Thoughts of the first day - From EnsSekarSF

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Thoughts of the first day - From EnsSekarSF

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Subject: Personal Log - Thoughts of first day
Date: 7/8/1998 3:55 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: EnsSekarSF

=/\= Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 9807.07 =/\=

When I heard about this ship at the Academy, I believed that serving here would be challenging and somewhat intriguing. My first day aboard did nothing but confirm my thoughts. Immediately after reporting aboard, I went to sickbay for my physical. Things seemed routine, when a Romulan officer, who was escorting another new Ensign, walked in with a Kyrosian Tiger. I must admit that I was somewhat surprised to see such a thing abaord a Federation starship. The tiger paced around sickbay while I was receiving my exam. A few seconds later, an out of breath Security officer ran through the door. I assumed he was there totake the tiger to a kennel, but he exchanged glances with the Romulan officer, looked at the tiger, and left. To tell the truth, he seemed a little intimidated, both by the Romulan officer, and the tiger, and I can understand this. After my exam, I left to, attempting to avoid the tiger and its handler.

My next appointment was at the Counselor's office. Another surprise greeted me when a female dressed in a Romulan uniform, gave me the traditional Vulcan greeting. What very few Romulan's I have encountered, have shown a great distaste for Vulcan traditions. She asked no questions, which leads me to believe my personal history has not arrived yet. Had she seen my family history, and the unique situation I encountered growing up, I suspect shewould have had a few questions for me. I left well enough alone, and proceeded to report for duty at the security office.

I waited for a few minutes until the Acting Security Chief, LtJG Steamrunner, came in. He did not stay long, and I found myself alone for a while. I used this time to read over reports, and sastify my curiosity about the Kyrosian Tiger. My father once said that one learns little from a boring situation. That being the case, I'm certain I will gain a wealth of information from this assignment. The officers onboard that I have met, seem to be of exceptional quality, and I will no doubt grow from my association with them. Federation and Romulan officers working together. Perhaps a sample of the future, right before me.

=/\= END LOG =/\=
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