Reassignment - From LtSgVitale

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Reassignment - From LtSgVitale

Postby Daystrom Admin » Sun Feb 29, 2004 10:38 pm

Subject: Reassignment
Date: 11/12/1998 10:46 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: LtSgVitale

John looked up at the viewscreen as the runabout Giordino approached Earth. It had been several years since he'd last laid eyes on his home planet, and it was as beautiful as always. He glanced down at his bag, the same small one he had arrived on the Rihannsu Warbird Wraith with when he'd been a wet-behind-the ears Ensign, and smiled. He took pride in the fact that he had been able to pack away his life into
that one bag still.

Vitale had been accepted into advanced Starship Design training at Starfleet Academy, and had decided to accept the offer (which would earn him a PhD) to return to Earth due to the very sudden illness of his father. The doctors were still unsure what was wrong with the senior Vitale, but they remained optimistic about his condition.

As the runabout prepared to dock, John pushed the tumult of thoughts out of his mind and moved to the forward compartment, preparing to return home.
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