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Chat Log 12/21/06

Postby CaptQT » Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:15 pm

CptQTolerre: Ok, so this week, I don't have the brain cells to continue a plot. So we're going to take a break and have a Christmas Party! Everyone head to the Holodeck and join QT's program. Families/dates invited if you care to NPC them.
CptQTolerre: Setting description to follow :-)
LCDRMatsumura: ((Hey, guys! ))
Cibernite: Ok'
CptQTolerre: The entrance dumps you onto a hillside. Bonfires flame up in two areas. Servers wander with trays of hot chocolate, wassail, cider, and taking orders for any other preferred beverages
CptQTolerre: Lights strung from poles give a glow to the area. The evening is a cool 55 degrees farenheit.
CptQTolerre: Any questions?
CptQTolerre: Going once
CptQTolerre: twice...
Blackcentaur78: what is the atire
Blackcentaur78: ?
CptQTolerre: Clothing.
CptQTolerre: :-D
Blackcentaur78: anything in particlar?
CptQTolerre: Nah. Civvies are preferred.
CptQTolerre: Whatever you're comfy in.
CptQTolerre: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Cibernite: :::::waves down a Server:::::One Hot chocolate please!
CptQTolerre: ::surveys the hillside and nods in approval, smiles at having not lost her knack for programming::
LCDRMatsumura: ((...::despite spending her time breaking someone else's code...::-))
Blackcentaur78: ::walks out onto the hillside with his wife Laura on his arm::
CptQTolerre: ::heads towards the bonfires, wearing black slacks, an emerald green sweater, and a black shawl wrapped around it all::
CptQTolerre: (Hey, you can kick the fires and light the tires all night, this thing ain't gonna crash!)
Cibernite: :::::adjusts the jacket zipper and takes a look at the Scene::::: Not Bad. Kinda reminds me of the Kentucky Hills
CptQTolerre: (I did manage to forget a Christmas tree though....oops)
Dr Trabeaux: ::walks in in the UOD and waves down a server ::: can ya irish that hot cholcolate up a bit?
LCDRMatsumura: ((You're the GM, you know. ))
Cibernite: :::::Strides up to the Bonfire wearing a black uniform jacket and black pants with black boots.
CptQTolerre: Server> ::leans over and plugs in the center pole that all the lights are stringing from....the center pole turns out to be a massive Christmas tree that lights up::
Cibernite: OOOOOOOHHHHH Pretty!
CptQTolerre: ::looks over at Shawn:: You're looking positively dark this evening. ::grins::
Blackcentaur78: ::notices the captain:: Look Laura, there is the Cpt. would you like to meet her?
CptQTolerre: ::chuckles as Shawn admires the flames::
Cibernite: :::: Smirks::::Sorry Captain. Just got off Bridge duty.
CptQTolerre: ::laughs:: Well, I'm glad you made it in time!
Dr Trabeaux: ::takes the hard cocoa::: thanks .... ::walks toward bon fire:::
Cibernite: Thank you
Cibernite: :::::Takes a cup of Hot Chocolate from the server:::: Thank's
CptQTolerre: ::snags a steaming mug of wassail from a server and looks to the people approaching::
Blackcentaur78: Laura> yes that would be nice. Do you think she will like my dress? ::Laura turns around showing off her beautiful emerald green dress that brushes the floor::
Cibernite: :::::Sips while admiring the lightshow ::::
Dr Trabeaux: ::drink the hot cocoa faster than is recomended:::
Blackcentaur78: Yes she will like it.
CptQTolerre: ::watches Pierre, wondering if he's got any taste buds left::
Cibernite: I wonder where Dwanye is? It not like him to miss a party.
Blackcentaur78: :;walks up to the cpt and extends hand:: Hello cpt. I would like to introduce my wife Laura.
CptQTolerre: He's had a lot of duty work to catch up on, unfortunately. He's still got his XO paperwork and reports to keep up on. I was hoping he'd manage to sneak out on them for a bit though...
Dr Trabeaux: ::flags down a server:::: can you get me another one of those
CptQTolerre: ::turns to Kal and Laura:: Good evening! Laura, it's wonderful to finally meet you.
Cibernite: ::::Turns to see a Beautiful lady in an emerald Green dress:::::Nods :::: Ma'am
Blackcentaur78: Laura>You too cpt. kal talks about you all the time
CptQTolerre: ::laughs:: Really now? ::arches brow at Kal::
Blackcentaur78: Nothing good, of course cpt
CptQTolerre: Oh good. I was hoping you weren't going to give me credit for this ragtag bunch of loons not getting killed or anything....
Dr Trabeaux: ((oh i see he'll show up for DS9 but not for us))
CptQTolerre: (LOL Give him a chance to straighten out his uniform. I'm sure he'll be here shortly::
LCDRMatsumura: ((Phone. AFK. ))
Cibernite: ::::: Takes another sip:::::
Blackcentaur78: Laura> don't listen to him....he wouldn't shutup about how excited he was to be part of your last mission
CptQTolerre: ::smiles, has a brief moment, then decides now is NOT the time to check and make sure he's not sharing mission details, sips her wassail::
CdrDwayneJohnson has entered the room.
CptQTolerre: (Hey Kev...incoming soon as I find what I'm copying and pasting for ya)
CdrDwayneJohnson: (Kay)
Blackcentaur78: ::notices cpt's hesitation::
Dr Trabeaux: (((CPU probs.... may not make it back)))
Dr Trabeaux has left the room.
Blackcentaur78: ::stops a server and orders 2 wassils with rum::
Cibernite: ::::: Looks at Cmdr Johson::::: Dwanye you made it.
CptQTolerre: ::looks around:: So are you two having a child-free evening, or have the little ones already run off to find trouble where they can ::grins::
Blackcentaur78: Laura> we figured they would be safe in here so they are off playing and running around
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::He walked into the room and looked around. Fresh home after a singular mission for Intel. It happens. Still in uniform and as always armed with sidearm against hip. Literally stepped off the shuttle and onto Phoenix deck.:::
Blackcentaur78: Laura> I like your outfit cpt, may i ask where you got it?
CptQTolerre: ::nods:: great!
CptQTolerre: ::looks down:: Oh, Hmm...I don't recall, exactly. ::grins sheepishly:: i've had it for years now.
Cibernite: ::::walks toward the commander :::::: I see you're still in uniform too. I just got off Bridge Duty myself.
Blackcentaur78: Kal>::waves at cmdr johnson::
Blackcentaur78: Laura> well it looks really nice on you
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::He looked around at the people there ... then focused on Shawn::: Yep ... still in uniform. I just got home. I haven't even been to my quarters yet. :::Nods toward Kal::: So what's all this?
CptQTolerre: (::laughing:: Terrie is sooo not a clothes person....)
Dr Trabeaux has entered the room.
Cibernite: It's a party! Care to join us?
Blackcentaur78: Laura::bends in to wisper in the cpt's ear:: Don't worry he shares no details, he is just excited to be involved in what you are doing.
Dr Trabeaux: ((sorry when i see"delay write not completed" on my external drive i get a little panicy...seems to all still bethere thought))))
CptQTolerre: ::smiles, nods::
CdrDwayneJohnson: A party? :::Looks up::: Where's the Ensign's swinging from the lamps and Yeomans with bikini tops dancing on the tables?
Cibernite: No no Not that knid of party
Cibernite: That's kind
Blackcentaur78: Kal> It is a little chilly for that cmdr
CptQTolerre: ::snags a stiff drink from a passing server and hands it to Dwayne;: Here, take a couple of these, and soon you'll be dancing shirtless around the bonfires. You can get us started!
Dr Trabeaux: ::hands D a hard hot cocoa::: obviously "WE" didn't throw this party
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks back down toward Shawn and tilts head as if he was dead serious. The Federation brow raising in facial expression of question.::: There's another kind of party?
LCDRMatsumura: ((Okay. Sorry, guys. ))
LCDRMatsumura: ((My mother has the best timing... ))
CptQTolerre: (::grins::-)
Blackcentaur78: ((don't they always?))
Dr Trabeaux: ((oh crao that reminds me
Dr Trabeaux: ))
Cibernite: Well You're looking at it right now Sir
CptQTolerre: (Please tell me you told her not to open her package yet...)
Dr Trabeaux: ((um sure))
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head at Dwayne's comments, looks around to see who else has arrived::
CptQTolerre: (Lottie? Luce? )
LCDRMatsumura: ::enters the holodeck, clad in a very Audrey Hepburn-ish look, with slender black pants, and a fitted v-neck red sweater::
LCDRMatsumura: ((Sorry. Was on the phone this whole time. ))
CptQTolerre: ( :-D )
LCDRMatsumura: ::long black hair pulled back into a ponytail::
LCDRMatsumura: ::has even capped off the look with ballet-style black leather shoes::
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Snickers and looks over shoulder toward the holodeck entrance. Smiles to himself and looks away slowly and back to focus on Shawn ... touches his shoulder and walks further within the party.:::: So is the Doc playing Santy Claus?
Cibernite: I don't know! I'm surprised they didn't ask you.
CptQTolerre: ::sips her wassail and watches people move::
Blackcentaur78: Kal>Cpt where is the music?
LCDRMatsumura: ::glances about, smiling at the outdoor theme and the brightly lit Christmas tree::
CptQTolerre: ::looks over;: First, we're off duty, you call me Captain again and I'm sending you to scrub jeffries tubes. Call me Terrie.
Cibernite: ::::::Hands the server the empty cup. He ask me if I want anymore, i refuse politely>::::
CptQTolerre: Second....::looks around;: That's a good question.
Blackcentaur78: Kal> yes terrie
LCDRMatsumura: ::grabs a cup of wassail off the tray of a passing waiter with a Bond-like smirk::
CdrDwayneJohnson: So Terrie ... :::Overhead the Captain talking to Kal:::: ... Daddy's home. :::Walks over and nudges her with his elbow::: Miss me?
CptQTolerre: ::tilts chin to talk to the computer, then gets nudged by Dwayne...manages to not fall over:: Immensely, dear. Immensely.
Blackcentaur78: ::grabs another hard wassil::
CptQTolerre: Tell you what, if you're going to pick on my party, you get to program the music. Sound fair?
Cibernite: ::::::Shakes head as I watch them.
Blackcentaur78: Kal>you talking to me?
LCDRMatsumura: ::makes her way over to the captain, Dwayne, Laura, and Kal::
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Chuckles a bit and crosses arms as he looked over the crowd gathered ... crooked dimple filled smile and brow still up as if locked in place.::: Naw ... This is your shing ding. I'll plan the New Years bash! How's that sound?
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head;: Actually Dwayne....
LCDRMatsumura: Good evening, all. A good week so far, I trust?
CptQTolerre: ::laughs:: That sounds very fair.
Blackcentaur78: Thank goodness
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::He looked to Charlotte ... slight smile on his face as he dropped eyes for a moment and lifted them to rest on her. Genuine smile forming on his face as he was for once actually pretty damned polite and devoid of the usual
CptQTolerre: Ok, then. Computer, add program Carols Beta 3
Blackcentaur78: Laura>::grabs another hard wassil::
CdrDwayneJohnson: offensive wit toward her::: Lovely week ... I went .. I saw ... I completed mission and back home.
LCDRMatsumura: Veni, vedi, vici, Dwayne?
Cibernite: ::::: Walks over to the Fire and begins to stare at it.:::::
CptQTolerre: ACTION> Sounds of Christmas music begin to filter through the evening...a mix different types of music, some fast, some slow, etc
Blackcentaur78: ::Kal puts down his and Laura's drink then grabs her and starts to dance a waltz::
CptQTolerre: ::msiles to Lottie::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Something like that. Gotya something while I was out. :::Tosses a Romulan badge toward Charlotte::: Stop by later ... I'll give ya the story around that. :::winks:::: And I mean that in the mooooost innocent of manners. I'm reborn.
LCDRMatsumura: ::catches it, chuckles, shaking her head::
CdrDwayneJohnson: A little B&E can do wonders for the Christmas Spirit.
CptQTolerre: ::blinks at Dwayne, then Lottie, then looks down at her wassail, wondering if she's really that far gone::
LCDRMatsumura: I'll bet.
LCDRMatsumura: ::looks to the captain:: Something in your drink, Captain?
CptQTolerre: ::looks up:: No....I don't think so...
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks over toward the Captain::: Or do you need something in the drink. :::Pats his tunic... clink of metal under palm.::: I never leave home without the magicks.
Blackcentaur78: ::stops dancing and picks up their drinks and finishes his as he hands Laura hers::
CptQTolerre: ::looks at Dwayne, considers:: Oh, sure why not?
LCDRMatsumura: *That* explains a lot...
CptQTolerre: ::holds out mug::
LCDRMatsumura: ::mutters, smirking::
Blackcentaur78: Kal>::walks over to the dr:: How are you this evening. You seem pretty quiet.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::He unzips the tunic and pulls the flask out.. unscrews the cap and pours just a smidge of the clear liquid into the Captain's cup.:::: I only drink to be sociable. ::::Sips from the flask and offers it toward Charlotte::: It's
CdrDwayneJohnson: hard being popular!
LCDRMatsumura: ::shakes her head:: No thanks.
LCDRMatsumura: I'm the DD.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks at her chest::: Really.. I always thought more of a B cup.
CdrDwayneJohnson: Maayyyyybe C.
LCDRMatsumura: ::cuts him a glare::
CptQTolerre: (Mark's still on the phone, I think....someone had to mention the word Mom LOL )
CptQTolerre: (Ouch. That's just wrong)
Blackcentaur78: ((LOL))
CdrDwayneJohnson: What? :::Looks toward the others wondering what he said wrong.:::
LCDRMatsumura: ((I can't help it that my mother called me at 9:20. =P ))
LCDRMatsumura: I think *you've* been a bit too *social*.
Blackcentaur78: ::falls to his knees laughing so hard::
CptQTolerre: ::sips her drink, coughs slightly....will not say whether it's from the conversation or the spiking::
CdrDwayneJohnson: What ... I ... say? :::Looks to Charlotte::: Did I do it again?
LCDRMatsumura: You certainly did, Commander.
Cibernite: ::::Stares at the fire while listening to the music.::::
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head:: So Kal, when did you say you were going to start sensitivity training for this group?
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks over toward the Captain... Kal... back to Charlotte::: I'm sorry. :::Smiles and shrugs::: It ain't easy being me, but I'm working on it.
LCDRMatsumura: Sensitivity training? Oh, cut me a bloody break...
LCDRMatsumura: ::rolls eyes::
CptQTolerre: ::laughs::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Frakk sensitivity. :::winks toward Charlotte::: The only sensitivity I want is ... Okay.. shutting up while I'm ahead.
Blackcentaur78: Kal> after the New year
LCDRMatsumura: Mm. Good plan.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Makes the tickalock motion on his lips::
LCDRMatsumura: ::sips her wassail::
Blackcentaur78: Cdr will be my star pupil
CptQTolerre: ::waits until she stops laughing before she drinks more wassail::
LCDRMatsumura: ::mutters:: Oh, he'll be seeing stars, all right...
CdrDwayneJohnson: I love stars ... they grant wishes.
Dr Trabeaux: LOL
LCDRMatsumura: If wishes were fishes...
CptQTolerre: ::didn't wait long enough, walks away trying not to spew her drink::
LCDRMatsumura: ::looks down at her wassail:: What the frell is *in* this...?
Dr Trabeaux: ::g::
CptQTolerre: ::stops next to Shawn and the bonfire::
Dr Trabeaux: now THIS is a prty
Cibernite: :::::Looks around at the people::::: Terrie
Dr Trabeaux: party
CptQTolerre: ::stares at the flames for a moment, then turns to the bench behind them:: Hi SHawn.. Marshmallow? ::offers him a white fluffy cube on a stick::
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks toward Charlotte and sips from his flask::: Can't tell you. I bring my own. So what's new Lt. Commander? But wait ... I didn't do anything to deserve this... but ... :::Points to his chin::: Right cross please. Just one ...
Cibernite: :::: Takes it::: Don't mind if i do
CptQTolerre: ::turns and grabs one for herself as well::
CdrDwayneJohnson: I feel akward without it. C'mon ... give it a good'un.
LCDRMatsumura: ::shakes her head::
LCDRMatsumura: You've turned over a new leaf, and I'm waiting to see how it works out for you.
CptQTolerre: ::turns and sticks the marshmallow near the flames::
LCDRMatsumura: I'll....reserve judgement for now.
LCDRMatsumura: And that includes the right hook.
Dr Trabeaux: ::considers giving kev a brotherly little nudge on the shin w/ one hand and a hypo with the other ....jsut for kicks::::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Please? :::Sighs and looks to her::: What are you ... turning into a pansy Wifey? :::Closes eyes and waits for it.::
Dr Trabeaux: *chin
Blackcentaur78: ::takes Laura by the hand and walks over to the fire grabbing another drink from the passing server::
LCDRMatsumura: ::sips her wassail:: It's Christmas, Commander.
CptQTolerre: ::pulls her marshmallow away from the flames when it is nicely tanned and lightly crisped::
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Leans over and against Doc while talking to Charlotte::: So Captain give any news about the holidays ... Are we getting any time off?
Dr Trabeaux: every time lottie DOESN'T smack D an nagle gets it wings
CptQTolerre: ::takes a bite carefully::
LCDRMatsumura: I'll pass on the right hook... and reserve the right to give you a lump of coal in your stocking.
Dr Trabeaux: ::mumbles:: dont hold your breath
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Laughs at Doc and looks back toward Charlotte... biting his tongue. Stockings opens up a whole can of Dwaynisms.:::
Cibernite: I remember Christmases I had with my grandparents. They always meant more to me than anything.
Dr Trabeaux: ::ribshot::
CptQTolerre: ::looks over at Shawn, carefully eating her marshmallow:: Oh?
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks toward Pierre and just grins ... and nods. He knows what he's thinking. It's a guy thing ... ya girls just wouldn't understand.:::
CptQTolerre: ::looks over at Laura and Kal, smiles and nods, passes marshmallows::
Cibernite: The whole family gathered around and we had the time of our lives
CptQTolerre: ::skewers another one for herself::
CptQTolerre: That sounds like a fun time.
CptQTolerre: ::starts toasting again::
Cibernite: It was.
Blackcentaur78: ::acepts marshmallows and skewers two for each of them::
Dr Trabeaux: ::descroitely tosses a beer in the bon fire:::
CdrDwayneJohnson: I kind of ...:::Inhales:::.... wanted to go home. You guys have any ideas how we can get there. Most of the senior team is from there. I bet mom is cooking dinner ... unreplicated ... already.
CptQTolerre: Our family gatherings were always small. But Grandmere and Grandpere always managed to make it special anyways.
Dr Trabeaux: ::After a few seconds the can explodes with a load "POP" and the fire turns blue:::: ah........ just liek at the acadamey
CptQTolerre: ::jumps back a couple of feet at the pop::
CptQTolerre: Oh!
Cibernite: Same here . Grandama always knew how to make things special.
CptQTolerre: ::glares at Trabeaux::
Dr Trabeaux: SORRY Cpt.
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Rubbing stomach.::: Sweet tater pie ... honey glazed ham ... collards.. potato salad... cranberry sauce...:::Jumps from the Pop and then continues the stroll down stomach lane.:::: Hot buttered rolls ... coconut cream pie ...
Dr Trabeaux: ::grins at D::
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head, turns back to toasting and talking::
LCDRMatsumura: ::crinkles her nose:: You actually eat all that?
Blackcentaur78: ::punches Trabeaux in the shoulder:: I almost spilled my drink
Cibernite: :::::jumps back:::: Great Doc! Give me a heart attack why don't ya!
CdrDwayneJohnson: sweetened ice tea. You know it's a damn shame we can't get sweetened Ice tea north of Qo'Nos served at the stations. Hell yeah Lott ... that and much more.
Dr Trabeaux: geeze for a bunch of misfit blak ops types ya'll sure cant take a joke :-)
LCDRMatsumura: But....collards? ::crinkles her nose::
CptQTolerre: ::eats a second marshmallow::
Blackcentaur78: Cdr Johnson, you and I must have come from the same area, my mom still fixes all that stuff for Christmas
CptQTolerre: ::goes to skewer another one, lobs one at Pierre for good measure::
Dr Trabeaux: ((who keeps move all the keys on my keyboard!?!?!??!!?))))
CptQTolerre: (geez, for a misfit, you sure can't take a joke ;-P )
Cibernite: ( Your MIND) hahaha)
CdrDwayneJohnson: Greens is good for the complexion. You didn't know. :::Points toward Kal::: I knew there was something about you I didn't dislike. :::Winks, teasing him.::::
Blackcentaur78: Thanks ::returns the wink::
Blackcentaur78: Laura here hates greens, but I love them
CptQTolerre: ::considers lobbing a flaming marshmallow at Pierre, but decides to behave...for now.::
Cibernite: I love greens especially Brocolli and Cauliflour
Blackcentaur78: ((why start now?))
CptQTolerre: (::sighgrumblemutter:: 10:08 and all is late....)
CptQTolerre: (hey...that rhymes...)
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Chuckles and nods hello to Laura::: Well... you don't know what you're missing my dear. :::Looks over toward Charlotte and then toward Pierre::: If we do get to earth ... howabout you guys come over to my place. The home has
CdrDwayneJohnson: been rebuilt right where the last one sat.
Dr Trabeaux: Sweet would love to
LCDRMatsumura: Thank you. ::surprised a bit by the invitation::
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