A Lateral Move - From JorElRanau

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A Lateral Move - From JorElRanau

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Subject: A Lateral Move
Date: 3/2/1999 3:36 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: JorElRanau

A Lateral Move

A Ranau Report
A Subsidiary of NightenNau Productions

Guest starring: Captain Joe Reimero

After Kevin and Sasha left sick bay, Jor-El sat back at his desk, reviewing the charts of the latest additions to the crew. He was deep in concentration when his personal communicator chirped. +Reimero to Ranau+
He tapped his PC. +Ranau, here.+
+I need to see you in my ready room, please, as soon as possible.+
Jor-El swallowed a bit. +I'm on my way sir. Ranau out.+ He stood from his desk and went to Nolla's office. "Bosslady....the Captain needs to see me about something...I'll be back as soon as I can."
"Sure thing, Jor-El." Nolla grinned at him, waving him off, returning to the mound of PADDs on her desk.
Jor-El flashed a dimpled grin, then walked through main sick bay and to the turbolift. "Bridge." The turbolift moved rapidly to its destination and he stepped out, among the curious looks from the bridge staff. He crossed over to the Captain's Ready Room and rang the chime.
"Come," came the muffled voice from within.
Jor-El entered the room tentatively, then stood at attention in front of the desk. "Lieutenant Ranau reporting as ordered, sir."
Captain Joe Reimero chuckled, looking up from the PADD he was reading. "At ease, Lieutenant. Have a seat."
Jor-El relaxed, sitting in the chair in front of his desk. "Thank you, sir. You needed to see me?"
"Yes." Joe tapped the PADD. "I received the your request to take over the tactical position on an interim basis."
Jor-El smiled a bit. "Yes, sir."
"I have been reviewing your Starfleet record and I am quite pleased with what I see here." Joe tapped on the PADD again. "Medical has enough staff to handle whatever comes, so therefore, I am granting your request. Starting immediately, you will be our interim tactical officer."
Jor-El flashed a dimpled smile. "Thank you, sir."
Joe smiled, handing him the PADD. "Give this to Commander Sax and tell him to make the necessary changes in the roster. And good luck, Lieutenant."
Jor-El stood, taking the PADD. "Thank you, sir."
Joe stood also, shaking his hand, then sat back down. "Dismissed."
Jor-El nodded, then turned, leaving the Ready Room. He walked over to Commander Sax, giving him the PADD and the message from the Captain, then walked off the bridge, heading for his quarters to replicate a new......gold.....tunic.


The Genius behind:

LtCdr Leila Tashira

Lt. Jor-El Ranau

Ensign Mika'el Ranau

Lt. Sean Jolai

Ensign Shonda Rel'aai

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