Return of the Phoenix 6/21/07

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Return of the Phoenix 6/21/07

Postby CaptQT » Thu Jun 21, 2007 8:59 pm

Cibernite: ::::AA::::
CptQTolerre: The Away Team successfully pulled off their mission. The coordination between the three sections of the Phoenix was overpowering for the meager planetary forces. Team Alpha has been dropped off at the nearest waypoint and the
CptQTolerre: Phoenix continues on her way.
CptQTolerre: An unmarked package has been left in Commander Johnson's quarters, with only a note saying "Open in the company of friends."
CptQTolerre: The signature reads "~SD"
CptQTolerre: We'll start off easy Any questions?
Cibernite: Are we going to his quarters or Are we on the Bridge?
CptQTolerre: You are either off duty or at your duty station. Rock gets to handle the finding and opening of the package
Cibernite: ok
CptQTolerre: Alright then. Red's going to be a few minutes late. Mark, I think, is on the phone with his mom...I'll go poke him in a minute...
CptQTolerre: And Mike will be back next week. So let's get this party started!
CptQTolerre: =/\=BEGIN SIM =/\=
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Dwayne was peeling off the duty uniform. All the wiring within the suit was at times a bit uncomfortable after several hours. A sonic shower and afterwards started getting dressed in standard uniform with black inner tunic.::::
strmscalm: ;;going through inventory:: Missions always make the paint chip...
CptQTolerre: ::steps out of the refresher, wrapping a towel around herself::
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::He was off toward the door then something out of place caught his eye. A box. Rock wasn't neat by anyone's standard, but his mess and chaos was organized. He knew where everything was and what everything was. He walked over
Cibernite: ::::: On my way to the bridge after taking a much needed break::::Reaches TL::::::: Bridge!
CdrDwayneJohnson: to the box and lifted it into his hands. Shaking it a bit and leaning toward it while lifting it toward ear. Listening to the box to see if it was an old school bomb.:::: This is odd. :::He pulled the tag and read it. Walking out
CptQTolerre: ::She stepped out into her room, the soft tinking of her Tai Chi music still playing through her quarters, allowing her to continue to feel the relaxation that came with the movements that preceded her shower::
LCDRMatsumura has entered the room.
CdrDwayneJohnson: of his quarters with box in hand he spoke to computer.:::: Computer ... scan box in my hands for anything of hazard. :::Granted he didn't want to ruin the suprise.... if it was friendly:::
LCDRMatsumura: ::prepping her report to HQ from her recent op on DS9::
Cibernite: ::::Arrives on the Bridge. The doors open to heBridge filled with Delta Shift Personel manning the stations. They stopped in thier tracks as I entered. ::::::: As you were. Give me a status report.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Computer indicated nothing of danger within the box so Dwayne would trust it's word. Such was the trust in modern tech of the day and age. He entered the lift and spoke:::: Computer ... bridge. :::Once within the lift he'd tap
CdrDwayneJohnson: his badge::: +QT+ Cap ... I think you might want to join me on the bridge. I think ... we have a gift you might want to see? Maybe. I think it's from Alpha Team 1a.
strmscalm: ::sees her shift is over, gets up and heads to the nearest TL::
CptQTolerre: +Dwayne+ Acknowledged. I'l be there momentarily.
CdrDwayneJohnson: +Luce, Lott+ You are needed on the bridge please. ::::Computer indicated Shawn Andrews already on the bridge.::::
CptQTolerre: ::dons her duty uniform and towels her hair mostly dry::
LCDRMatsumura: ::scrolls through the report one last time, and is just about to tap "Send" when the comm sounds::
LCDRMatsumura: +Johnson+ Understood, Commander. On my way.
LCDRMatsumura: ::closes comm, taps "send" and submits her report to HQ::
Cibernite: ::::: Everyone indicated that all systems were Functioning properly and we're on our way towards our next destination.:::::
CptQTolerre: ::brushes her hair down and heads for the door. The music stops as the door closes behind her::
LCDRMatsumura: ::moves down the corridor toward the lift, heading for the bridge::
Dr Trabeaux has entered the room.
Dr Trabeaux: ((sorry i am late chatting with the folks))
CptQTolerre: ::approaches the lift and steps in as it opens. Nods to Matsumura;: Good morning.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::::Steps off the bridge and looks over toward Shawn::: What's up pal? Everything clear out there right? No alerts or anything?
Cibernite: ::::::Satisfied, I sit in the Chair as the crew continue their work:::
LCDRMatsumura: Morning, ma'am.
LCDRMatsumura: ::nods in return::
LCDRMatsumura: ::steps into the lift as the doors open::
Dr Trabeaux: ::in SB::
Cibernite: :::::: Looks up at the Commander::::: Nothing wrong sir. :::::Looks at the box::::::: What's with the box?
CptQTolerre: ::rides the lift up to the bridge::
CdrDwayneJohnson: +Pierre+ Doc ... bridge.. now. :::Looks over toward Shawn::: I have no idea, but I know it's a friendly. Computer scanned it and nothing out of the ordinary. Almost.
LCDRMatsumura: ::hands clasped behind her back as the lift ascends::
Dr Trabeaux: +D+ Aye!?
LCDRMatsumura: ::as the lift doors part, pauses to let the captain go first::
Dr Trabeaux: ::heads toward bridge::
Cibernite: ::::::nods::::::: Interesting
Dr Trabeaux: ::enters TL:: bridge
CptQTolerre: ::steps out, looks over to Dwayne as she moves down towards the center of the bridge::
Cibernite: ::::::stands as the Captain enters:::::: Captain on Deck!
CptQTolerre: ::nods to Andrews:: At ease.
Dr Trabeaux: ::Arrives at bridge, waits in the TL till Q gives the at ease::
LCDRMatsumura: ::steps out of the lift, moving to one of the sciences stations::
Cibernite: ::::::Stands at ease and moves out of the chair:::::
CptQTolerre: ::looks around:: Quite a gathering. What's the occasion, Commander? ::quirks a bit of a smile::
strmscalm: ::steps onto the bridge::
Dr Trabeaux has left the room.
CptQTolerre: ::nods to Luce and Trabeaux as they enter, then looks back to Dwayne and his box::
Dr Trabeaux has left the room.
Dr Trabeaux has entered the room.
Dr Trabeaux: ((BK))
LCDRMatsumura: ::turning in her seat, glancing at the box::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Well ... I got this from Alpha team. ::::Rock settled the box down in the XO chair and started to open it. When he saw what it was he pulled it out slowly ... almost reverantly.... worshipping the beauty of what he held in his
Dr Trabeaux: ((fracing 2 yearolf battery.... 4 mintue life.. ::mumbles:::-))
CdrDwayneJohnson: hands. He popped the cork and sniffed it.:::: Old ... ass .... terran.. deep south... knock yo momma on the ass.. moonshine. I love ALPHA TEAM!
LCDRMatsumura: ::shakes her head:: Oh, frak.
CptQTolerre: ::furrows brows:: Moonshine?
Cibernite: :::::looks at the contents::::: Is that real Moonshine? not the Synthetic stuff.
CptQTolerre: ::steps closer and looks at the liquid, catches a whiff and starts coughing as it burns her airways::
CptQTolerre: ::steps away:: That stuff is pure alcohol!
CdrDwayneJohnson: Moon mother frakkin .. shine! Look at the year.. this shit is old.... 2006 ... that was a good year ... The year of Borat.
Dr Trabeaux: ok as the dr. here I would like to take a small sample jsut to make sure it is not going to kill u before you drink it!!!
LCDRMatsumura: We can use it as a cleaning solutions for the nacelles...
LCDRMatsumura: ::smirking at the captain::
CptQTolerre: ::looks to Luce:: Would that work?
Dr Trabeaux: ::pulls out a small pipette and looks at D:: may I?
Cibernite: Indeed Very old. But what does it taste like? I bet it's not very paletable.
LCDRMatsumura: ::looks at Frenchie:: You jus' carry that around?
strmscalm: I think you should drink itt.
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head:: No, no and NO. There will be no drunkenness on my bridge.
strmscalm: It might burn a hole through the engine right into space.
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::He presented the shine to Pierre. Pour and smirks happily at the scent.::: You smell that... you smell that... that's dying brain cells. Aw... heaven in a bottle.
LCDRMatsumura: Would probably be great materiel...with the right detonator.
strmscalm: ::nods at Matsumura:: That idea is better.
CptQTolerre: ::sighs as Dwayne starts pouring::
LCDRMatsumura: ::shrugs:: What can I say? My specialty.
Cibernite: None for me I'm driving
Dr Trabeaux: ok no one drink this stuff until I have tested it ... I will be quick as possible ::smirks at ciber::
CdrDwayneJohnson: :::Looks toward Pierre and grins wide::: Show them what you got Doc. Chugalug Chugalug!
CptQTolerre: ::takes the bottle from Dwayne's hands while he's watching Pierre, stuffs the cork back in and puts it back in the box::
Dr Trabeaux: I will be back in a moment :: heads toward TL::
CptQTolerre: ::closes the box up, picks it up and stuffs it in Dwayne's hands:: If you and the others are going to drink this stuff, you're going to have to go off duty and do it in Ten Forward.
CptQTolerre: ::looks Dwayne in the eye, her face somewhere between serious and amused...but mostly serious::
CdrDwayneJohnson: Well ... can I go off duty? That is your call and Shawn does have command of the bridge.
Dr Trabeaux: ((please mama please !!!))
CptQTolerre: You're ALL relieved of duty.
CptQTolerre: Now go. Shoo. Off my bridge with that stuff.
Cibernite: :::::looks Up :::::Captain I'll remain. I don't like to drink that sort of stuff.
Dr Trabeaux: ::arrives in SB, pipettes a little into his mouth:: DAMN!!!! ::stomps foot::
Dr Trabeaux: ::starts running test on it::
LCDRMatsumura: ::slips out of her seat:: I'll start brewing coffee.
CptQTolerre: ::looks at Andrew:: Mr. Andrews, perhaps you could be the designated brain for this group.
LCDRMatsumura: We're going to need a bloody boatload of the stuff after that.
CptQTolerre: Besides, you can take black mail holos for later.
strmscalm: Maybe I'll have a nip or two... merely for the electronics.
Cibernite: :::Smirks:::: With pleasure ma'am
Cibernite: (BRB AFK)
Dr Trabeaux: ::starts reading the mesuremnts on the screen:: dear god 140 proof... I didn't think that was possible without synthetics
CptQTolerre: ::shakes head, feeling a little too maternal as she herds the group into the TL. But she does acknowledge that they've earned a little time for celebration::
Cibernite: (Back)
Dr Trabeaux: +D+ well I wouldn't drink it like a beer but in moderation it wont KILL you... but it's definately wont be great for you...... ya'll are in tenforward right... I'll be there in a sec
CptQTolerre: (::waits to see if anyone is actually going to step into the TL and go find somewhere appropriate for a party :: )
CdrDwayneJohnson has left the room.
CdrDwayneJohnson has entered the room.
CptQTolerre: (chirp chirp)
LCDRMatsumura: ((Sorry... Just...hanging))
LCDRMatsumura: ::already in the lift, headed for the coffeemaker in 10-4::
CdrDwayneJohnson: (Got punted. Had to reboot)
CptQTolerre: (woo, yellow name....QT is pushing ou all into the TL)
Dr Trabeaux: ((better then here it's hot pink))
strmscalm: ::steps into the TL::
strmscalm: ::is glad she used Dial::
LCDRMatsumura: (( ::squishes Trillian, grateful for the two color scheme:: ))
Dr Trabeaux: ((don't you wish everyone did))
Cibernite: :::::Stands and waits for the Captain and the rest to leave::::
CptQTolerre: ::turns and spots Andrews as she steps away from the TL:: I thought you were going to go keep an eye on them.
LCDRMatsumura: ::out of the lift now, heading for the bar::
Cibernite: Oh Sorry Ma'am I'll go with them.
Dr Trabeaux: :: arrives in ten forward as everyone else does::
LCDRMatsumura: ::enters, shooing the bartender down further, before starting the coffee pot::
CptQTolerre: ::smiles:: And try to enjoy yourself a little. It IS a celebration.
Cibernite: :::::gets up and enters the TL::::::: Ten Forward!
CdrDwayneJohnson: ::::Walks into the lounge holding bottle up and settling it down on a table.:::: Everyone grab a shot glass or something. We're going to toast ... but what do we toast to?
Dr Trabeaux: to honor!!
LCDRMatsumura: ::makes herself a latte, deciding it best to steer clear of the floor, moonshine::
Cibernite: ::::: Arrives at Ten forward and strides up to the bar::::: Bartender! One tall glass of Tea , Sweet and little ice.
CptQTolerre: ::steps over to the replictor and orders herself a treat....a white mocha::
CptQTolerre: ::takes the steaming mug and heads to her ready room to sort through the incoming communiques, leaving Lt. Fradel in charge of the bridge::
Cibernite: ::::::Recieves the glass and takes it over to where the rest of them are:::
Dr Trabeaux: Do watch how much of this stuff you drink, it aient your daddys cough medicine
CptQTolerre: ::slides into the chair behind her desk and brings up her console::
CdrDwayneJohnson: To honor? :::He looked toward Pierre::: What are you ... a knight of the round table? ::::He thinks for a moment.:::: To the Phoenix ... To the Federation and To Shi'Ar Joe ... may he choke on his own ... uh...ya know.
CptQTolerre: ::sips her mocha as she listens to the messages::
Dr Trabeaux: I think i need a double for that
CptQTolerre: ::sets the drink down as a comm from HQ comes up with a data packet of the latest orders::
LCDRMatsumura: May he die in a bus fire.
LCDRMatsumura: ::grins, raising her latte::
CptQTolerre: ::pulls the data into her console and starts sifting through::
Dr Trabeaux: LOL
strmscalm: ::raises water::
CptQTolerre: ::reads through the data once, then scrolls back up to start again, this time, ready to make notes::
LCDRMatsumura: ::sips her latte, listening to the gurgling of the old-fashioned coffeemaker::
Cibernite: Aye Drink up Lads! ::::::Turns to where the Voice is coming from::::: Captain Amos Muirhead?! You old Scoundrel. Hows life as a pirate, errSorry Privateer. I've got to remember you were cleared of the charges.
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