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Chat Log 9/29/06

Postby CaptQT » Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:58 pm

CptQTolerre: Ok. So I suspect no Kev tonight. Last week we left off with Chester christening Kal's leg. Kal and Dwayne were duking it out...and
Blackcentaur78: I have no idea what I want to dress up as. 2 years ago I dressed up as a street walker. Got lots of compliments, but I was miserable b/c my legs itched
CptQTolerre: Terrie was having dessert with Ronan, Mal, and Lottie.
Dr Trabeaux: street walker.... in drag????
CptQTolerre: Mike, I so don't need to be reminded about that about you
RHoq Zaliid: LOL
Blackcentaur78: yes in drag
Cibernite: We got one that dresses up like Norman Bates' Mother from Psycho
Dr Trabeaux: really.... hrm .... well thats different out couclor cross dresses ... and he is the one suppose to fix everyone ....HRM.....
Blackcentaur78: yep...that is me
CptQTolerre: Sim-wise, we'll skip forward since some of our key players for our current stuff are missing...We'll put us in place to be leaving Earth. Any questions?
Cibernite: I don't do the drag I leave that to the Gutsy one Larry
RHoq Zaliid: No ma'am
Blackcentaur78: it was fun, but I want to do something different this year
CptQTolerre: No, Alright then. Let's get rolling.
CptQTolerre: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
CptQTolerre: ::steps onto the bridge, looks up at Shawn:: Evening. Anything to report?
Cibernite: :::::On the Bridge:::: No Ma'am just awaiting the order to depart .
CptQTolerre: We've got it. All crew should be accounted for.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles::In SB going over med reports:;
Cibernite: ::::stands:::: the chair is yours Ma'am ::::::::::::Steps aside::::::
Blackcentaur78: ::practicing tai-chi in the holodeck::
CptQTolerre: ::smiles, strides over:: Thank you, Mr. Andrews
Cibernite: ::::Looks to her::::: Permission to take us out?
Dr Trabeaux: in SB ::
CptQTolerre: Granted. Take us out on headin 2-3-6.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::administers Lt Kajiro a dose of metorapan for his recent fracture:;
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::notes the chief entering SB::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::nods to him:;Sir
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Dr Trabeaux: ::Walks over to Nyles :: at have you met the new coucilor ... Kal yet?
Cibernite: ::::Smiles:::: Aye Ma'am. Helm depart form Stationary Orbit and lay in a course heading 2-3-6.
Blackcentaur78: ::finishes up his practice and heads back to his quarters to shower::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::blinks:;Um, no...should I have...sir?
LtViento: ::glad to have her engines all in one piece::
ChesterSkipperke: ::chester darts off the TL as an officer steps off:: BERK BERK BERK BERK BERK
ChesterSkipperke: ::barking at the officer::
Cibernite: What speed Ma'am?
CptQTolerre: 1/3 impulse 'til we get past all the other traffic.
Dr Trabeaux: >random red shirt>>> Sir there is a message for :: to Trabeaux::
CptQTolerre: When we get out, lay in these coordinates ::pushes a button to transfer coordinates to Helm and Tac:: Warp 5
Dr Trabeaux: ::looks to red shirt :: thank you ..dismissed
LtViento: ((Argh, gotta reboot))
Blackcentaur78: ::steps onto the TL and bumps into nicole (his wife):: where are you headed?
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Cibernite: Aye . Helm 1/3 impulse til we clear the traffic then increase speed to Warp 5
ChesterSkipperke: ::runs over to QT and sits in front of her:: mmm mmm mmm ::then sits up and pattycakes for her to pick him up::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::Blinks, and eyes Trabeaux:;What is it...sir?
CptQTolerre: ::uncrosses her legs and pats her lap::
ChesterSkipperke: ::places front feet up on her knee::
Dr Trabeaux: Not sure, i better check it out
CptQTolerre: ::pats:: Oh come on, you can get up here.
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Blackcentaur78: <Nicole> I am headed to the mess hall. Jor El and Laura are playing with some of the other kids.
ChesterSkipperke: ::wiggles his tailless rump and jumps up into her lap then places feet on her shoulders and starts licking her face::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;raises a brow as the chief steps way:;
CptQTolerre: ::looks over at Shawn:: So what are these rumors about an intervention for Cdr. Johnson while I was gone?
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CptQTolerre: ::pushes Chester back into a sit:: No kisses.
Blackcentaur78: Ok, I am headed back to our quarters to shower then I am going to check in with the Dr. in SB. He wants me to meet his ensign.
ChesterSkipperke: ::turns a few circles and lies down like a good dog::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::Pulls a packet from his med kit and preps to wipe his hands:;
Dr Trabeaux: ::opens message sees it's from his father and deletes it....walks back in to SB::: some one selling long distance
Dr Trabeaux: ::to Rhoq::
Blackcentaur78: <Nicole>Sounds good. Is there any chance you can meet me in the mess hall?
Cibernite: :::Looks over to her::: He and the new councilor had a few words and they weren't very freindly either.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;Puts the packet away::Ah, I see
Blackcentaur78: I will have to see if the Dr needs me. I will let you know. ::Leans in kisses here:: This is my stop. Love you.
Blackcentaur78: <Nicole> Love you too.
Dr Trabeaux: well Nyles I still owe you a drink from back planet side.... u wanna join me in 10F
Blackcentaur78: ::Steps off the TL and heads down the hall to his quarters::
Dr Trabeaux: ?
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;eyeys him for a sec:;Sure...why not, sir
Dr Trabeaux: ::ponts to the door:: after you (( do we even have a 10F no one have ever mentioned it??)))
CptQTolerre: (yes)
Cibernite: I really don't know all of it since I was up here monitering the Bridge after He left.
Dr Trabeaux: ((with this crew you think it would come up more :-) ))
CptQTolerre: ::nods:: Ok. No reports of casualties or anything though?
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;Narrows eyes:;No...after you...sir
Blackcentaur78: ::thinks "I will be glad when I get more settled in. I really miss spending time with my family."::
Dr Trabeaux: ok but you are buiyin
Cibernite: None ma'am Just an instance of Phaser Fire coming from engineering research lab.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::Motions::But of curse...chief
RHoq Zaliid: *course
CptQTolerre: ::nods:: It's a research lab. Surprises happen.
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Blackcentaur78: ::gets out of the shower and puts on his uniform just in case::
Dr Trabeaux: ::heads to 10F::
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Cibernite: ( Sorry Got booted)
CptQTolerre: (:-) )
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;follows the chief to 10 f::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::enters TL with the chief::
Blackcentaur78: ::thinks "I will save the time of go to SB to check in, let me just call the Dr on the com"::
Dr Trabeaux: :::arrives at TL and waits for Nyles::
Dr Trabeaux: 10F
Blackcentaur78: +Dr+ Do you need me in SB?
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RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::as the TL moves::Tell me more of the counselor, chief
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ChesterSkipperke: ((test))
Cibernite: I works
Dr Trabeaux: +KAl+ no but i might need you in 10F Nyles and I are heading that way now.... would you join us?
CptQTolerre: Ens Frenken> ::emerges from the engineering lab..slightly smudged and looking tired::
Dr Trabeaux: ::looks to Nyles :: looks like u might get ot find out gfor yourself
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;hears The comm, raises a brow::
Blackcentaur78: +Dr+ Sure, I told Nicole that I would meet her there for dinner if you didn't need me.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::crosses arms over chest::
CptQTolerre: Frenken> ::looks over, sees Viento in her office, looks down at padd::
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CptQTolerre: (::tosses Chester a treat:: Stay! ;-P )
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::Looks to Trabeaux as his comm ends:;An intervention...sir?
ChesterSkipperke: (( BRB the REAL chester is barling he needs to go out BRB)))
ChesterSkipperke: *barking
CptQTolerre: (LOL)
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Dr Trabeaux: unless there is a medical emergency i figure you could take some time to get settled ....
ChesterSkipperke: ((Sorry folks havig connection troubles here for SOMEE reason,))
Dr Trabeaux: ::magic Edit +KAl+ before that ::
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Blackcentaur78: ::Steps off the TL and walks to 10F::
Dr Trabeaux: ::arrives at 10F::: (((damn this left takes forever))
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::adjusts his med kit hanging from his shoulder:;
Dr Trabeaux: ((*lift))
Blackcentaur78: ::arrives at 10F just as the doors are closing behind the Dr and some other guy::
Blackcentaur78: ::Steps in and looks around. Sees Nicole and motions to her to come over::
CptQTolerre: ::looks over some reports on her console::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;follows Trabeaux, wondering at his motives:;
Cibernite: :::: Sits at Tac and increases speed to warp 5:::
Dr Trabeaux: ::hears the door and looks back::: ahh Kal prefect timing... this is Nyles me assistant
Blackcentaur78: <Nicole>::gets up and heads over::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;nods to Kal::
Dr Trabeaux: ((we are on earth oi wanna get you drunk at let JErmey take adavantage of you :-) ))
Dr Trabeaux: ((rather we just left earth ...nevermind))
Blackcentaur78: ::sticks out his hand:: Nice to meet you. I have heard some good things about you.
CptQTolerre: ((Is that like "me lucky charms" or something? me assistant? Heheh, I thought you were french, not leprachaun ;-P )
Dr Trabeaux: ((liar))
Dr Trabeaux: ((shutup))
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::Looks at Kal's hand then shakes it:;You...:;scoffs:; heard good things about me?!
Blackcentaur78: ((no lovers spats))
Dr Trabeaux: ((respectively))
Cibernite: (( Ah the luck of the Irish )))
CptQTolerre: (Hrm, maybe we should have warned him that Nyles is our other basket case...)
Dr Trabeaux: not from me he didn't...must have been johnson ... ::cant contain the laugh::
Blackcentaur78: The Dr said that you were pretty good
Dr Trabeaux: ::pats Nyles on the shoulder:: just kidding
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;Rolls eyes with a smile on his face:;ahhhhhhhh, right
Cibernite: Captain Where are we going?
Dr Trabeaux: This must be your wife ... how do you do Dr. Pierre Remi Trabeaux at your service
CptQTolerre: Well, it seems that one of the destinations for those shipments we interrupted is a small mining planet called Alehuna. We're going to go further disrupt Joe's business.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;Nods to Kal's wife:;
Dr Trabeaux: This is ME assistant Nyles ::motions to Nyles::
Blackcentaur78: <Nicole> My name is Nicole. Nice to meet you. Kal El speaks very highly of you. ::Looks to Nyles::
Cibernite: ::Smiles:::: Good the more we interupt his business , The more stuf I get to blow up.
Blackcentaur78: <Nicole> Nice to meet you as well
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Dr Trabeaux: ((shut it Q))
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;stifles a, thank you
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Cibernite has entered the room.
CptQTolerre: ::chuckles:: Yes well, this business is, unfortunately, slave trade. We have to be careful of the explosions so we don't kill the victims of this bastard's bad business sense.
Blackcentaur78: ::Puts his arm around nicole and looks at the Dr.:: She is a gem isn't she?
Cibernite: ::: Nods :::: Aye Ma'am\
CptQTolerre: (::jumps at thunder:: And with that...)
CptQTolerre: PAUSE SIM!
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