Homing Beacon - From JorElRanau

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Homing Beacon - From JorElRanau

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Subject: Homing Beacon
Date: 5/20/1999 5:51 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: JorElRanau

Homing Beacon

A NightenNau Production

Jor-El held his head in his hand. He had a massive headache, but he knew he'd be okay, with a little rest. He looked up as Nolla handed him the bowl of water. "Thank you," he said quietly, his deep voice hoarse. As he sipped the water, he recalled the Jem'Hadar's mind probe and shuddered a bit. Never before had someone had been in his mind, save for Gail, as deeply. Because of the fact that he was Betazoid, and they knew he had the ability to block
the probe, his captors had turned on the probe full strength. However, he foiled their attempts at gleaning any infomation by concentrating on the memories of his wife and his children. He scanned the small cell with pale green eyes, then watched in horror as Kevin was dragged out of the cell to be subjected to the same treatment. If they do him like they did me, he'll die. He sent a telepathic message to Kevin, warning him of what was to come
and what to do. I hope that helps. In the meantime... Jor-El closed his eyes and concentrated. Somehow....someway, he had to let Gail know where they were and that they were okay.....for now.
Drawing on what little strength he had left, he focused, sinking into a deep trance-like state. Seeing him like that, Nolla raised a brow looking at Adam, then patted Jor-El's shoulder. "Jor? Are you alright?"
"I'm......fine.....Nolla..." He said, his voice distant.
"Are you sure? I can--"
Jor-El grabbed her arm. "Shhh...I'm okay." ~I'm trying to contact Gail.~ he said to her mind.
Nolla blinked at the voice in her head, then narrowed her eyes at Jor-El. "Wha--?"
"Shhhhh..." Jor-El's voice took on a faraway tone as he said quietly, "We need a homing beacon."
"A homing beacon? That's impossible. How are we--?" Her voice trailed off as she watched Jor-El.
Drawing on his strength again, he began to broadcast a mental homing signal...a signal that only two people on the ship can pick up. One, a Betazoid counselor, and the other....his wife.

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