Personal Log: Stardate 9808.22 - From LtJG Sekar

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Personal Log: Stardate 9808.22 - From LtJG Sekar

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Subject: Personal Log: Stardate 9808.22
Date: 8/23/1998 5:24 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: LtJG Sekar

=/\= Personal Log: Lieutenant JG Sekar =/\=
Stardate: 9808.22

Not many significant happenings this week. Ensign Trieloff successfully decrypted the chip attained by the away team, but it will take time to acquire any useful information from it. An autopsy of the remains indicates use of a specific blade, used by the Klingon House of Kor. At this time, we are enroute to their home to continue our investigation. Turning to other matters, Counselor T'Neya continues to recover in sickbay. I am hopeful that she will recover soon. I have found the Counselor to be most kind and helpful during my initial months onboard this ship. For someone who has devoted her life to the help of others, it seems quite unfair that she would be the most seriously harmed in the mission. However illogical, the events of the universe are unpredicable, and can rarely be interpreted as fair or unfair. I witnessed a rather interersting display on the bridge earlier. El'Riov TajArms became quite upset when he saw another officer at his post. I thought it was standard procedure to have all stations manned, especially under our current circumstances, but he seems to disagree, as he ordered his post unmanned when he was onboard. It was not the best of situations for Ensign Trieloff, who had to bear the brunt of the El'Riov's display of anger. Yet another example of the differences between Federation officers, and Romulan officers. Fortunately, as a student of logic, I am able to look past the emotion of a situation, and draw on the educational value. Finally, all is well on Vulcan. My last news of T'Mara, is that her pregnancy is progressing well, and she is due sometime soon. I look forward to seeing her, and our child, soon after the mission is completed.

=/\= End Log =/\=
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