A Sixth Sense - From TiffanyHtr

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A Sixth Sense - From TiffanyHtr

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Subject: A Sixth Sense
Date: 3/24/1998 3:35 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: TiffanyHtr

Arane t'Hunter's log
(Log was recorded before the AT's leave)

Arane looked out her window and gazed at the millions of stars that hovered in the black velvet sky outside her quarters. She sighed wishing she could forget the past that she left behind her.

She remembered very clearly the hurt look on her twin sister's face when Arane informed her that she would also be joining the Federation Academy. Arrenhe, her twin sister, never usually showed any emotion...but Arane could sense it with a deeper understanding that they had always shared. Arrenhe would have a hard time getting along without Arane, they both knew that. But the seperation had to be done at one time oranother... and she also felt a desire to get away from all the things familiar to her.

But this! Arane pratically doubled over in pain as it shot through her soul. Medical couldn't help her... Arrenhe was having problems... what they were, Arane wish she knew.
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