Anticipation of ... - From EnsTashira

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Anticipation of ... - From EnsTashira

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Subject: Anticipation of...
Date: 7/18/1998 4:57 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: EnsTashira

Away Team!

The words struck Leila like a lightning bolt. Of course there were many simulations in Academy, but somehow, in the back of your mind, you knew they weren't real. But this was real and she was....scared? Excited? Apprehensive? Nervous? She admonished herself. Geez, this is no time top play around...they are counting on me. She thought of Brinae.Now that I know that she is safe, I can concentrate on work. Why Taj chose her to be on the team, she will never know. But she had hoped it was because he had confidence in her abilities. She found the Erei'Riov to be confusing at times; one minute a practical joker and the next minute fierce and mean. She wondered how non-telepaths could get along with him, as she can always sense is mood. She mad a mental note to thank him...maybe...if they survive..for including her on the mission. As she made preparations for her first away team mission, she decided to do something that she had been putting off ever since Brinae was born.Computer, record Last Will and Testament of Leila Tashira. She ran down the list of things she and Tommy had accumulated during their marraige; the only things he had taken in the divorce was his clothes. Most of the things they..SHE..had were collections of 20 century things..antique dolls, knives, guns and things collected from various vacations. And THEN there were the things from the previous hosts of the Joi symbiont. She sigheddeeply. This was gonna take a while. Brinae will be taken care of by Johanna Scott, my mother. And last, the Joi symbiont will be returned to the Trillian government for implantation into another host. After two hours, she was done. Frowning, she saves her work and finished preparing for the mission. This, she thought to herself, was gonna be interesting.

Ensign Leila Tashira
USS Daystrom

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