Nebula Class Seperation Techniques: 101

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Nebula Class Seperation Techniques: 101

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Nebula Class Seperation Techniques: 101
A Joint Log Written By
Counselor Kal El and Captain Quiterie Tolerre

Tolerre steps onto the bridge. She looks around, content that the
holodeck program has everything correct. She looks over her shoulder
at Kal. "You will stand back here at tactical. You will be commanding
this section of the ship. I will be commanding the three sections over
all. You will report to me, the same as Viento and Andrews."

Kal steps over to the tactical console and looks down. Tolerre
starts speaking again. "From that console, you can see the location of
this section, the secondary and tertiary sections, as well as any
fighters or other defensive measures the forces on the planet launch.
You will provide direction to helm for evasive and attack maneuvers.
The helm officer will know all the moves, but Lt. Alentsa will put
into effect any specific maneuvers you order. You can brush up on your
defensive and offensive maneuvers before Zero Hour."

Tolerre punches in a few commands. "What's coming up now is a run
through of the separation tactics for the Phoenix. We split into three
sections. The bridge is the primary section. Secondary, under the
command of Andrews, and Viento will have the Tertiary section.

"As three sections, we have more fire power and more attack
options. Once each section is clear, we have the lethal force of three
small attack cruisers. Modifications specific to the Phoenix give us
enhanced sensors, so we can see more of what is coming at us, and some
of what is not seen." Tolerre blinks, then looks at a console. "And
that may also be to our advantage. Or at least the Team's advantage.
Once we're out in the open, we can open full sensor sweeps on the
planet. Maybe our more extensive sensors will be able to penetrate
that cloak a bit and help them out." Tolerre shakes her head, then
looks back up at Kal. "Any questions?"

"Yes, I do have a couple of questions. Is the separation
automated or will I need to be giving commands to the helm controller
on what to do? Also, am I to understand that I will be in charge of
the main bridge during separation? Lastly, where will you be during
all of this?" Kal replies with an eagerness to understand what is
going on.

Tolerre smiles. "Helm and OPS will perform the separation in
conjunction with their counterparts on the other sections. You will
only need to give the command to separate and your officers will take
care of the rest. You will have command of the main bridge. I will be
on the bridge with you, but in more of a 'fleet commander' type role."
Tolerre watches his face as she speaks, looking to see if he registers
any reaction to knowing she will be there to either see any mistakes
or provide guidance in the new and temporary role.

"Great Captain. I just hope that I am up to the task. This will
certainly be my first experience being in charge of a bridge during a
combat situation." Turns away and looks at the console behind him so
that she cannot see the look on his face. "I guess there is no better
time than the present to learn this, and I guess jumping in over your
head is the best way to learn." He turns back around looking all
confident, "Is there anything else Captain?"

Tolerre's smile turns slightly amused. "I have a command training
program currently loaded here. I want you to run through scenarios
Alpha, Beta, and Gamma until you are comfortable. They'll take you
through the separation procedures as well as a few combat tactics.
When you are finished here, I believe Trabeaux requires your
assistance in Sickbay. Once the team is ready to depart, I will have
you, Viento and Andrews return to run the simulations in your
respective roles. Have fun. It's going to be a long day." The Captain
turns and exits the holodeck, saying a quick and silent prayer that
Kal's natural confidence and the crash course in command tactics he is
about to receive will prepare him well enough for what's ahead.

Kal sits in the captain's chair. "Computer please include all personel that will be on the bridge during this procedure" All personel appear. "Computer, run program Alpha"

After approximately 2 hours of running through the training Kal finally
feels comfortable with the procedures. "Computer, end program."
Everything disappears and the holodeck grid appears. Kal walks through
the doors and heads to sickbay.
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