Sits back
CptQTolerre: @::almost chokes on her strawberry:: Please don't bring up such horrible memories during such a pleasant moment...
CdrDwayneJohnson: in his chair ... slouches again as he relaxed.:::: So what're you gonna do? Oh C'mon ... I don't
CdrDwayneJohnson: want to hang with you. No offense... but you'd... :::Pets chester and runs his fingers through
CdrDwayneJohnson: the dogs fur::::... slow me down, but let me guess ... you're not giving me a choice eh?
Blackcentaur78 has entered the room.
Blackcentaur78: I really think you bring a good edge to this ship, and I don't want you to loose that,
Blackcentaur78: but I am worried that if you don't work through some of these issues you are going to explode and either wind up dead or get someone on this ship killed
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::adopts a highly polished English accent, thicker than her usual:: I find them dry and without taste. Tree bark might be as exciting.
Cibernite: ::::stands up and goes to the replicator:::Computer Tea, Sweetened, Iced. ::::: A glass of tea appears. Taking it, I return to the Chair::::
LCDRMatsumura: @ Mal> ::purses his lips as he dips a slice of banana into the chocolate:: I'll make sure to include tree bark in your next mission kit.
ChesterSkipperke: ::turns hearing the Councilors voice.. turns in Dwyanes lap and growls at the councilor::
CptQTolerre: Jen> ::flips a switch and pipes music through the bridge speakers:: There...a little noise for the evening. ::grins::
CdrDwayneJohnson: I can't die... ::Smirks toward him:::: I'm Superman! ::::Waggles brows and chuckles...biting on the tip of his tongue as he glances down toward Chester::: I know.. I know... you can eat him later.
Dr Trabeaux: you have been taking chaces lately that are WAY out side my comfort zone.... it's like u want something bad to happen
ChesterSkipperke: GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrr ::in his small whimpiy voice::
Cibernite: ( BRB AFK()
LCDRMatsumura: @ You wouldn't.
LCDRMatsumura: @ Ronin> ::grins:: He would.
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::mutters:: Bloody hell...
Dr Trabeaux: I am worried about u man... thats it.
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::goes back to her dessert::
CptQTolerre: @::makes note to screen the MREs that wind up in her pack on the next mission::
Blackcentaur78: fine, if you don't think you can die, you can certainly get someone else killed because of your recklessness
Blackcentaur78: I am really trying to work with you here. Like I said, I don't want to remove you from duty.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks over toward Pierre::: Bullshit ... I'm doing what you and the others hesitate to
CdrDwayneJohnson: do. I'm modifying the rules to get us closer to Shi'Ar Joe.. and it's working. ::::Stiffens
CdrDwayneJohnson: and looks toward Pierre, before glancing over toward the Counselor::: It was a joke ...
CdrDwayneJohnson: see .. that's why we can't hang together... you have to grow a sense of humor first.
ChesterSkipperke: :turns back to dwayne and begins licking him all over again, Getting all in his face::
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::looks at Mal, a sidelong glance::
LCDRMatsumura: @ Mal> ::blinks:: What?
Cibernite: ( Back(
CptQTolerre: Jen> ::settles back into her chair::
LCDRMatsumura: @ I'm not sure I like you any more.
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::Lifting his chin and scratching Chester all under the ears.. jaw and under legs.:::: Are
CdrDwayneJohnson: we finished here? Can I get my sidearm back and get back to the bridge or more mind
CdrDwayneJohnson: frack'n to do? :::Laughing a bit as Chester tickled::::
LCDRMatsumura: @ ::arches brow::
LCDRMatsumura: (( @ Mal> ::arches brow:: ))
Blackcentaur78: Cdr, that is enough for now. No, you can't have your sidearm back, but you can return to work.
LCDRMatsumura: @ If I so much as find a splinter in our MREs, I will find you. I know where you live.
LCDRMatsumura: @ Mal> ::bites back a laugh:: Yes, m'lady.
Blackcentaur78: Don't think for a moment that this is over. We still have more unfinished business here.
Blackcentaur78: You will report back here tomorrow at the same time.
ChesterSkipperke: ::sits in dads lap taking in the scratching;::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Why not? ::::Frowns and a genuine reaction:::: It's mine ... literally. It's part of the duty
CdrDwayneJohnson: uniform I'm wearing and standard for the current ships status. There was a suspicion
CdrDwayneJohnson: we're being followed? See...::::Stands and drops Chester to the floor::: You're the one
CdrDwayneJohnson: that's going to get me killed. Interferring in my normal status that keeps me alive.
CdrDwayneJohnson: Changing the flow.
Cibernite: :::::Finishes the tea and puts the glass back in the replicator:::
Blackcentaur78: When you are willing to talk to me and allow me to do my job as ships counselor and I feal you are in the right frame of mind, you will get it back
Blackcentaur78: but not until then. Are we understood?
ChesterSkipperke: ::trots over and starts to sniff the councilors shoe:::
ChesterSkipperke: ::jumps back a bit as he moves it.. Thien inches back up to it sniffing once again::
ChesterSkipperke: "::movs over his shoe and lifts his leg... the Councilors shoe all of a sudden GETS WARM::::
CptQTolerre: PAUSE SIM!
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