Test of Character - From Lt Camden

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Test of Character - From Lt Camden

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Subject: Test of character
Date: 6/1/1999 9:12 AM US Mountain Standard Time
From: Lt Camden

Test of Character

Adam Camden slept lightly in the Dominion prison cell which housed him and the other away team members. Across from him, Kevin and JorEl were also sleeping, and recovering from the effects of their Breen mental probes. The sight of them earlier was startling to Adam. Both had been led away fighting, but had returned unconscious and shaking. Since then, their condition was better, but they still had periods of unconsciousness and incoherent
Adam knew his time would soon be at hand, and this caused great worry inside of him. How would he react under this pressure, he wondered? Would the pain be too much for him to bear? Would he betray Federation secrets to his enemies? Or would he be able to effectively resist and survive this ordeal with honor? These, and thousands of other questions ran through his mind as he slept. He had been in combat several times, but had never been at the
mercy of his enemy. What lay ahead would definitely prove a test of Adam's endurance and character. Perhaps for the first time, his confidence in his abilities was wavering.
Adam awoke and opened his eyes as the cell forcefield dropped and two Jem Hadar soldiers approached him. They grabbed him by either arm and lifted him to his feet. Adam, gripped by fear, did not resist and followed their every move. They took him from the cell, led him down a long corridor, and to a nearby turbolift. They entered the lift and a Jem Hadar pushed a control panel, which sent the lift into motion. Both Jem Hadar stared to the door
and gave Adam none of their attention.
The lift stopped and the Jem Hadar again took Adam's arms and led him down another corridor, this one more dimly lit than the other. Along the way, he noticed cells lining the corridor, most occupied by one or more people. Since there was no light in them, Adam could not make out any type of identity. At the end of the corridor, Adam was placed in a cell by his guards and the forcefield was activated.
After a few minutes, a familiar Vorta approached Adam in the cell. He bore a serious expression, very unlike his earlier, sarcastic one. He looked at Adam for a few moments and then spoke, "You are probably wondering why you have been brought here."
Adam, trying to fight the fear and anxiety which consumed him, responded, "It had crossed my mind."
A voice from behind the Vorta responded, "Then allow me to explain it too you." The Vorta stepped aside, and a male individual, with a smooth face and a light yellow jumpsuit stepped forward to address Adam. Adam immediately recognized him as a Founder. Expressionless, the Founder continued, "My first contact with you came during your little rescue operation at another of our internment centers. Such a sloppy operations. Surely you must have
known the escape was planned."
Adam looked intently at the Founder and responded, "Surely. Sounds to me like we caught you off guard and made you look a little silly."
The Founder did not react to Adam's taunts, but continued, "We knew we could never duplicate someone like Admiral Pierce, but by openly abducting him, we could find out those closest to him and select someone who would have the best chance at getting what we desire."
Adam furrowed his brow a bit, "And just what is that?"
"We have information which tells us your Federation is responsible for the illness which afflicts my people. We intend to have that information. You would be the best suited to acquire it for us."
Adam surpressed a laugh, "You can't possibly believe I'd ever help you!"
The Founder remained expressionless, "I neither expect nor require any help from you. You have provided us with all we need. While the actions of an Admiral would be highly scrutinized, a junior officer's actions would not. You're grandfather's mental probe indicated a close relationship with you. So as you can see, we have all we need."
Adam's expression sobered as a chill ran through him. He knew what was going to happen. He knew why he had been brought here, away from the others. One of those moments of clarity, so rare in one's life, had just befallen Adam. It didn't last long, however. The forcefield dropped, and Adam was struck in the head with the butt of a Jem Hadar's rifle, rendering him unconscious. The guards took him by both arms and led him away.
As Adam was carried past him, the Founder addressed the Vorta, "It is time for the mission to begin."
The Vorta bowed his head in respect, "With this terrible disease eliminated, nothing will stand in the way of your complete rule of this galaxy. A new era of piece and prosperity will begin for the Alpha quadrant. A testament to your infinite power and wisdom, Founder."

Lieutenant Adam Camden was carried back into the cell as his fellow away team members slept. He was unconscious and shaking, apparently suffering from the effects of a Breen mental probe.

Lieutenant Adam J. Camden

Strategic Operations Officer

USS Daystrom, NCC-75240
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