Science Staff Meeting - From ArntVecht

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Science Staff Meeting - From ArntVecht

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Subject: Science Staff Meeting
Date: 5/6/1998 7:57 AM US Mountain Standard Time
From: ArntVecht

Tau rose from his desk in his quarters. It was 0730hrs and the science dept staff meeting was approaching. Gathering his notes he headed for the main science conference room. As he entered the TL, daise Beavis stepped in, smiling.

"Jolan tru El'Arrain" tr'Beavis had been with science since Tau had been appointed Daise Science on the Selok and had made the posting on Wraith. Tau smiled back.

"Jolan tru tr'Beavis...How are things in the sensor pallette repair section?" tau asked with a mischievous grin.

Beavis Rolled his eyes, signifying his obvious frustration for it "It's ...there Rekkhhai....I'm on my way to it now."

Tau nodded, then leaned to him sideways and spoke in a low voice. "Maybe you should take a bottle of ale along"

Beavis suddenly burst out laughing..then recovering added " Actually TauVe, I was thinking of 2 bottles!"

Tau let out a burst of laughter in response..... The two of them had formed a subtle bond since they met. and when alone like this dropped their ranks. TauVe liked tr'Beavis because of his thoroughness in duty, and B'Eavis liked Tau's unconventional approach to the science dept.

The lift stopped and the two suddenly dropped back into rank as the door opened "Jolan tru Daise Beavis"

::Tau said as he Stepped of the lift and others got on "Jolan tru Rekkhhai....oh and rekkhhai, I will make sure that ..2! are sent to the repair section"

Beavis winked unseen to the others on the lift. Tau Looked back casually and nodded in agreement. When the TL door closed...Tau looked around ...seeing no one around, he let out a small fit of
laughter and then walked on down the corridor speaking to himself quietly " gosh he cracks me up"....

::Tau entered the Science Conference room seeing no one here yet he walked over to the table and sat at the head of it and began to read his reports. The time is 0741hrs

The senior-most members of the Wraith's science department converged on the science wardroom and took their respective seats. Arrain t'Vecht entered a fraction of a siuren behind Tau and Acura, her cheeks flushed green as a result of her exertion to get there on time and the realization of her faux pas; that she was in fact half a siuren late. After nodding apologetically to both of her superiors, t'Vecht set down her cup of tea and looked up from her ISD to El'Arrain NeHawk who stood at the front of the room and commenced the meeting.

After a brief mention of the current mission status and it's developments, the Daise turned the floor over to his assistants for their briefings. t'Vecht gave a courteous nod to her colleagues and picked up her ISD with her recently completed report on the Wraith's sensor diagnostics.

"Primary sensor systems have all been optimized. The long-range sensor arrays and astronomic observation systems are all at 100%, port and starboard, forward and aft. Passive imaging sensors are likewise at 100%. However, planetary analysis systems including the short-range sensor arrays are only functioning at 95% and I've forwarded my recommendation to engineering to have them looked at next time we are in port."

Slowing her speech she looked directly from Tau to Acura and then looked down and continued in an almost remorseful whisper , "In light of recent developments hrrau Bhet'sad, I think that the Wraith's preparedness is more critical than ever."

Acura was sitting in his chair, leaning to the right a little, slightly slouched and looking rather comfortable. He stared into his kocha swirling the dark liquid unaware of t'Vechts completion of her report until he heard Tau clear his throat loudly to get his attention.

Tau spoke in a tone that Acura was very familiar with" Acura..please give your thoughts and submit reports..!!"

Acura looked up toward Tau then glanced at tVecht before he spoke in a monotone voice "Aye Sir...I have to agree with t'Vecht. Our preparedness for any situation is priority one.." He then immediately raised his PADD from his lap to the table and looked at it a moment before speaking in the same voice vague of emotion " I have rechecked all the sensor logs from previous missions and therefore sent all data to both the Shi'ar Empire and to Starfleet per the Wraith/Aehallh treaty protocol. A note on our current mission has been highlighted and each of our governments have been notified that info on said Highlight may change and most likely will!"

Acura touched the PADD with his stylus and raised a brow. "Chief..umm...Sir..I have also been working on a few individual experiments that require your approval for further studies and science resource usage. I will have those files and a brief description of each file on your desk as soon as possible."

Acura looked up from his PADD and inhaled slowly, then exhaled as he eyes moved from Tau to t'Vecht..." Guys...Umm...on a more personal the record...I want to take this moment to apologize for my conduct up to now and let you both know that all of my actions will be handled in a more professional manner...I never realized ...I was acting in such an exaggerated behavior while on duty until someone..." He looked up and fixed his eyes on Tau..." pointed that out to me..and I am grateful for that wake up call...Well..that ends my report.."

After hearing Acura's report, Tau and t'Vecht both stared mutely at their colleague. Breaking the silence, Tau stood and terminated the meeting with a few encouraging words and a regal nod to his staff.

(From the hidden talents of Tau, Acura and t'Vecht)
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