Duty Log, June 16 1998 - From EnsTashira

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Duty Log, June 16 1998 - From EnsTashira

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Subject: ===/\ ==== Duty Log, June 16 1998 ==/\=======
Date: 6/20/1998 9:02 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: EnsTashira

Leila, frustrated at the biobed problem, taps the console repeatedly. Mental note....contact engineering about this...we may need it, she mutters to herself. The door opens and Gail returns to the sick bay. Maenak? Request permission to return to my quarters. The maenak, grants her request. Leila walks out of the Sick Bay and strolls down the hall, trying to get familiar with her surroundings. Sure is smaller than I expected. Walks to the TL and the coors close behind her. Leila arrives in her quarters a short time later. Computer, Lights 70%. The computer complies and the lighting comes up, slightly dimmed. She reaches up and takes the pin out of her hair.Shaking her head slightly, shw walks towards the dining area to get a drink. Computer...hot chocolate, 110 degrees. The computer again complies and she takes the glass and sits at her desk.Computer...Begin Medical Officers log Stardate 9806.16. Computer beeps. Well, today was my first day at work and I can't help but wonder....Where did Gail go? Her watch beeped and she left me there to man (or woman as the case may be) the Sick Bay, by myself. Not that I minded...a was a little....distracted. Pauses, sipping the cocoa. So far, I learned a few new words in thr Rihannsu language...I hope I don't say them wrong when it'stime to use them. Pauses again. I need to alert engineering about Biobed number 3, because it seems for a new ship, it's got a few bugs in it. Pauses. Okay, a LOT of bugs in it. Pause. Okay, okay it really needs a really large can of "Raid". Chuckles to herself. Gail is aware of the problem....maybe she has already addressed the problem to engineering. Thinks for a second. Gotta remember to ask her that. Close log.Computer beeps again.

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