Charlotte: 1, Jor-El: 0 - From JorElRanau

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Charlotte: 1, Jor-El: 0 - From JorElRanau

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Subject: Charlotte: 1, Jor-El: 0
Date: 10/27/1998 5:37 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: JorElRanau

A Ranau Report

A Subsidiary of NightenNau Productions

Joe-El stepped out of the sonishower in Gail's quarters. She was getting off duty in about 15 minutes and they had planned to have dinner before he had to report to duty an hour later. He decided to dress casually, donning a loose long sleeved shirt and slacks. He wanted to make sure he was ready when she arrived; they were on different shifts and they could only see each other briefly, maybe an hour or two before the other had to report for duty.

"Two shifts passing in the night," he muttered to himself. Somehow, though, they always seemed to make the most of the precious little time they had to spend together.

After he finished dressing, Jor-El went into the living area, passing the unique and complicated contraption of boxes and tubes that made up Charlotte's home.

A large Mexican Red Leg Tarantula, Charlotte spent most of her time in there, emerging only when Gail felt the need to show her off. Jor-El thought it was amusing to see the spider roll around in her ball, and thought she even seemed like she followed Gail around. I wonder if she remembered to feed Charlotte. He stood in front of the spider's home
and watched as the arachnid crawled through the tubes from "room" to "room". Well, he thought, If I want Gail, I have to live with we might as well get to know each other. Jor-El opened the box where she was and gently picked up Charlotte, the way he'd seen Gail do it so many times. He placed the spider in his palm and held her up to his eyes. "Hello, Charlotte..." This isn't so bad.

Intending to sit on the couch, Jor-El backed up slowly, but lost his balance when he bumped into the coffee table. "Whoa!" The sudden movement of his hand startled Charlotte and she scurried up his wrist, into his sleeve and down his shirt. "Oh, NO!" Jor-El, who is
extremely ticklish, patted himself in various places vigorously as he burst out laughing, trying to get the spider out of his shirt. He fell back on the couch, wriggling and squirming as the spider scurried this way and that, under his shirt. Jor-El laughed, his deep voice resonating in his chest as the spider crawled across his skin. His face turned a deep red as he struggled to catch his breath. Finally, he decided the only thing to could do was to remove his shirt. He did so, and Charlotte fell to the floor and scurried off.

Jor-El sat on the couch, shirtless, catching his breath from laughing so hard. where'd she go? Just then, he felt Gail's presence as she stepped off the turbolift down the corridor. Oh no, he thought, I've got to find her! He searched the room frantically, on his hands and knees until he located Charlotte under a chair in the corner of the room. He picked her up, carried her to her home and had just closed the door, when Gail entered her quarters. "You're not ready yet?" She
proceeded to give him the third degree about them not having enough time together as it is and now they had to wait for him to get dressed.

Jor-El apologized profusely, using the excuse that he woke up late. The truth, he thought, Is stranger than fiction, anyway.

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