Less Than Perfect

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Less Than Perfect

Postby Cdr Dwayne Johnson » Sat Sep 30, 2006 12:13 am

Less Than Perfect
Cdr. Dwayne Johnson

With his gun back in holster Dwayne walked down the corridor toward main security. A glance to this one and that, maybe even the momentary nod of acknowledgment to a familiar face. There was no lingering to chit chat to shoot the proverbial breeze. Dwayne had things to work out within his mind and what better place to combat those demons than training.

The mission continued ... months of undercover, recon, strike missions and apprehension of key members within the Federation command spectrum. There was no turning back now, unless Intelligence central command saw it necessary to pull the Phoenix off the case.

Dwayne walked over to the wall console, next to two large holodeck doors, and programmed in a standard training scenario. Enemies and Innocents. Ensign Starn walked over to Dwayne. "Here ya go boss." He said as he handed Dwayne programmable protective eyewear and spare power core for his weapon. " Who pissed you off this time?"

"How'd you know? That transparent huh? Anyway ... to answer your question ... Some wannabe Super-counselor that doesn't know kryptonite when he sees it " Dwayne said with a smirk that was followed by fingertip touch against console to open doors of the holodeck.

"The new guy huh? Well, he'll learn one way or the other ... right?" Ensign Starn said before slapping Dwayne on the shoulder and muttering half under his breath. "Happy Hunting Rock!"

Dwayne just nodded and walked into the holodeck. "Computer. Begin program."

Where was he? What was the mission goal? Inside hotel is where he was and the mission goal is ... eliminate terrorist without harming the innocents. Standard hostage situation.

The hotel was dark since planetary legality cut the power to possibly smoke out the terrorist. Only the red lamps flashed continually when emergency power kicked in. It was quiet within the halls of the Risan Resort Inn ... too quiet. Recon reported the bulk of civilians detained in central conference hall. Several men walked the halls on guard and repel. It seemed that this would be too much for one team, but odds were often wrong. Someone had to hit the lottery.

The marine issued sidearm led the Intelligence officers way as he muttered under his breath. Tactical view one. The glasses whirred into activation and scenery was blanketed with simulated light, everything a greenish blue glow. Dwayne aimed right and left as he seemed to walk a bit too fast to be considered stealth, but he did this for a reason. It was too cramped to hide and move slowly. He had to see them first and react accordingly.

He turned a corner and one short phaser burst. Terrorist hit in the back and dropping face down with only a thud and whimper. Two terrorist were then seen within the room the downed first exited. Playing poker ... The nerve ... Dwayne thought to self. A look to the corner of his eyes as he heard someone nearing. Someone that now saw the body of first dropped assailant. Dwayne shuffle-stepped with near hop to plant his back against the wall near door opening so not to be seen from the hallways perspective.

The terrorist knelt to touch his friends neck to investigate if the downed man. A touch to see if the unconcious man was alive or not.


Dwayne pointed the gun out the door and tapped nose against kneeling terrorist's temple. The blue skinned man looked slowly over toward Dwayne and before he could make a sound ... close range phaser blast set to stun ... maybe.

A boot clad foot pushed the blue skinned enemy back and down only to be stepped over as mission proceeded. Score still at 100%. Did someone just move within the shadows oram I seeing things? He thought then moved toward the end of the hall apprehensively with pistol pointed. One brow up as he waited to get a visual ... he had to confirm ... by the book.

Glasses were picking up lifesigns, but unable to define.

He inched closer at a readied stance ... closer until the shadows seemed to come alive and lunge for him from two separate angles. The gun fumbled from his hand and slid across the floor. Dwayne slapped flat palms against the wall from the rushed charge of muscle and Orion to his back. "Oomph!"

The Intelligence officer reacted off of instinct and reached to his side for anything ...

something ...

He found the head of attacker. He grabbed the enemy in headlock and extended his right leg to stomp boot within the gut of second attacker. This he did to knock the wind away from that attacker ... thus giving him a moment to deal with the one in headlock.

Not a word from Dwayne ... no witty repertoire or snappy one liners.

The man was all business as he dropped his weight to fall seated to floor thus snapping terrorist neck. Released him instantly and grabbed the second attacker's, still stunned and gasping for air, calf and yanked with all the strength hammered into himself by himself through years of weight training. Knife yanked from ankle sheath and planted within the second fallen terrorist. He pulled the knife from the attackers throat and cleaned it off on the soon to be dead man's shirt.

Dwayne breathed hard as he walked over, grabbed his sidearm and inspected it for damage. A short sigh as he figured he had a moment to recover ... regain his bearings. This was all proven wrong when he heard a voice in the distance. A voice that called out to Dwayne. "Don't move or the woman gets it." The voice came from within the conference room. It seemed that the terrorist he had just taken out were guards for the door and civilians. There was one lone enemy left. One desperate enemy holding an innocent.

He walked into the conference room and looked around him at his surroundings. Some people were crying ... many afraid. Others were in shock and there were even a few that seemed only seconds away from dying a hero. "Drop the gun and give it up Intel fool."

Dwayne looked around once more and weighed in the odds, the risk and accountability. Once his decision was made he lifted the phaser and fired.


Dwayne walked out of the holodeck minutes later and tapped the console to check his score. Computer chimed out. 90%. Acceptable. He knew he could've scored 100% if he had done things differently, but eh ... maybe he shouldn't have made that last terrorist appear so familiar.

Scoring less than perfect never felt better.
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