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Chat Log 2/8/2007

Postby CaptQT » Thu Feb 08, 2007 10:05 pm

CptQTolerre: We're going in to rescue another team from a violent organization off the romulan border.
CptQTolerre: better details if you skim the log :-)
CptQTolerre: At least the last part.
CptQTolerre: Hopefully people that were here last week did some brainstorming :-)
CptQTolerre: Any questions?
CptQTolerre: We'll start off with everyone still in the briefing room.
CptQTolerre: Ok then, let's roll
CptQTolerre: =/\=BEGIN SIM =/\=
CptQTolerre: So, if we go in loud, we give them enough warning that they can either use the team as leverage, or go ahead and kill them. If we go in quiet, we face the same difficulties this team did before they got caught. Suggestions anyone?
LtViento: The faster it is, the less that can go wrong.
Dr Trabeaux: yeah we do both
Blackcentaur78: What are their numbers?
LCDRMatsumura: ::shrugs:: Go in quiet, and then raise a little noise?
Dr Trabeaux: Rope-a-dope
Cibernite: I like that idea.
Cibernite: Go in quiet and then raise hell
CptQTolerre: Numbers are unknown due to the cloaking device they have over the area. Intel shows them to be likely close to 50 over the entire area. most concentrated near the main buildings. Maybe more, maybe less.
CptQTolerre: So we send a distraction team and a team to slip in behind?
LCDRMatsumura: Or send in an infiltration unit.
Dr Trabeaux: exactly
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Stood there quiet with hands folded behind him. Fist clasped as he allowed mind to mull over the suggestions. A glance toward the Captain as she spoke again. Slight nod in agreement to everything said for the most part.::::
CptQTolerre: Time seems a little short for infiltration.
Dr Trabeaux: if they have the hostages and tehy aren't dead then they HAVE to negotiate....we will be expected
CptQTolerre: If they have hostages that aren't dead, they are likely trying to pump them for information.
Cibernite: :::Nods:::: True
LCDRMatsumura: If we send in a "distraction," they'll kill the hostages.
CdrDwayneJohnson: Charlotte is right.
Dr Trabeaux: the negotieatrs ARE the distraction
LCDRMatsumura: We send a small unit in, they get the information we need, *then* we can go in after them.
LCDRMatsumura: If we negotiate? They'll know something is up.
LCDRMatsumura: Policy is -- and has been since the new President took over -- no negotiations.
LCDRMatsumura: They have to know this.
Dr Trabeaux: they have hostages....they know somethis up
CptQTolerre: ::nods at Charlotte:: Negotiation is definitely out.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::A look down and then toward Charlotte, stares for a moment, before looking to the Captain::: What I think they are saying sir ... we need better information to know how to make this happen. Location of hostages .. guard placement
Dr Trabeaux: ::backs off, knows when he's been beat::
CptQTolerre: ::nods:: So a scout team.
LCDRMatsumura: And, because of the cloaking device, we won't know that without, ah, boots on the ground.
LCDRMatsumura: Right.
LCDRMatsumura: We need reconaissance to keep us and the other team alive.
CdrDwayneJohnson: actual numbers. Heavy weaponry or machinery. We don't even know if there are fighters on the ground. The last thing we need is to go in... stir up shit.. and then get flushed from above, before we make headway.
LtViento: ::doing inventory in her head for everything they'll need::
Dr Trabeaux: ::nods::
Cibernite: :::::::::Nods::::::
CptQTolerre: ::looks to Dwayne, then Lottie:: Ok, so we go in cloaked. Take the Nix to the opposite side of the planet as low as we can go without stirring up atmosphere, drop a shuttle that then drops down to surface level and takes the team in
CptQTolerre: as close as possible.
Cibernite: Could the Shuttle be cloaked too.
Dr Trabeaux: no good
CptQTolerre: ::looks to Trabeaux:: What's wrong?
CptQTolerre: ::looks to Shawn:: We aren't equipped for that, that I'm aware of ::arches brow at Viento::
Dr Trabeaux: anything comming though atmophere will be noticed by friction alone
Dr Trabeaux: unless.....
Blackcentaur78: Trabeaux is right
LCDRMatsumura: We could hire a cab?
LCDRMatsumura: ::smirks::
CptQTolerre: An escape pod? Might be able to be mistaken for a meteor.
Dr Trabeaux: better
Dr Trabeaux: hear me out
CptQTolerre: ::looks::
Dr Trabeaux: we get the nighthawk, ::looks to ciber:: sorry buddy but hear me out
LCDRMatsumura: ::watching Frenchie::
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::In listening mode. Soaking up suggestions... trying to piece it all together for something that might actually work.::::
Cibernite: ::Looks at Mark:::
Dr Trabeaux: we get the nighthawk and put a smaller more manurable shuttle in it.... with charges on the outside to blowaway the nighthawk and leave a debree feild for what
Dr Trabeaux: they will assume is a rescue attempt gone bad
Dr Trabeaux: we could even sythize some DNA to put in the craft
Dr Trabeaux: bodies would obviously be vaporized
Blackcentaur78: that might actually work
Cibernite: ::::: Brow Perked:::::: A decoy.
Dr Trabeaux: so they find the pices of the nighthawk and DNA will support that apon scrutiny
LCDRMatsumura: (( The officers and I will go below...and scuttle the ship.... ))
Cibernite: But My ship!!
LCDRMatsumura: Your ship?
Dr Trabeaux: ((excatly))
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Thinks it over and nods:::: That's a distraction that just might work. Worst case scenario... we lose one of the hostages. :::Shrugs as he seemed to be the bearer of grim news and possibilities.:::: The Romulans could see this as
CptQTolerre: ::looks over to Dwayne::
LCDRMatsumura: That ship belongs to the Federation.
CdrDwayneJohnson: a threat and kill one of the hostages to deter anything further. That is possible, but not probable. ::::Looks toward Shawn::: You can always build another nighthawk ... There's a lot of letters in the alphabet.
Dr Trabeaux: the problem
Cibernite: ::::Nods Glu,mly:::: Do what must be done to get them out. I can always get another one.
Blackcentaur78: This will only work once. That gets the scouting team in, but how do you get the rescue team in?
Dr Trabeaux: is once tehy find the wrechage they will be on gaurd "just incase" someone survived... and they will defiantely starte preping for a large scale assult
CptQTolerre: We'll have a better idea of how to get the backup in once we have site data from the scouts.
Blackcentaur78: ok, so how do you get the scouts out?
CdrDwayneJohnson: The scouting team can then become insertion team once hostages are located. Per Pierre's idea.. they will be looking skyward... and we'll already be in... the problem is.. not getting a team in, but getting us out.
CptQTolerre: We might be able to get a glitch in their sensors or turn them off course a bit so we have a blind alley to come in. If we can get that far in.
Dr Trabeaux: however our isertion team can prep the battlefeild and I suggest we leave the scouting team on planet to get them out
LCDRMatsumura: We steal a ride from the Rommies.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks toward Charlotte::: Feasible. It seems we're all basically on the same page so so.
Dr Trabeaux: ::looks to D :: GMTA
CptQTolerre: ::smiles::
Blackcentaur78: I think we need to work out more details on this plan, cpt. We are leaving too much to chance and what ifs.
CptQTolerre: Ok, so let's figure this team out. Viento, logistics. Can we rig Nighthawk for this? And what can we get inside and how many people?
CdrDwayneJohnson: Want me to bulk all this together into one idea ... I can sum it up... Sir.
CptQTolerre: ::narrows eyes at Kal:: Write the outline, then the first draft, then implement the final paper, Counselor. We've got the outline..or at least the first part. Now we hammer out details.
CptQTolerre: ::looks at Dwayne:: Have at it.
CdrDwayneJohnson: Shawn and Viento will rig the Nighthawk with explosives and piggy back shuttle ... explosives can be configured to best make the illusion. I leave that up to Viento. Charlotte ... Pierre and I ... go in as recon team ... we get eyes
CdrDwayneJohnson: on the hostages and radio back troop ground positions. Once we have positive on the hostages ... we will get them out by any means neccesary... Phoenix can make a full frontal assault with simulated transports... fool their sensors.
LtViento: ::knows Shawn will enjoy the explosives part, and I will enjoy the wiring::
LtViento: ::nods absently to the commander as she gets out her padd::
Dr Trabeaux: and if we are lucky the nix can pull out in a "failed attempt" while we get out or get one
CdrDwayneJohnson: Make them think that we are transporting in massive security team. While they are looking there ... insertion team can steal one of their ground transports and either hoof it to predetermined exit point.. or steal one of their
Dr Trabeaux: ::nods::
CdrDwayneJohnson: shuttles ... get into the air... and link up at a place yet to be determined. That way.. by the time they wipe their asses from shitting their pants due to the Phoenix giving them a smackdown full frontal.. we'll be long gone.
CdrDwayneJohnson: That sound like what everyone was thinking?
CptQTolerre: Full frontal, left AND right....I think I get to split the ship up to increase fire damage for this one. ::grins::
LCDRMatsumura: Give them more than one target.
Cibernite: :::::Looks to Viento::::: How much Explosive will we need?
CdrDwayneJohnson: Shawn and Viento can pilot the other parts... Kal can pilot yours Captain and you'll be the eyes in the sky sir coordinating this whole Snafu.
CptQTolerre: ::nod::
Cibernite: ::::nods:::: I like this idea
CdrDwayneJohnson: Sounds like a plan to me. ::Shrugs::: Sir. :::Looks to QT and stares as she has the final call.:::
Blackcentaur78: ::shakes his head, something just doesn't feel right here::
CptQTolerre: ::considers:: We'll need to fine tune the insertion plan with the Nighthawk coming in. I don't want them looking for the big sister of the ship that didn't make it in.
CptQTolerre: At least not if we can help it.
CptQTolerre: ::looks at Kal:: What's the matter, counselor?
CdrDwayneJohnson: Send a probe to emulate warp trail of Nighthawk sir. So if they trace it ... they'll get an approach from Alpha Quad and not the Phoenix.
Blackcentaur78: I just get the feeling that this sounds like a trap. They have to know we are coming for these guys. They also have to know these guys aren't going to talk.
Blackcentaur78: These guys are trained to keep their mouths shut under the worst possible toture
Blackcentaur78: there has to be something we aren't seeing here
CptQTolerre: ::looks to Lottie:: Matsumura, you're as close as we've got to an expert on Romulan thinking. What's your take.
Dr Trabeaux: he has a point has the feweration been contacted abou negotiating?
CdrDwayneJohnson: There's always something we aren't seeing Kal. Intelligence officers are trained to adapt and if that is impossible to run like hell.
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head to Trabeaux:: We have heard nothing since that final transmission.
LCDRMatsumura: They're certainly waiting for the Federation to make the first move. The decoy maneuver with the Nighthawk will be something they expect -- a co-- erm, failure...
Blackcentaur78: But they have to know we are coming. I think we are walking into a trap.
LCDRMatsumura: THey're sure of their own superiority. That overconfidence *should* give us an advantage.
LCDRMatsumura: At least in this instance.
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::Silences himself for the moment and allows the Captain to man the floor:::
Dr Trabeaux: ok well in THAT case i hate to say this but i think we are now on the clock
LCDRMatsumura: ::looks to Trabeaux:: And doctor? We're going to need some very good prosthetics. I hope you're up to the task.
Dr Trabeaux: ::nods to lottie:: however Kal brings up a good point
LtViento: Don't worry. When we flip the switch on the 'Hawk... It's going to be beautiful.
LCDRMatsumura: Good point, but we can't continually second guess our plans.
LCDRMatsumura: Some things *have* to be left to luck or chance.
Dr Trabeaux: if they have NOT contact about talked to us ... and our people wont talk to them.... the will become very useless very quickly
CptQTolerre: Not if the Romulans still think they can break them.
CdrDwayneJohnson: They wont break Doc. He's top shelf ... Sir. If he trained those men with him. They're top shelf too.
Dr Trabeaux: ::nids:: that superiorty complex thing will hold for a while, but Kal is right our guys wont break and when frustration set in ....
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::Looks around and shrugs::: I'm a fan.
CptQTolerre: And if they are dead, we bring back what we can.
CptQTolerre: No man left behind.
CptQTolerre: Especially not these men.
LCDRMatsumura: ::smiles slightly, knowing that they're intel... death before disclosure::
Cibernite: Agreed
Dr Trabeaux: ::nods:: works for me
CdrDwayneJohnson: Ooorah
CptQTolerre: Ok, so lets get to work.
Dr Trabeaux: everybody move with a purpose ... time is aginst us!
LCDRMatsumura: ::arches a brow at Frenchie::
CptQTolerre: Ciber, Viento, when you get done rigging the Nighthawk, brush up on your Phoenix Split plans. You'll both be driving a section.
LCDRMatsumura: ::thinking he should switch to decaf::
Cibernite: :::Gets up and walks over to Viento::::::Verywell
CptQTolerre: Kal, come with me to the holodeck, I want you to have a crash course in how this ship works.
CdrDwayneJohnson: Luce ... Shawn .. you know what to do with the Nighthawk.. you heard the Captain ... get it done. Pierre .. Lott.. Armory. Let's move people. Chop chop.
LCDRMatsumura: ::rises, nods, moving toward the exit::
CptQTolerre: PAUSE SIM!
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