A Departure and Reflections - From LtJgLeilaT

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A Departure and Reflections - From LtJgLeilaT

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Subject: A Departure and Reflections....
Date: 8/21/1998 3:43 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: LtJgLeilaT

Leila rose out of bed that morning, glad to be home. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she thought about the message she received..Priority..from Starfleet yesterday...

"Lieutenant Tashira?" The face of the Starfleet operative appeared on the view screen.
"Yes, Commander?"
"We have received word that your daughter has been found and Tommy is in our custody..awaiting trial."
Breaking down, she sobbed in deep relief, a heavy burden lifted from her shoulders. "Oh, thank you!! Thank you!" The Commander left instructions for her to travel to Betazed to pick up her daughter.

Leila had asked the Captain for a leave of absence to acertain the mental condition of her daughter, and to testify at Tommy's trial. Being the fair man he is, he granted her request, with regret in his eyes.
Sighing, she rose to get dressed and soon she was walking along the corridor to Sick Bay. After work, she went back to her quarters and packed. Placing her personal items in a bag, she reflected on her crewmates....her friends..

Daise'Erei'Riov Latar: Quiet, a man of few words, Latar was the first person she met on the ship and had liked him instantly. She enjoyed the comfortable rapport they shared.

El'Riov Kvout Taj'Arms: Taj was feared by most of the ensigns, much to his own delight. Taj was a confident man, borderline arrogant. ::chuckles:: And fiercely loyal. She admired him greatly, but would never let on. His specialty was teasing the maenaks.

El'Arrain T'Neya: The Kheinsa had a serene way about her and Leila was grateful for the help she received from Chioban on the away team mission. Leila was glad to be able to do her job because of the counselor.

Lieutenant Senior Grade Nolla Tarkonia: The Chief Medical Officer, she had such a fire...an enthusiasm for her job that Leila wished she could matched. They'd become close friends as they had a shared loss, leaning on each other.

Lieutenant H. Gail Dailey: A firebrand from the South on Terra..::grins:: They shared a wicked sense of humor and was always game for a little torturing. The almost constant smirk was a welcome sight to Leila.

Lieutenant Commander Acura: A teaser, the science officer was fun to be around, and had a knowledge of all things trivial. His obsession with a certain chair was always amusing to Leila.

Erei'Riov Dar'h tr'Mark: Never forgetting what he did for the team, she was indebted to him for risking his life for them.

Lieutenant Thomas MacBellew: ::smiles:: The man who saved her sanity...replacing BioBed 3..::chuckles::

El'Arrain T'Nyrek: Always a stoic person, Nyrek was never rude..just quiet, mostly keeping to herself, save for a privileged few who got to know her.

Captain James Haddock: ::sighs:: A strong quiet man, Haddock was the "Rock of Ages," a shoulder for all the crew to lean on. He was a wise and just leader.

Leila sighed. Most of the crew she didn't have much contact with, but they will be missed all the same..just like the ones she did know. She finished packing and stood in the middle of her quarters, tears streaming from her sad blue eyes. She dabbed her eyes and exited the room, carrying a simple bag. She walked to the turbo lift and entered.
"Shuttle Bay 3." The turbo lift moves and she waits nervously. Arriving at the shuttle, she threw her bag into the cockpit. Tapping on the console, she undocked, cleared the shuttle bay doors, and sped away, 1/4 impulse power, to Betazed.
As the ship got smaller in the distance, she waved a little wave.
"Jolan tru Daen."

Lieutennant Junior Grade

Leila Tashira

Assistant Medical Officer

USS Daystrom

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