Surgery and Patient Records - From Nghtengail

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Surgery and Patient Records - From Nghtengail

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Subject: Surgery and Patient Records
Date: 3/25/1999 8:11 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: Nghtengail

Gail chose her instruments carefully, checking their cleanliness and sharpness with a meticulous eye. Balancing the weight of the steel implement in one hand, she carefully made her incision between the third and four surface ridge. With a steady hand, she proceeded to make a transecting cut effectively making a perpendicular incision to the diameter line.
Switching implements, Gail drew the piece out and placed it on the specimen tray. Picking up yet another utensil, she was posed to make yet another dissection when she heard a voice ask from behind her, "Is the patient going to make it, Dr. Ranau?"
"I don't think so," Gail responded grimly as she dug into the specimen.
"How long do you think the patient has?"
Gail pulled up a small piece of the specimen, staring intently at it, "I'm not sure... 5... 10 minutes maybe if I really take my time." She responded before popping the fork into her mouth with a mischievous gleam in her eye.
Dr. Wynn laughed as Gail grinned and slowly slid the fork out of her mouth. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone eat a chocolate cake like that before."
Gail winked as she swallowed, then pointed at the cake with it's chocolate piping and ridges of chocolate. "That's 'cause this ain't a normal chocolate cake. This here is a double-chocolate-fudge-goodness-gracious-ain't-gonna-last-long-melt-in-your-mouth-cake." She set the fork down, "Ya got the patient reports I asked for?"
"Ah, yep," Dr. Wynn handed her a PADD. "I'll see you for tomorrow's duty shift. Don't let me find you using it as a pillow again."
"I promise," Gail waved to him with her fork as he left. Absentmindedly, she stabbed at the slice of cake while she read the report. This wasn't her favorite part of her job, but it was something that was going to have to be done. She sighed heavily then cleared her fork, "Computer, open a memorandum to Counselor Enisivv-Acura and carbon copy it to Lieutenant Commander Tarkona."
After the computer acknowledged her and began recording, Gail began her message slowly and painfully, "Counselor, I believe it is my duty to refer a patient to you as the patients needs are outside my realm of medical care. Lieutenant Junior Grade Catherine Lund entered sickbay today complaining of lightheadedness and a headache. Upon examination, I found her suffering from some exhaustion and blood sugar to rather low. After questioning, Lt. Lund
admitted that she had not eaten anything for a twenty-four hours. Although this is not a life threatening situation, it was her reaction to my request to eat something that caused me some concern."
Gail popped another forkful of cake in her mouth, swallowed, then continued, "After being given something to eat, Lt. Lund informed me that she was not hungry and refused to eat. Several attempts were made to ask Lt. Lund to eat and/or what the nature of the problem was until I finally had to threaten to put a feeding tube into her to get some sort of nutrimental substance into her body. Although I feel maybe the Lieutenant may have just been
engaged in some sort of battle of wills with the medical staff and not necessarily wishing to do harm to herself, the reaction cause some concern and I believe warrants some sort of psychological evaluation."
"I am forwarding a copy of the patient's file to you. This might be my paranoia in action, but I feel better safe than sorry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me." Gail sighed a little softly, "Dr. Gail Dailey Ranau submitting. Computer, end transmission." Gail frowned, fiddling with her fork for a moment, lost in her thoughts and lost in her chocolate cake.
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