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Chat Log 10/12/06

Postby CaptQT » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:04 pm

CptQTolerre: Last week we left off with Dwayne flipping out in the briefing (viewtopic.php?t=652 for log) And QT calling him out of the room for
CptQTolerre: We'll pick up with QT coming back in the're all there ;-P Review the chat log to see what you missed last week if you weren't really there.
CptQTolerre: Any questions?
Dr Trabeaux: oh thats right ... his heartless bastard meter broke
Blackcentaur78: sounds good
LtViento: (I was in St. Louis. It wasn't my fault!)
Blackcentaur78: I was driving to see you, not my fault either
CptQTolerre: Slackers ;-P
Dr Trabeaux: slackers
CptQTolerre: And this is why we're married.
Dr Trabeaux: ((god u would think we were amrreid
LCDRMatsumura: ::chuckles::
Dr Trabeaux: STOP THAT
LtViento: I called when I was afraid the toxic gas was going to kill you all. :-(
Blackcentaur78: you two have been together way too long
CptQTolerre: LMAO
Dr Trabeaux: thanks for that by the way V
LCDRMatsumura: Nah. Not long enough. ;-)
CptQTolerre: :-)
LtViento: Oh, sure, anytime. :-)
CptQTolerre: Ok then, BEGIN SIM
CptQTolerre: ::steps back into the room alone, clears her throat:: Ok, anyone come up with some improvements on the plans while I was out::
Dr Trabeaux: Nyles had excuse himself to make his ...arrangements
Dr Trabeaux: ma'am
CptQTolerre: ::nods:: Yes, I saw him slip out. Anything else?
LCDRMatsumura: ((::is still trying to figure out what the plan was from last sim because she wasn't mentally here -- then or now... :: ))
Dr Trabeaux: ((long a short KEv was being a major ASS .... larger than normal))
Cibernite: ::::::Going throught the plan ::::::
CptQTolerre: (Blow up one hangar, use the other to evacuate slaves, take out mine on the way out....hrm...didn't think aobut the office though)
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::In the med lab manufacturing knockout and stun grenades::
Cibernite: Will we need the use of my ship?
CptQTolerre: Probably not. It's not very well equipped for transport.
Cibernite: ::::Nods :::But you may need backup
CptQTolerre: Work up a plan. Show me how it will work.
LCDRMatsumura: ::sitting off to the side, listening and observing::
Cibernite: But I understand if you don't want to risk it.
CptQTolerre: ::bordering on short tempered after her discussion with Dwayne::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;as the chemicals are becoming viable, moves over to his locker and pulls out a suit of mnemonic clothing::
Blackcentaur78: ::to Cpt:: Would you like for me to talk to Dwayne?
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head:: Let him simmer for a while. He's got time to think about it.
LCDRMatsumura: ::looks to the captain, studying her expression, watching her body language::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;Puts on the suit and touches the micro control unit on changes into body armor...::
Dr Trabeaux: ((speak of the devil))
CptQTolerre: ::looks around:: Right now, I need you all to sign off on or improve this plan. Anything to add to it?
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;He touches the control unit again and it changes into his uniform:;
LCDRMatsumura: Nothing here, Captain. ::said quietly::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;Nods at the test and continues packing the grenades::
Dr Trabeaux: I think we need to do something about the office
Cibernite: :::::shakes head::::: None here Captain.
Blackcentaur78: I agree with Doc
Dr Trabeaux: i don't know what... there might be something in there worth finding.... or it might just be a good place for a crater
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::separates the grenades into several combat pouches for the team::
CptQTolerre: ::nods:: Ok ::looks to Viento:: How hard to hack into the systems in that building and find out if there's anything to gain from it?
Blackcentaur78: Can we use the evacuation of the slaves as a diversion while someone goes through the office?
LtViento: Better to blow up their generator.
CdrDwayneJohnson has entered the room.
Dr Trabeaux: that might have some possiblities
LtViento: But I'll start running feeds into their broadcasts... We'll hit on the right codes eventually.
Dr Trabeaux: Kal's idea that is
Blackcentaur78: I don't think an operation like this is going to have a computer system that can be hacked into. They know what they are doing is illegal and they don't want anyone to find out what exactly they have
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::Restocks his med kit , adds some packets:;
Dr Trabeaux: ((dont forget to wash your hands))
LCDRMatsumura: It would depend on how invincible they feel.
LCDRMatsumura: And, if they're part of Joe's outfit... they feel fairly invincible.
LCDRMatsumura: After all, look at all the run-around they've managed to give us.
LtViento: They want something the slaves can't break into. It's not going to be barbaric.
Cibernite: True
LCDRMatsumura: ::nods at Viento's comment, agreeing::
Blackcentaur78: but they are sure to cover their asses and make sure that no one can get into their computers
CptQTolerre: They're also out in the middle of nowhere on an abandoned mining planet. There should be holes...even if they need a little widening when we find them.
LtViento: No one but us. ::smirks::
Dr Trabeaux: it's a good point, but we may be better served retreiveing a console or something and check it at our leasure
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::+Trabeaux+Chief, the grenades are packed and ready...I'm also using a suit of the mnemonic gear
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Shrugs and walks back into the room. Stands next to the door and props foot up on the wall. Arms crossed and watching the proceedings quietly... or defined more accurately ... silently::::
Blackcentaur78: that is a good point Doc
LCDRMatsumura: We can always pull the isolinear chips and check the storage.
Dr Trabeaux: +Nyles+ good ... be sure and square away some of that gear for the rest of us...
CptQTolerre: There won't be leisure on the planet.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::+Trabeaux+Understood
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;packs several more suits for the away team:;
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Inhales as he felt clueless and rather out of the mix since being pulled from the room. Still unsure why it got to that ... something apparent on his face.:::
Dr Trabeaux: exactly my point... i say we beam the whole thing out.... or remove the ... thingermaboby.... and look at it later
CptQTolerre: ::does not look at Dwayne::
Cibernite: What about the atmosphere? Will we need EVA suits?
LtViento: Steal a lot of parking meters as a kid, Doc? Seems I've heard that theory before.
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head;: Atmosphere is livable.
Dr Trabeaux: :looks at V and grins::
Dr Trabeaux: I wouldnt say "ALOT" but....
CptQTolerre: ::looks over at Viento and Pierre::
LtViento: ::grins::
Blackcentaur78: I think Doc is right...we need to get someone in there and take AT LEAST one if not more consoles
Cibernite: Good, Then Desert Camo should be our dress since it is a mining colony
Dr Trabeaux: if for no other reason then to see if we can find a next viable target in the log somewhere
LtViento: ::nods:: We look good in yellow.
Dr Trabeaux: I think the suits that Nyles is getting will square us away for unifroms
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Quiet and biting at the corner of his lip. Tongue running along the inside of his cheek ... brows rising and casually allowing eyes to take a perusal of the room.:::
Dr Trabeaux: ::looks at veinto:: i hate to tell u thin dear heart.... yellow clashes w/ your eyes ::grins::
Cibernite: ::Nods::: Ok
Blackcentaur78: Good point, Doc. If we don't catch this guy you know he is going to be already set up to start back up right away and his computers may lead us to that spot
LtViento: ;:blushes slightly:: Ah, well.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>+Trabeaux+Are we taking a shuttle, or the TP sir?
Dr Trabeaux: +N+ I belive that matter is still up to debate... i will bring it to the table for u
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Looks over toward Pierre silently. One brow raised.:::
CptQTolerre: Ok, so after we lock down the hangars, Viento, Matsumura, and Nyles will lock down the office and get what we can. Whatever's left when last call comes or we call for reinforcements, gets blown with the building.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>+Trabeaux+Let me know asap sir, and I'll have the gear moved accordingly
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Turns and walks from the meeting .... leaving the door open behind him as he moves toward the TL:::
Dr Trabeaux: +N+ Aye
Dr Trabeaux: Nyles also has a point .... just how are we getting in?
Blackcentaur78: I think we TP down
CptQTolerre: Tolerre, Trabeaux, Andrews, Kal, we will secure the hangars, then start rounding up the slaves.
LtViento: So much data... ::rubs hands together::
Blackcentaur78: if we use a shuttle we make ourselves a target
LCDRMatsumura: ::gives a wry smile, seeing Viento get excited about the raw data::
CptQTolerre: We're going to beam down, transports will follow when we give the green light for the transports.
Cibernite: ::::Nods:::: We'll need type three phaser rifles to repel our attackers.
CptQTolerre: We'll transport here ::touches a point to the south of the compound::
CptQTolerre: Take the weaker hangar ::frowns:: No. That's not going to work. It gives them time to activate on the north hagar.
CptQTolerre: (hangar)
CptQTolerre: ::relocates the transport points to the north:: Take the north hangar first and hope they don't have time to activate any air defense tactics.
LtViento: ::is sure they won't::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::gathering up the gear and getting a security detachment for it's movement:;
Dr Trabeaux: +N+ we are TPing down ... prep accourdingly ... Trabeaux out
CptQTolerre: ::looks around::
Cibernite: Looks at the screen:: The North hanger will be difficult to secure due to the heavy placements of forces.
LCDRMatsumura: Unless we go in with crowd control.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>::hears the comm and has the detail move the gera to TP room one:;
LCDRMatsumura: Sonic blasts, flash bangs, sleeping gas...the distraction du jour.
Dr Trabeaux: more importantly if the llock us out of the other hanger they can make there escape.... which may work better for us.... since they will prolly run to Joe
Cibernite: And lead us right to that no good creep. I like it.
Dr Trabeaux: if we prepare accordingly say... put ciber out in the nighthawk.... ::looks at ciber:: it can cloak right? and when they run he can fallow
CptQTolerre: ::lets the discussion go on for a moment::
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;grabs a computer jammer, and a pair of stun gloves...puts them in his med pack::
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Rides the TL up to his quarters and walks in. Stands at the door for a moment to calm himself. Slightly smiles and nods. Starts to prep.:::
CptQTolerre: ::considers::
Cibernite: They woudn;t even know i'm tracking them. The night Hawk still has some maquis tricks up her sleeve.
RHoq Zaliid: Nyles>:;Moves to the TP::
Dr Trabeaux: so we take to N hanger ... corral them to the other ... encourage an escape... liberate the slaves ... then fallow the pigons home... pretty simple I think
CptQTolerre: Ok, let's get this ready then. We've got 30 minutes to prep before we arrive in system.
Dr Trabeaux: Ma'am
Cibernite: Verywell. Ma'am
Dr Trabeaux: I hate to address the elephant in the room but what about D?
CptQTolerre: PAUSE SIM!
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