last chance,best hope

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last chance,best hope

Postby Dr. Trabeaux » Wed Feb 14, 2007 7:59 am

Trabeaux was in the sick bay working on synthesizing DNA to leave for trace in the ship, once he put it all in the nighthawk he would have to remember to tell everybody not to touch anything.

“What can I leave as charred remains?”

After a bad reentry like the one they were faking with the nighthawk, there would not be much in the way of bodies but there would be SOMETHING. The only good news was since they were already on the clock, the PROPS would not have to stand up to much more than casual scrutiny, by the time the got the parts back to be tested and discover they are fake everyone better already be of the planet. Finally deciding the best he could do is spray down regular prosthetics with the DNA and remove all the mechanical parts.

After some time SB was covered with circuit boards, chips, and other computer parts that make the prosthetics work.

“Damnit Q I am a Dr. not an Engineer”

Not long after that everything was completed to the best of his ability he had some of the red shirts cover the nighthawk with the synthesized DNA and prosthetics. Hopefully Viento was getting the charges placed in spots that would split the nighthawk open like a rotten melon. Trabeaux made his way down to the weapons lockers, walking past Dwayne and Lottie.

“So I had a thought, I think the call sign for the ship once we leave the Nix should be LAST CHANCE, and once we blow away from the nighthawk we should change the call sign to BEST HOPE. What do ya’ll think?”

Trabeaux was grabbing weapons the whole time he was talking and was now pretty well armed with a side arm, rifle, and a bandoleer of throwing knives. To add to his arsenal he was also putting on some heavier armor, figuring being able to take a few more shots was worth the sacrifice in mobility. Looking up he sees Dwayne smirking at him.

“What? It was just a thought”

Without another word Trabeaux moves toward the shuttle bay.
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