Assistant Medical Officer Log - From Nghtengail

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Assistant Medical Officer Log - From Nghtengail

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Subject: Assistant Medical Officer Log 9808.18
Date: 8/23/1998 2:17 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: Nghtengail

"Computer, open log and confirm"


"Assistant Medical Officer, Dr. H. Gail Dailey, Lt., duty log stardate 9808.18, begin recording."

"Recording in progress."

::deep sigh, begins in a serious professional tone:: "Both away teams have returned to the ship and most have been cleared through sickbay and have returned to duty. The acid "bath" that the teams were involved in has taken its toll. Most of Lieutenant Commander Acura's team suffered minor smoke inhalation from the fumes which caused some lung scaring, myself included. This should heal in a short period of time.

::involuntary cough::

All but El'Arrain Nyrek have been treated and released to return to duty. The El'Arrain brought Kheinsa T'Neya to sickbay and left to return to duty before being looked at, presumably to return to duty on the bridge. I will see to it that the El'Arrain receives proper treatment as soon as possible. Erei'Riov Taj'Arms tr'Iksalkm's team was in more serious condition. Most received first and second degree burns from the acid seepage through their clothing and onto their skin, and more extensive damage to the lungs due to prolonged exposure to the smoke. All but EtreTaj'Arms and Kheinsa T'Neya have been treated successfully and cleared for duty. Patients Taj and T'Neya were admitted to sickbay with additional injuries.

::sighs:: After much discussion with Etre Taj'Arms, I began treatment for his extensive injuries, which included a fractured ribs, a broken mandible, strained knee, broken arm, several lacerations, contusions and abrasions. Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nolla Tarkona completed treatment of Etre Taj'Arms as I was pulled to evaluate and treat the Kheinsa, who appears to havefainted on the transporter padd. As a result I do not know the status of Etre Taj'Arms injuries or reinstatement of duties.

::pauses and clears throat:: I've had some unexpected complications in treating Kheinsa T'Neya. Although the original injuries are not life threatening, they are complicated by the fact that scans indicate the Kheinsa is approximately three or four weeks pregnant. The embryo being part Vulcanoid and Human would naturally abort after a period of four weeks. However, due to the exposure to the acid and the stress of the situation, the embryo's statusis in question.

I have been able to stabilize... ::pauses:: both patients, and the Captian has been advised of his wife's condition. I have requested more information and assistance from the Vulcan Science Institute, but I fear that a response may come to late as we are well away from Vulcan space and a reply may take several days to reach us. I will continue to monitor the situation and do my best to continue treatment in the best interest of mypatients.

Duty log respectfully submitted.

Dr. H. Gail Dailey, Lt., Assistant Medical Officer, USS Daystrom.

Computer end log and forward a copy to Lieutenant Tarkona."

"Log closed."

Dr. H. Gail Dailey, Lt."Nightengail"
::smirk::"The salsa eating, piano playing, lounge singing,dart throwing, fun loving, Rihannsu speaking Doctor"
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