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USS Phoenix Chatlog: 1/11/07

Postby CaptQT » Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:08 pm

CptQTolerre: Ok, this is us for the night! So, we'll pick up on our way back to earth to deliver the slaves to HQ for debriefing and processing to return to their former lives.
CptQTolerre: ETA is 15 minutes. Questions anyone?
Cibernite: None here
CptQTolerre: Ok, let's get this show on the road then!
CptQTolerre: ==BEGIN SIM!==
CptQTolerre: ::exits her Ready Room onto the bridge, looks at the viewport as they close in on Earth's solar system::
Cibernite: :::: Hears the familiar Chatter of Subspace radio::::: Captain We're within sencor range of HQ.
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Standing on the bridge and looking toward the mainscreen.::: Almost back to earth ...
CdrDwayneJohnson: again. I wonder if that Admiral is still pissed at me for borrowing his equipment. What
CdrDwayneJohnson: was his name again? :::Looks around the bridge ... rather disinterested in the Admiralty::::
CdrDwayneJohnson: 15 minutes out sir.
Dr Trabeaux: (give me a few trying to KEl in here ...))
Cibernite: Sir HQ is hailing us.
CdrDwayneJohnson: Shall I have Pierre and that new shrink prepare the slaves for transport and exit? Corral all of them?
LtViento has entered the room.
LtViento: (test)
CptQTolerre: Ok, you got back in...
Dr Trabeaux: ((trouble V))
CptQTolerre: (ooops, () that)
LtViento: ((I guess I should have noticed no one had said anything in 10 minutes))
CptQTolerre: ;-)
Dr Trabeaux: ((LOL))
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Yawns and pats at his lips... shimmying shoulders trying to wake up.:::: The ride there
CdrDwayneJohnson: or rather here was soooooooooooooooo ... boring. Trips with no one chasing or shooting
CdrDwayneJohnson: at us always are. ::::Looks toward Shawn:::: Incoming hail? Nature of hail ... they want
CdrDwayneJohnson: clearance codes or what?
CdrDwayneJohnson has left the room.
CdrDwayneJohnson has entered the room.
Blackcentaur78 has entered the room.
Blackcentaur78: I am back
Cibernite: ::::Listens:::: they want the Clearence codes to enter restricted airspace sir.
CptQTolerre: (Stupid AOL Ok, I think that's all of us again)
CptQTolerre: ::looks over at Shawn:: Key in our codes and get us cleared.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks to him ... glances to the Captain and shrugs, before speaking to Shawn after her.::: And make sure they are alerted to our... baggage? Confirm they are ready to recieve.
Cibernite: :::::: Presses a series of buttons:::: +HQ+ HQ This is Pheonix. Transmittion commencing.
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Looks toward Tolerre::: So Captain ... :::Thumb toward the rear wall as if motioning to
CdrDwayneJohnson: someone unseen:::: You think that Pierre and the Shrink can handle transport or do I need
CdrDwayneJohnson: to get down there and help them corral our guest?
Cibernite: +HQ+ I need corfimation that you're ready to recieve our cargo
CptQTolerre: ::considers:: The extra crowd control may be useful. And you're loud enough that you'll be able to get them to listen. Go make sure they've got it under control.
Dr Trabeaux: ::in the ....corral:: ok people let move the exits are to the right and left and be sure and shceck to make sure the closest exit is not at the rear of the ....ship
Dr Trabeaux: ((if the need for oxygen arises pull frimly on the mask))
Cibernite: :::::Looks to the Captain::::: Ma'am HQ is ready to recieve our cargo
CdrDwayneJohnson: +Luce+ Luce Luce Luce... Luce.. Luce ... :::chuckles::: Dwayne Johnson here ... We're
CdrDwayneJohnson: about to enter earth's atmosphere and prepare a massive transport of lifeforms from here
CdrDwayneJohnson: to there. Can you make sure the transporters are ready for it ... maybe transfer some
CdrDwayneJohnson: power.. or...:::Waves hand as if grasping for straws... never was an engineer.:::: ... I don't
CdrDwayneJohnson: know.:::Looks toward the Captain and nods... speaks like old school Cylon::: By your
CdrDwayneJohnson: command.
LtViento: +Luce+ ::wrinkles nose at "lifeforms":: Yes, there'll be a power surge, but I've got it all wired for the goahead.
CptQTolerre: Ok, get us cleared for a geostationary orbit over HQ. I want these people cleared as quickly as possible.
CptQTolerre: ::nods to Dwayne::
Cibernite: Aye sir We are cleared to proceed.
CptQTolerre: Ok, take us in.
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Smirks and walks toward the lift.. steps in and starts to sway shoulders to the music
CdrDwayneJohnson: played. Michael Bolton is okay... but he was more of a Kenny G man when it comes to his
CdrDwayneJohnson: elevator music:::: +Luce+ I had not doubt in the fact that you had it under control Chief.
CdrDwayneJohnson: Perhaps you should meet with us and the visitors within cargo bay just to make sure all
CdrDwayneJohnson: goes green.:::::
CdrDwayneJohnson: (not a)
Cibernite: :::: Moves to ship over HQ::::Establishing Geo orbit now .
Cibernite: ( That Moves the ship)))
Blackcentaur78: +Doc+ Doc I feel like a flight attendent on one of those olde 20th century planes. The exits are here, here and here ::waves arms motioning::
Dr Trabeaux: :: ok people we will be transporting you down in large groups the people in unifrom on the surface will tell you what to do
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::TL travels like bat out of hell from bridge to cargo decks ... steps from the TL and into
CdrDwayneJohnson: the cargo bay.:::: What is that smell? Holy wipe and rinse people. Did someone forget to
CdrDwayneJohnson: provide these people with showers during the trip ... and forget to remind the concept of
CdrDwayneJohnson: flush and double flush. ::::Raises arm::: DOC! How's it going? You got it under control?
Dr Trabeaux: ((have a nice flight....have a nice flight.....have a nice flight))
LtViento: ::runs her fingers along the controls::
Blackcentaur78: I thought that was your job cdr
Dr Trabeaux: +KAl+ yeah i know what your saying....
CdrDwayneJohnson: Slave> :::To Dwayne in close proximity::: H ... aaaaaaaaaaaaah... i!
Blackcentaur78: ::grabs slave and pushes him along away from cdr:: you don't want to do that, he will break your neck before he blinks at you
Cibernite: + HQ+ Prepare to receive cargo.
Dr Trabeaux: +D+ define under control, people are moving .... and i assume they are headed in the right direction....I dunno.... I am a frakin dr. not a sheep dog
CptQTolerre: ::watches Earth in the viewport::
Cibernite: HQ is ready Ma'am
CptQTolerre: Let the fun begin
Blackcentaur78: +cpt+ the first group is ready for Transport cpt
CptQTolerre: +Kal+ Transport commencing now
Blackcentaur78: ::ready's the second and third groups::
Cibernite: ::::: Watches as the moniters registers the slaves arriving at HQ::::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Oh.. Colgate moment. Brush your teeth and then ...:::phone motion with fingers near ear and
CdrDwayneJohnson: mouth:::... call me. Brush'em two or twenty times and we'll talk. ::::Nods thanks to Kal, before
CdrDwayneJohnson: shuffling through the crowd toward Pierre:::
Dr Trabeaux: +andrews+ hey can you run a ship wide scan make sure we dont ahve an staglers wandering around once we get them all off
CdrDwayneJohnson: I know of a few woman that would perhaps beg to differ Doc. ::Smirks a bit toward him and steps up on the nearest crate.. lifting up and climbing up to stand on the next one.::::
Cibernite: HQ Informs the first batch has beamed in
CptQTolerre: ACTION> The crowd on the Phoenix starts thinning out as groups in the transport zone transport planetside.
CdrDwayneJohnson: PLACES TO BE AND WOMEN TO ... well .... JUST MOVE PEOPLE!
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Climbs down from the crates and looks toward Pierre::: Am I done here?
Blackcentaur78: +D+ Moving speach sir.
Dr Trabeaux: ::looks at D:: is it girl scout cookie season again ALREADY?!?!
Blackcentaur78: ::motions to the slaves:: you heard the man single file and get moving
Cibernite: + Trabeaux+Aye Doc I'm conducting the scan as we speak.
CptQTolerre: (why yes, yes it is....and I got three girls sellin' 'em at work. :-X )
CptQTolerre: ACTION> The Second group transports down....
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Winks toward Kal::: Moving being the keyword. :::Looks toward Pierre and double
CdrDwayneJohnson: takes::: And what in the hell does that mean? You better be talking about Thin mint sales.
CdrDwayneJohnson: The youngest girl I've ever dated was 19 ... and 19. Twins.
Dr Trabeaux: ((oh i feel this will be bad for my diet...but not what i was referring to and he knows ot))
Cibernite: ((( Ooooh oooohhh Thin mints I want thin mints))))
Cibernite: + Trabeaux+ Sir all slaves are accounted for no straglers.
Blackcentaur78: ::Finishes readying groups 4, 5 and 6::
CptQTolerre: ACTION> Group 3: Gone
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Kneels and lifts a teddy bear .. hands it to kid. Ruffles his hair and thumbs toward Kal
CdrDwayneJohnson: who was leading them to the last phase of transport.:: Welcome to Earth pal! When you
CdrDwayneJohnson: write about this... Dwayne Johnson is the man that gave you your freedom ... That's
CdrDwayneJohnson: D..W...A... Y.. N...E.
Dr Trabeaux: +andrews+ ok run it again once we get them all off
Cibernite: + Trabeaux+ Aye Doc I will
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Leans and picks a PADD from one slaves hands as they pass::: That's FEDERATION property thank you. If you steal towels and soap... we will know in transport.
Blackcentaur78: +Cdr+ He can't hear you. This child is deaf, he will thank his stars though
Dr Trabeaux: ::Mumbles:: last name JOhnson as in what he is acting like
CptQTolerre: ACTION> Off with group 4!
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Looks toward Kal::: Deaf. Awww! :::Makes a compassionate face and eyes narrow as he looks over toward Pierre::: Dammit Pierre... You're a doctor not a comedian.
Dr Trabeaux: ::grins::
CptQTolerre: ACTION> Moving quickly with the thinning crowd: Groupe 5: Planetside
Blackcentaur78: ::Looks toward Cdr:: I think he is quite comedic
CdrDwayneJohnson: Alright ... How many more we have? :::Looks over toward Kal and nods::: Yeah.. some do call him quite the joke. :::Points to Pierre::: We're even?
Blackcentaur78: ::Looks around:: Doc, there are no more.
Blackcentaur78: Group six is ready to transport now
CptQTolerre: ACTION> Group 6 steps up...the last of the slaves.
Cibernite: ::::Looks as the last of the slaves are being prepared for transport::: What do you think they'll do with thier freedom Captian?
CptQTolerre: ACTION> They transport out.
Cibernite: +Trabeaux+ Conducting Shipwide scan
CptQTolerre: ::looks at the screen, then over at Shawn:: Hopefully something worth doing.
CdrDwayneJohnson: +Shawn+ I understand that Doctor Trabeaux ordered a sensor sweep of all decks. I want the
CdrDwayneJohnson: Security personnel to do a visual sweep with tricorders deck by deck in case some slipped within
CdrDwayneJohnson: shielded areas. Get your teams on it to back up the orders from Pierre.
Dr Trabeaux: ::looks at D:: touche'
Cibernite: ::::Nods as the readings come in
Cibernite: + Johnson+ Aye sir
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Smiles a bit toward Doc and rolls his eyes:::: +Luce+ Reconfigure power back to normal operations once that last transport has been taken care of.
CdrDwayneJohnson: +Captain+ Almost down done here Captain. Orders?
CdrDwayneJohnson: (Done down)
Cibernite: + All teams+ This is not a drill I want a deck to deck sweep of the whole ship to see if any of the slaves went into restricted areas.
LtViento: +Dwayne+ Aye, sir. ::running checks on the transport buffers::
CptQTolerre: +Dwayne+ That's it for this mission. Once the ship is cleared, we're off for some Leave. 24 hours, so make it good.
Blackcentaur78: +Cpt+ May I make a suggestion?
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Leans toward Pierre::: Alright ... How is that Shrink coming along? He measuring up to our high Phoenix standards of duty? ::Motions toward him with a chin rise and smirk:::: +CaptainTolerre+ Aye Sir ... will do.
Cibernite: + Trabeaux+ sencors show no signs of any slaves left on board. My teams are scouring the ship at this moment.
CptQTolerre: +Kal+ You may try. ::half grins into her comm, knowing he can't see it::
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Glances toward Pierre and awaits his gauge of Kal:::
Dr Trabeaux: +andrews+ aye
Blackcentaur78: +Cpt+ I suggest while we are all on leave we get someone in here to clean out this cargo bay. it stinks and is a mess
Dr Trabeaux: ::looks to D:: well there is nothign wrong with his sense of smell
CptQTolerre: +Kal+ Are you volunteering?
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Speaks from background::: TRUE DAT CAPTAIN!
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Speaks from background:: I THINK HE IS CAPTAIN!
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Laughing while looking over toward Kal... smile on his face.. teasing him.:::
Blackcentaur78: +cpt+ not at all cpt. Was just making an observation to save your nose permanent damage should you happen to come down here
Cibernite: :::: Thinks about The Night Hawk::::: OH Lord! I hope they didn't find my ship! :::::Runs sweep onboard the Night Hawk:::
Dr Trabeaux: yes there are defantly Odiferous olfactory emanations
Blackcentaur78: +Cpt+ I am sure Starfleet acadamy has some students in need of discipline that would be perfect for this task
CdrDwayneJohnson: So ... what do you plan on doing with your 24 hours of freedom Doc? Going to get some time with family? Going to get some rest? Or... just plan on going to ... get some? ::Smirks toward him, trying not to laugh.::::
CptQTolerre: ::smirks:: +Kal+ Well the good news is we have automated systems that sweep for trash. Roomba XV. Notify Viento to make sure an extra cleaning shift is scheduled.
Cibernite: :::::Readings report negative:::::Thank God! The Night Hawk is safe.
Dr Trabeaux: Yeah but what would i do with the OTHER 23 hours and 55 minutes
Dr Trabeaux: ?
Dr Trabeaux: ::looks up:: see dr. AND comedian
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Burst out laughing.::: Oh damn! ::Laughing:::
CptQTolerre: Ok, PAUSE SIM!
Dr Trabeaux: laughter is the best medicine....or is that morephine... i can never remember
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