Hope for the Future

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Hope for the Future

Postby Cibernite » Wed Feb 14, 2007 10:53 pm

Personal Log Stardate 07021.0 Ltcmdr.Shawn Andrews reporting.
As I walked to the shuttlebay, I couldn't get the thought out of my head. This will be the last mission I will have with The Night Hawk. It was with deep regret that the decision came to literally arm it with explosives and detenate it in the planet's atmosphere. If this will save our team down there , Then what other choice do we have. Carrying the explosives to my ship was like I was signing her death warrent. Viento and I carefully laid the explosives on the deck beside The Night Hawk. "You're going to miss her,Aren't you? " I nodded glumly " I won this ship when I challenged K'Tos. He gave me the access codes when he was lying on the ground and shocked that a human beat him with a weapon that he was supposed to be an expert with. My skills with a Bet'Leth came in handy that day. I'll never forget it." Looking at the hull of the ship, I couldn't help to feel a little sad. Then I remembered what someone said in the Briefing. " There are plenty more letters in the alphabet." So I'll make The Night Hawk II Even better than the orginal. She'll be the best ship in the Intel arsenal and She'll be ours as well . Not Star Fleet, But ours." With renewed confidence, I helped Viento place the rest of the explosives. I thought, What kind of ship would the Night Hawk II be? Like Lt. Paris's Delta Flyer, Or like the Captain's Yacht from The Enterprise E? Or mabe a mixture of the two..... Computer End Log and transmit to my Historical Database. Authorization Code: Andrew Pyre Gamma One.
Ltcmdr Shawn Andrews, Star Fleet Intellegence. The world is but a Stage and in life, we are all just actors
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