Farewell Lt. Sekar - From Lt Camden

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Farewell Lt. Sekar - From Lt Camden

Postby Daystrom Admin » Sun Feb 29, 2004 10:39 pm

Subject: Farewell Lt. Sekar
Date: 11/18/1998 3:54 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: Lt Camden

A joint log between Lieutenant Sekar and Doctor Nolla Tarkona. The final Sekar log. Enjoy :)


A young Vulcan officer stood outside the main airlock leading to the Starbase, carrying a small handbag in one hand, and a PADD in the other. Inside the handbag contained his personal belongings, and on the PADD contained orders of his transfer. For many months, he'd served on Daystrom while his wife stayed on Vulcan, because it was not safe for families on starships. With the birth of their son, T'Mara had volunteered to render aid to the front lines. Sekar felt it they were both to be in danger, they may as well face it together.

So today, Sekar had been approved for transfer to the USS Aries, where T'Mara was. Their newborn son, Serik, would also be joining them. For the first time, the three of them would be together as a family. Sekar would miss the friends he'd made here, but the logical choice was to be with his family. Before he left his office, he'd forwarded a personal note to Nolla and Boris, his two closest friends, of his departure.

"Permission to disembark?" Sekar asked of the officer of the deck, handing him the PADD.

Ensign Bradley Smith smiled and thumbprinted the PADD, "Permission granted sir"

Lieutenant Sekar nodded and turned to the turbolift. As he left, he heard a feminine voice calling from behind him.

"Sekar! Stop!" yelled Lieutenant Commander Nolla Tarkona.

Sekar stopped and turned, "Nolla. I trust you received my message?"

"Yes, you're leaving?" she asked.

Sekar nodded, "I have been transferred to the ship where T'Mara serves. I had applied for it long ago."

Nolla looked down a little, "Well, take care of yourself. I'm sure you'll be happier serving with your wife."

Sekar thought for a moment about pointing out the emotionalism of what Nolla had just said, but ignored it, "It is logical. Live long and prosper."

Nolla looked up and smiled trying to imitate the "V" sign that Sekar was making, without success, "Live long and prosper."

Sekar turned and headed out of the airlock. He looked forward to joining his family, but still reflected on the many experiences he had on the Daystrom. As he walked, he spoke quietly, "Live long and prosper Daystrom. And jolan tru."

Standing back on Daystrom, Nolla looked down and quietly said, "Live long and prosper."


With the Captain's permission, I have decided to change my character. My new character's name will be Lieutenant Adam Camden with the SN: Lt Camden. Shortly after sending this mail, I will delete this sn and create the new one. See y'all later :)
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